Mexico City Travel Guide

Our Mexico City Travel Guide! This wonderful city is truly the star of one our best episodes ever.

I have never fallen in love with a city quite as quickly as I fell in love with Mexico City. The Mexican capital is everything I want in a city; sprawling, loud, exciting, creative, friendly, and absolutely delicious.

Our Mexico City guide is one of our longest episodes ever and I feel every second is justified as this city has so much to offer. The food section alone is packed full of deliciousness – don’t watch on an empty stomach!

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silvia andrea guzman says:

Magnific video cultural on my city

pimpmydibber says:

I’m so hungry.

Daniel Vazquez says:

Finally! The city I was born in! Great review. Despite how crowded it is, Mexico City is quite safe for those who keep an eye out for their safety. Just to note, the airport has 2 terminals: Terminal 1 (the original one) destined mainly for national flights has a Metrobus stop right out the door and a metro stop nearby; Terminal 2, mostly for international flights,excusively has taxi stops. Also, for those wanting to come, the mentioned taxi official spots are called “Sitios” and they’re usually located at crowded intersections or shopping malls. Great job on the rest! Hope lots fo people come and enjoy themselves in this big city.

Omar says:

I should have seen the empty stomach warning before!! I want authentic tacos NOW

Mario Mejía says:

Yes! Thanks for this one! After following you for years, seeing my city being so well reviewed and perceived by someone who has travelled around the world makes me (and I bet many other of us locals) proud! Come back soon!

Adam Eggers says:

I have visited CDMX twice within the last year and watched dozens of videos about it. This is one of the best videos I have seen. The information is helpful, accurate and well presented. Well done.

antropófago says:

subscribed after 2nd min

A.D says:

Heading there in a few weeks. I am scared ass shit and excited lol.
I wont take any cabs if their not official and I will not go out late or alone, ever.

Seth Moore says:

I feel like your video, while great, did little to explain the charm of Mexico City. However while pondering this I’m not sure how to describe it without actually taking someone there. I’m looking forward to visiting again someday.

MWAKIO Sammy says:

Quiero viajar a México

TheUltraspank says:

Great video, great city!

snoo333 says:

Nice film.

JR LD says:

Mexico is not only Mexico City ! You need and entire series to know mexico

Luz Benitez says:

Great video and detailed information!

Shamsheer G says:

6 weeks in Doctores now back in Canada… damn I miss CDMX…

Daniel Zarrazaga says:

I’m a mexican living in Australia and I literally cried. I loved your video, go to Mexico City it will surprise you!!

MiSSLily405 says:

Yessss! A new episode!! 🙂

Samuel Aguirre says:

Greater Mexico City is between 25 an 30 million depending how you want to measure it.

Robert St. Clair says:

Do you have the website to fill out the papers before you get on the plane?

Samael Romero says:

Woah <3

Frankie says:

I hate this noob mexican ml players i cant escape epic rank because of them!

banana junior 9000 says:

Downvoters, here, have no soul…

Teo Rosas says:

Hola, buen video, me hubiera gustado que lo subtitularan

FrixMix says:

0:38 estoy offendido. *me is now offended*

DavidisDawei says:

So Many people are afraid of Mexico and Mexico City, so I have been serving as a travel concierge to make it simple and “safe” for them to see the places worth seeing.
There is always more to learn – Mexico is definitely well worth exploring!

cmnweb says:

Just sharing an awesome aereal time lapse video of Mexico city to get an idea of the massive that it is:

NJ Urban Angler says:

Going at the end of this month! Can’t wait!

zillajratomicray says:

One of the greatest cities in human history. The first metropolis to mix and merge people from every corner of the globe: the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Mexico City has an impossibly rich history for a city that is relatively young compared to European cities and its culture reflects this. The economic and media powerhouses of the United States like New York and Los Angeles may draw the world’s eye, but in my opinion, neither has as much soul as Mexico City, the most impressive city in the Western hemisphere.

Sharon Habe says:

This video is right about the taxis in Mexico City. I have family that lives in the city and they advised me to avoid street taxis. Taxis that you get from your hotel or from the airport should be fine but generally street taxis are unpredictable. Uber is actually the safest and usually even a relatively cheap way of getting around. Also wouldn’t recommend the metro system especially if you clearly look like a “gringo”

Julieta Campos says:

I was going to watch all this video until I heard the music mention El Chapo and Los Zetas. Drug cartels are not fun, and they have done a lot of damage to the Mexican people. Please refrain from promoting via any media.

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