How Expensive is Mexico City? — Living on $10 a Day in Mexico

How to live or travel in Mexico City (CDMX) for only $10 a day.
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You can live cheap in Mexico for only $10, and in this challenge I’ll show you how it’s done.

I’ll be showing you a mix of sit down restaurants and Mexican street food… you ready? Let’s go!

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► #1 We’re Moving to Mexico!

► #2 First Impressions of Mexico City

► #3 $800 Sunglasses in Mexico City

► #4 My Cold Day Meal in Mexico City

► #5 Best Tacos in Mexico City?

► #6 Gringos Try Vegan Mexican Food For The First Time

As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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Karl Hans says:

FPS Russia makes travel videos now?


Pollution in Mexico City?

Rachel Galindo says:

Where is the epazote in the esquites?

Jem Leyva says:

Your tips are shameful just stop.

Dave Trotter says:

5:12 Did you just provide subtitles for your Spanish…in Spanish? lol

D. N. says:

I didn’t realize how cheap everything was with American money

jdoggestyl says:

Look how clean it is there. This is proof that those Mexicans that jump our fence are the scumbags that Mexican Society does not want. If you take a look at Los Angeles, you will see proof of this Theory. LA is filthy, noisy, crowded, and just plain third world country.

Danny Jones says:

Was that a table spoon of sugar in there?

redward chucoo says:

damn you tip 5 pesos that’s like 2 dollars while in the USA you probably tip around 6 to 10 dollars #cheapgringo

los dias de D I says:

No estas contando la gastroenteritis que te va a dar por comer en la calle xD

JeanCoSoxCal White World says:

I am white and i go over all the time its bad ass i love it

R.I.P X says:

In America I go to this torta place where it’s $6.50 for a torta so one for about $1.50 is not bad at all

Amyyy says:

I wanna go to Mexico

Jeffrey Goldstein says:

I’m coming back to Mexico City for my 4th time this January can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. David Walter Aguado says:

¿Mecsicana? No, no. It is pronounced “mehicana.”
¿Jalapino? No, no. It is pronounced “halapehgno.”

Damián Quintero says:

Well done StevieT

Maria Cruz says:

Omg i’m drolling love esquites…

gallo916 says:

Guanajuato much more beautiful and cheaper

Aleix Morreres Broadcast says:

The best tortas are those that are not made on the grill. In the holiday season there are cod tortas (a dried cod stew with chopped and well-seasoned tomatoes): those are delicious!!

Reynaldo Cardoza says:

At 2:50 did anyone noticed that Mitsubishi car crossed the red light like if not worries

Carlos Morales says:

they stole from you at oxxo


visit tacubaya and tepito in mexico city wey, the people who live in coloni ROMA is plastic !!!!

Post blue says:

I love how gringos appreciate our country more than ourselves, Mexicans ❤️

Spider Man says:

un buen tutorial de como llevar un budget si no hay lana..Ser administtado no es ser tacaño es llevar control de tus gastos y no extralimitarse basado en tu salario.Si te excedes tal vez llegues sin dinero hasta tu proximo cheque.

Pavel Prilepin says:

Typical Canadian and American way of behaviour – split less then $2 much lunch bill with the lady:))) Shame on you dude:)))

Lauren Campbell says:

Watching this video made me miss enchiladas.

Lucid Death says:


Israel's Samson Option for Mass Destruction says:

Watch out, I know travelers who were ripped off by their Airbnb hosts in Mexico City. One host was a sex worker who would sneak customers in to her Airbnb at night. Search keywords “Airbnb hell.”

Dale Peter says:

Lovely couple, smart with your money, as we say, a penny wise then you could be million rich later….

Rafael E says:

Eating street food in Mexico sounds risky as hell but it’s surprisingly good and inexpensive. Many times better than some restaurants. Loved this video!

Cyanide says:

I like when other races enjoy our culture and foods

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