Mexico City Travel- Fun for an American?

Is Mexico City a fun destination for travel? I walk around a couple of neighborhoods (Roma and Condesa), chatting with locals and experiencing Mexico City like a “Chilongo.” Explore the beautiful parks, city streets, and even watch us try a cocktail with a secret ingredient you’ll never guess. Vamos a Mexico City.

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AIRBNB Link (Where I stayed):

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Jorge Del Real says:

Your spanish is good.

Uziel Garcia says:

I Love Your Video, Man. Mexico City Is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Muchos Saludos Amigo, Siempre Seras Bienvenido A México!!!

Morgan Brandy says:

2 things. Diego is a cutie (jailbait), my voice is weird on camera, and damn why we had to film with my crazy hair?! lol

Gods Plan Nigga says:

Hi Im from México city

Here Be Barr says:

UPDATE 3/2/17:
I’m going to return to Mexico City for 6 weeks in Mid-March and create a lot of new vlogs from there! . Voy a regresar a CDMX por 6 semenas en Marzo y voy a crear muchos vlogs!! New videos here (nuevos videos aqui) :

Muchas gracias a todos. Be sure to hit like and subscribe (

Jobula says:

Thank yo for the very informative video, agree with you in everything you said, although I would not try the mezcal drink with Tarantula venom, other than that Mexico City is beautiful and interesting. Is worth to visit it and enjoy. Nightlife is great! and also I can tell you speak good Spanish too. Food in Mexico City is amazing. Thanks again and you’ve got a new subscriber. Gracias de Nuevo por video interesante y padre. Looking forward to watch more

Damiano R says:

I stayed in La Roma last spring. Can’t wait to go back. The Air BNB looks awesome – might consider staying there. Check out this little video I chopped up from my stay in CDMX if you get a chance.

serpentcode666 says:

Please I live in Mexico city for 20 years and nothing ever happen to me and then I’ve move to Indianapolis and I got mug,I almost got kill too, Indianapolis and Chicago are two very dangerous and ugly city’s

Poncho Gutierrez says:

Hey, why the weather is not as warm and dusty as hollywood says? Hollywood is stupid and crappy, only showing lies about other countries, do not show anything of the real resemblance like mexico is, btw I will be there soon! 😉

Ailer Aguilar says:

wow show me your airbmb intend of the city

Lamont Coleman says:

excellent video man you’re very informative and cool.

Tlaloc Mixtli says:

Pozole is one of the must nutritious soups in the world.
is great in the winter

Morgan Brandy says:

3:33 Named top 29 ice creams in world & I agree! Texture is kind of like a creamy icee! Try cajeta (goat caramel), Serenata de Amor & Mil Flores (thousand flowers)! Cheap too

luisdmatas says:

Pozole is like mexican ramen but more delicious :v

raul sanchez says:

as a CHILANGO (citizen of mexico city)…..THANK you very much for giving a much much accurate perpective of the city…..great job.

Javier K says:

You were visiting the nicest places in the city. I love so much my city, but roma, condesa and the zones around dont have the real scense of México city. Thats bot real México. You had to visit a traditional market, to some beer in tradicional taberns in downtown.

astro_ Lulu says:

did you get robbed in cuidad de mexico

Juan Baez says:

Very nice Video, i like the way you describe your experience in those spots!

Rua says:

Condesa was built over a hippodrome thats why it has the obal form, welcome to mexico

Neema5 says:

Which walking tour did you do? Can you link it?

Marissa G. says:

Am I the only one who heard the gun shots at the end?

Blaire Faye says:

CAN i be a lady gangster in Mexico

vins1979 says:

I have seen many videos about Mexico made by people from the US, and they all really really want to stress how Mexico is safe and how there are so many bad stereotypes about Mexico. I think these stereotypes about the dangers of Mexico are only in the US, though. Here in Europe we don’t think of Mexico as being so dangerous. Of course, we may believe in other stereotypes — i.e., spicy food, dancing salsa all night long, big sombreros and loud people — but danger is not on the top of our list. Personally, I have never associated “Mexico” to “danger” until I started listening to people from the US . Furthermore, we don’t think of the US as being much safer than Mexico or other Latin American countries. I mean, if you ask to a European which city she thinks is more dangerous between Mexico City or Los Angeles, I am sure she will have a hard time deciding. In fact, here in Europe we have the idea that the US can be extremely dangerous, because we always hear of all these mass-shootings in schools or in public places and we have the idea that American cops first shoot at you and then ask your name – especially if you’re black!

Sonny says:

Great Video. Thank you for posting.

Consome Deguacuco says:

Wow EVA MARIA music ! TOP !!

fernando jacobo says:

good job my friend I’m your new folloger thanks

Jr Crawford says:

irish guy from Westlife in mexico city

OurWindow x says:

9 dislikes…nice try Donald Trump

franciscojavierlf says:


Eddie Navarro says:

Siestas are from Spain lol

Mario Perez says:

Now 22 pesos per Dolar, so some to Mexico en enjoy!!

Jr Crawford says:

Irsh Westlife boy. Zorro st Patrick’s squad

franciscojavierlf says:


Guillermo Marcelo De Santa Garcia says:

What camera do you use man?

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