How I Pack for a Trip/Vacation ; Checklist & TIPS!

Here is how I pack my suitcase efficiently and organized for trips and vacations!
Since I am leaving for L.A. TOMORROW I figured I would film this fun how-to video on how I like to go about packing!
I also made a really cute and fun checklist for packing that you can download to your computer and print it whenever you need it!
The Print-off Ultimate Packing Checklist is found on my blog here !!

So I hope you guys enjoy this fun video and are ready for many fun ones in L.A.!
For those of you in the L.A. area, be sure to follow my twitter and watch for a video update on a meet-up Saturday, April 22nd!

IF YOU ARE READING THIS: tell me the last place you travelled to, or the next place you plan to travel!
The last place I travelled to was P.E.I !


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Allona _ lovely says:

What type of vlogging camera is that?

Meriem Chennit says:

Ok I think everybody’s heard of the rolling your clothes trick, they’re just ignoring it…

Alistair Burnett says:

why the heck did she add photos to her packing list? What a waste of ink

Leann Castillo says:

Your packing list is no longer on your blog , do you think you could add it again ,I’ve used your list before I absolutely loved it!!

Tristan Sanderlin says:

Dang how can u pack the day u got to go I pack like 4 days early and I got to get up at 5 in the morning I no that’s early but wow

Kathleen Juezan says:

for sanitary purposes, it’s best to place shoes in a plastic bag or a shoe bag. there’s simply wayyyyy too much nasty bacteria that our shoes pick up as we walk around throughout the day that we don’t want them spreading to our clothes and toiletries. also, it’s best to keep your toothbrush clean and protected in a toothbrush case.

Noisenick Nicky says:

Your clothes are stupid

Antonia Gomez says:

thank u soooooooo much! No joke I am literally traveling in less than a week! really useful thank u again!

flaurette chichilitti says:

I lobe packing

Linda Knudson says:

do you ever use cubes? lots of clothing, 1 week or two?

Brianna H says:

This video is great thanks

Dayana’s Life says:

Who’s here in 2018

whats app status says:
Packing clothes

Ameliya Tucker says:

You should role you clothes so you have more space

Coolpastapigs says:

How long r u on vacation? That’s a lot of clothes haha

Zoey Runyan says:

I am going to las vegas and the last place i wento was las vegas

Ansaa Obeng Anaafi says:

thanks this video really helped me

Aaliyah Joao says:

I’m my flight to L.A is in 5 hours and this was a huge help

pariyanka !!!!!!!!!!!! says:

Thanks nice ideas

Rebecca Luna says:

!!Hey I’m packing for a trip and this is a perfect video but when I checked on the website I couldnt find the list can you please put it back on there. Thank You!!

happy5808 says:

Huhu chubby ppl like me needs to pack pants and long-sleeves

Lucky Charm says:

Love your video can watch this many times, What are tips to pack for exactly full 1 month from July 21 to August 25th ill be at family beach in New Jersey i can bring 2 luggages with me

Jasmine Da Broi says:

Where is you get the white backpack from ?

leanna Armstrong says:

Can you send me a link to the travel paper please

Misha Chaudhry says:

the link in the description is no longer active but the list can be found here

PinkUnicorn627 Playz MC and more says:

new link for packing list:

Alex Golob says:

I’ve traveled to Riviera Maya, Mexico, and I am traveling to Turks and Caicos this summer!

Maya and Emma random productions says:

Hey! I was wondering if you knew where you got your white bag and what its called? Anyone? Please?

Dan K says:

Two mistakes: 1) Don’t stuff your jewelry in your suitcase. Always carry valuables with you in person. A lot of jewelries and expensive gadgets go missing in suitcases for some reason,

2) There’s no need to bring shampoo and other toiletries because those are provided by hotels and you can buy mini ones in local convenience store. But of course, if you must use your favorite toiletries, go ahead and bring them. But those take up a lot of spaces and they add on to overall weight of the suitcase, which can go over the weight limit and you will end up paying for the weight or dispose of the stuff into trashcan to make the weight lighter

I would say, carry lighter and only carry the very essential ones that you absolutely must need and you can’t get it anywhere else cheap. I like to shop when I travel, so I tend to make room for clothes and things that I will be buying when I am traveling.

Marie Bradley says:

Where did you find the owl passport cover?

Megan Loew says:

Why fold clothes when you can roll them?!!

Mary Ravenpuff says:


Rory Blackshaw says:

Im gonna use theese tips because i am going to NY for easter at my coysins/Aunt and uncles

Mya Pawlick2008 says:

Are you from Canada?

jojo os says:

this will totally help me

Cathy King says:

Do you have a lot of makeup

Marydyd if Dr usd ft Barbaxtfhc Rd c 5 says:

So cool

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