I BOUGHT THE WORLD’S BEST BUS – Mexico road trip day 1

DAY 1350 // 6th March 2017 // Los Angeles, California

Get ready Felix and Sally’s movie Expedition happiness Expedition Happiness

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van Westhuizen says:

that’s so interesting, I already followed Felix and Sally on their trip and now you start something new with it, awesome

Bloo57999 says:

holy sheet, that’s nice

Ariane Höfler says:

aaaaah expedition happiness bus woup woup! so awesome


Perdi la pista de Louis después de los videos de korea del norte y cuba, y me agrada ver que por fin tiene una ven cantidad de seguidores y ademas que le va muy bien $ y que estuvo en mexico de nuevo

nope666666 says:

shame , can you make one for me
or gave us detail information about the material you used for the bus

Mohd Din says:


Charlie Harris says:

I like that head scarf.

Hello It's me says:

Please tell me why I am so jealous of your life

Foxy Michelle says:

Go to Guadalajara Mexico!!!!

Rico says:

4:50 for some reason reminded me of GTA V with the excitement you get when you order your tank from Pegasus and you go to collect it in the middle of nowhere

Rickthesizzler says:


Walter Müller says:

So, where is the bus ? Blablabla, and nothing happens…..

Gidfay CSGO AND MORE says:

Be carfol Mexico is dangoros

Finn Hanneffy says:

Is Max Irish?

Bench Racer says:

So if you wanted an alarm…. ADT or Viper?

Julia B says:

i thought that they would raffle it to their viewers like felix said in the movie?? greets from austria

Adrian RH says:

I saw their video blog about their bus

Elliot Richards says:

what happened to the old usa road trip series?

darla says:

I thought Louis cared about the environment yet he keeps buying these massive gas guzzlers

Gillian Collins says:

What are the laws with seats and seat belts?

Emmy S says:

I’m crying, sorry. I cant belive that this happend. Its soo sad to see you guys in there and not Felix and Mogli… have no words

Delimama says:

wow…so sad I couldn’t get the beautiful bus but I’m so happy for you! congrats!

Hiram Diaz says:

Be safe…

Brice Deylac says:

I didn’t know Expedition Happinness stopped their adventure… It’s so sad to see someone else drive. :/

Hula Hoop says:

Who else is upset about this

Chilly Willy says:

How do you buy a vejicle in Mexico and bring it back to the United States? I want to buy a pickup truck for a business I want to start and I have found I can buy a Chevy Silverado in Mexico for way less than in America

Jack Pollock says:

That’s so funny that you say JP flew in from New Zealand because my name is Jack p and I live in New Zealand

rich housley says:

If thats what living the highlife is like them I’m so jealous

Badhon Ebrahim says:

how much did the bus cost?

Garth Marc says:

There’s actually a YouTube video tour of the bus and the couple who built it, its titled “loft on wheels”

Turan Demirkol says:

Felix strack’s Bus ??

Dan Galla says:


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