ILLEGAL PARKING AT SXSW – Mexico road trip day 6

DAY 1355 // 11th March 2017 // Austin, Texas

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MalaysiaDentist says:

where is Raya? I thought she was in Austin?

Nejla Kambič says:

whats the point of doing a roadtrip in you arent exploring the places you drive to. its just forcing yourself to stay awake and flushing your money down the petrol sink…

A Piece Of Paige says:

Ehhh! This bus is from my school!

Pigman464 says:

I was at the photography show that you were at

Steven Cannon says:

Where does Louis get the money for all this?!

Andrew Acciaioli says:

Ahhh Michigan State!! That is so cool!!!

Julia Marie says:

whats the sign over the door say on the bus?

msvideotime says:

Be careful.

Wander Crumbs says:

No video 🙁 of today???

ljac says:

5:00. adjusting

Goaticorn says:

Louis looked so legitly terrifying pulling out that sword though. Epic af lol

Simmix says:

JP bester Mann :’D

macarena peña says:

Could you imagine Louis when he`s old, like seventy, taking to his Grandchildren about all the incredible experience he lived when he was younger, I think i’ll be something pretty amazing to hear. Louis one day you should write a book about your life and all the trips you’ve done-

Dean Jellicoe says:

Awesome road trip so far!

Taylor Nienhuis says:

I met you on Rainey street that night! And the bus is from Michigan State University, my alma mater 🙂 hope you loved ATX!!

Official Username says:

I’m so close to 300 subscribers.
help a brother out!!

stonecharm254 says:

This is one of my favorite series of yours, Louis. I love road trips and your squad is awesome. Awesome videos!

Doug Rabbit says:

Sassy and Lez need you back on the Island Louis!

Emre says:

wait, what? didn’t know JP is german?

Julie Benish says:

I find it a bit odd that you emphasize your environmentally friendly diet and lifestyle, but whenever normal weather trends like rain and snow occur, you complain about them.

Tropical, warm weather is lovely but you can’t sustain a world in that type of environment on the majority of the planet.

Your personal preference is ideal, but you should try to embrace supporting the world in its normal habitat.

Jeff Green says:

The lads on tour.

msvideotime says:

Ich hoffe nur, Sie hätten dort eine wunderbare Reise. In German language

LeSmokinRobot says:

Check out JPs channel “the_candourist” his videos are awesome.

Kristian says:

I so wish I could do a road trip form the southernmost point of South America to Canada

Luke's HomeTube says:

I do the same thing with energy drinks, only for road trips.

Kingof12rael says:

Wish I had a squad of film makers, imagine all the shots you’d have. While driving someone can be flying the drone one can be driving one can be shooting inside the bus.

Big Meals, Small Places with Sal Governale says:

C’mon, Louis. Collaboration time. Let me make a great meal for you and your girlfriend in that mini-bus of yours. What do you think subscribers? Thumbs up for a yes!!!!

David L says:

Whats the name of their musicbox in the bus? I like it 🙂

who's news says:

We’ll see in the future what AI and Biotech have in store for planet Earth, it is extremely shady when you’ve got such close links between, AI, Biotech, and the weapons industry, but hey never mind.

Mihir Punj says:

You get so cool things to do. How do you manage all of it?

V Volek says:

6:13 – 7:23 absolute cringefest. especially the lady

Rhidz says:

Max is a rebel lol

Api Hemi says:

Hey Louis. Firstly love the vlogs. What would be your best advice for Starting a daily blog channel? Thanks

Exploration Inspiration says:

Don’t drink that shitty Red Bull Louis it doesn’t give you wings!

Voltrilax says:

Hello everyone, I’m new on Youtube and I just started to vlog. I need help for my videos.

MountZionFilm says:

Dude wheres the next vlog

Jack Baker says:

How do you do those fantastic, faded zoom out transitions? I love them

Piece of Amr says:

Finally the real journey begins

Balthasar Wied says:

What happened to JP’s video? I don’t find it!

Rosalie B says:

hope you guys had an awesome time here in Austin….good luck and have a safe trip guys….

Dan Galla says:

Just binge watched Episodes 1 – 6 of the road trip. Can’t wait for 7!!

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