CAUGHT BY MEXICAN POLICE – Mexico road trip day 4

DAY 1353 // 9th March 2017 // San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Amazing Villas!

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Gabriel Traveler says:

Great scenes and awesome drone shots. But is Max just climbing onto people’s private residences? If so, not cool.

Stan Jackson says:

Now this is a guy trip!!! Nice!!

Jesus garcia says:

Who waits outside the home depot in Mexico, if in the USA Mexicans wait outside for work?( not being racist, I’m Mexican too)

Edenmoon says:

dont worry you have too many mexican friends to help you anytime 🙂

.Eddie says:

He wasnt going to impound you for a right reason.. He just wanted money .

Debbie Schneider says:

This was a hot mess. Thumbs down.

Matt Killy Lifestyle says:

The intro with the fountain is just amazing! Looks like it’s from another world! (y) Keep up the awesome videos Louis!

MrNobodycares100 says:

corruption needs to stop I’m Mexico and the violence! Legalize guns and drugs and see how that works out. Worked wonders I’m Portugal lol

Vagabond Mexico says:

You have to spend more time than that on San Miguel de Allende!

Gabriel Traveler says:

Fun video, glad to see that all worked out okay in the end.

Mohd Din says:

Good to have a drone during a vacation trip.

Eduardo Hernandez says:

I knew they were going to bribe the police

Mateusz Borkowski says:

That was the worst explanation on how welding works!…

magiccat28 says:

I love your videos but the way you guys have acted on this trip is an embarassment to travelers. You’re not teenagers. You could really have hurt someone.

Charlie Harris says:

People say you shouldn’t watch people living and enjoying their lives on YouTube. Ya know that you, yourself should get up and get out and live your own life. I’m only 16 so I have an excuse, but I just wanna say watching you guys makes me so happy. I can’t wait till i’m on my own so I can LIVE AN ADVENTURE!

Eduardo Montes says:

After seeing their antics in San Miguel De Allende I lost interest in subscribing.

chebri guice says:

I love the vibes man

Tinana D.I.Y says:

Totally knew that the police would pull you up.

scott manning says:


Vincent Vega says:

Jackasses on tour.

Matthew Griffiths says:

do that at a mexican cartels home bet you would be shot dead

OQuebec1 says:

Louis and friends are morrons!

Kingof12rael says:

So many peoples feelings got hurt, y’all need a cookie or something?

Cody Shilhanek says:

hi my name is cody and I have a question for you guys

Dania Pulido says:

Anyone know what brand that speaker is?

Allen Tompkins says:

typical municipal police shakedown vs ferderalies

SuperMissblueeyes says:

Oh my word, guys! How old are you?!

Halcón Méxmatrix says:


Andrea Hinojosa says:

Hi Louis, I am Mexican and I just watched your video, I don’t think living corruption in Mexico is something you can call “experience”. You are a global influence to so many people and giving this image of my country is not something really nice. Here in Mexico we try to avoid those kind of situations so we can end corruption, so you giving that kind of example will just help increase it.

Barack Obama says:

9:00 what’s that McDONALDS in MEXICO

M.Antonio garcia says:

gringos culeros

TWhizzo says:

I just love JP, he is such a lads lad

aTypicalXY says:

Travel blog or fruity photo shoot? Your buddies are cornballs.

phynx2006 says:

You guys are definitely all nutters

Tee Tirado says:

cant wait to finish my bus!!!!! Wow, Felix and Selly let the bus go?!!! Hope to run into you on the road!!!!!

Gorro Kasali says:

acting like a bunch of ass holes in this vlog.

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