Here’s the story. Louis bought a bus of a fella by the name of Pablo now in Cancuun, Mexico. He needed to get it from there to LA. Louis gave me a call and assembled a small crew to make the epic journey.

3,280 miles and 1 million stories later and we were home.

Big love to each of the fellas on this trip, you each taught me so much in so little time and I am truely grateful for you guys!

If you want to see a day-to-day of what went down in Mexico, head over to Louis’ channel to watch his daily vlogs!

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Nick Leng – Drivers

Big Wild – Venice Venture

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World of Faz says:

Love it …. amazing amazing !! Bonitaaaaa

Sophia Davis says:

Hey Sam 🙂 I want to start making videos but I don’t know which go pro to buy. Which one do you recommend for beginners? Thank you 🙂

DANY Sehabi says:

I find your videos really good 🙂
I have recently started with youtube and you are already a role model as well.

Aleix Domenech says:

Hey:) what font do you use to write titles?

Belinda K says:

Incredible, you are amazing! You inspire me everyday thank you so much 🙂 Please like so he can see this❤

ThorgalCaesar says:

Awesome video once again. Really wondering what stabilizer / Sony JP has though. The one being used 02:33 looks really nice.

Ana Skomal says:

Glad you enjoyed my country 🙂

Sol James says:

Wow man this is amazing!

Nghiep Tran says:

What cam did u use

Nat & Damo says:

Your edits are always so dreamy! We’re so inspired for some more road trippin’ now!!

Brendan Mansfield says:

great coloring

Loa's Life says:

Must watch in 1080p

Wrigleysgum says:

I love seeing your videos and I’m so happy I just got an account so I can subscribe!!!

conneranisa100 says:

DUDEEEEE. Absolute favourite thus far

zy Gan says:

can you tell me the first music?i am very like this music and the video.thx

Alice Bloor says:

great video, not a fan of the filter tho…

Kieron Exley says:

Colour grading is beautiful besides the amount of fade. My personal opinion of course but jesus, I can barely see anything.

Jemma Baddock says:

so sick, how amazing is mexico !

Kate Ward says:

what filter do you use?

George Hobson says:

This is insane! Road trip goals!!

Jack Marr says:

Back at it with a banger!

Creative North says:

Hey Sam! Just found your channel! Looking forward to continue follow your work!

Viktoria Schneider says:

That vibe I got from that video is intense! It’s like falling in love with an adventure you haven’t been on

Farbod Tb says:

Dude make a color grading tutorial, nice vid

Eddie Vazquez says:

I’ve always been one to go on adventures and do new things see new places, but have never been into film making until I started watching vlogs and seeing videos like yours. I will be at this point with you one day and then we can go on collaborate together.

Revektion says:

60fps bruh

Martin Brennsund says:

This is gooooals!!! want to do this sometime

Lifeofjira says:

Awesome edit with perfect tunes as always! Can’t wait for the next one

Siv Greyson says:

I watched every single InstaSnap !! And it’s so great to see what you captured outside of your cellphone. This is awesome Sam!

Mitchell Parr says:

These adventure videos are getting more insane each time! 🙂

Antoxa says:

Лайк если от Тани(SkyEng)!!!

Kenny Dizon says:

Visually appealing as always

Josh Morrice says:

awesome as always man, your videos are a big inspiration.

Ruth Van der pol says:


Bethany Vrooman says:

Wait. Is that the Expedition Happiness bus? It definitely is. How did I miss the fact that Louis was the one who bought it? That’s so cool.

Diego D'urso says:

i didn’t want to report you, sorry!
dont ban me hahahaha

Matt Hamma says:

Trying to figure out how you created the titles at the end…any ideas? pretty awesome edit!

Lisxo says:

Great video

fckkk laifff says:

holaaa welcome to our countryyyyyyyy

YJ Tung says:

the vibessssssss!

Vijit Seth says:

that was just amazing

Alec Pulvidente says:

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on that road trip!

Ulfa Sulistyani says:

the view is absolutely fascinating

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