CRASHING CASEY’S PARTY! – Mexico road trip day 5

DAY 1354 // 10th March 2017 // Somewhere in Mexico

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Brent (guy on motorbike!)
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Andy Nguyen says:

The guy on motorcycle was motonosity

Jonathan Barreda says:

America: even Argentina is America. Chile is America. Canada is America. It is like saying that UK is not Europe, wait a second.

Neptune's Beard says:

louis living the life..

Vickie Brasher says:

good funny video loved it yall stay safe

Charleen Gunning says:

Not sure if you did in this video, but in case you didn’t know, you can park motor homes in walmart car parks and stay the night for free.

Christian Benitez says:

those are boys nutters xD so hilarious squad

J M says:

Awesome video passed by my hometown of Laredo at the border! Safe travels and keep up the rad videos.

cmnweb says:

breaking news..Mexico is also

Valerie Croteau says:

This vlog was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your work Louis!!!!!! Live the Adventure!!! 😀
(Love from Toronto Canada!)

Charlie Harris says:

Whoever owns this bus are good people because I WOULD NEVER let these guys…..

Andrea vazquez says:

My sister is freaking out at the moment because you crossed from Mexico to Laredo Tx. WE ARE FROM LAREDO !!! just the thought of us probably driving by you guys and not noticing is killing Us. ❤❤❤Ps: she’s a huge fan and I’m pretty sure she’s crying in her room right now.

Amanda Shank says:

You guys are so much fun to watch!!!

Dog and Crow says:

These vlogs are awsome

Jlittlelife says:

the skateboarding was exciting to watch

Josh Hixson says:

Too much bro for me.

hymke May says:

Loved this video!

Nate Pfeffer says:

Were you riding a nickel or penny board? I know it was penny brand but what size.

Jensen Jimenez says:

OMG BTW they literally cross the border at laredo, tx which is where I live.

Nathan Bell says:

Cool that motonosity was in the bus

Gabriel Traveler says:

“Somehow we spent an hour in Walmart”, ha ha. I wonder how that happened, you’re such efficient shoppers! 😉

Michael Sabogal says:

DUDEEEE! Your life adventures look like SUCH A BLAST MAN!!! ROCK ON!!!!

arturo imperial says:

lol very funny the border patrol look like mexicans

Zahra Hassan says:

Life goals

de gole says:

what the song name in the first minute ?

Leo Ludwigs says:

Such a fun vlog !

Awakened Starseed says:

Louis looks like a very suspicious drug dealer LOL.

Dylan Magaster says:

Them deleting your footage and telling you not to film is completely Illegal.

Vinny 200 says:

11:12 XD

superego666 says:

lmao! man, just a bunch of lads having fun! i love it!

Vinny 200 says:

Saw Mexican road trip and clicked on the video 😀

Alina Wiese says:

YOU ARE AMAIZING! I love to see what you and your friends are doing everyday and how you celebrate your life! You saw so much of the world and you are sharing all those beautiful sequences with us, this is so inspiring! Of course some things are really dangerous and risky but at the same time THIS is adventurous!
Greetings 🙂

James White says:

Raya is awesome but it’s good to see Louis enjoying himself out with the guys.

Exell Jobert says:

that’s a fiendship goals right there

Rey Fierro says:

This was a good one

drspt123 says:

seriously laughed so hard that I farted when Sam got pantsed in Wal-Mart… Jesus!

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