Mexico Service Trip🇲🇽

The 2nd half of this trip:

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Boo Bear says:

What song was played at the end??

amy white says:

I wanted to cry through this whole video what a humbling experience

This Kid That Plays Games says:

I stayed in Playa Del Carma

Veronica K. says:

Such a beautiful and humbling experience ❤

Hyde and Seek says:

THIS is why I started doing youtube! I want to be able to give my children experiences like this. <3 u so much, Bonnie!

B’N’R Vlogs says:

Bonnie, I am 11 years old and I can’t even drink water sitting down without spilling all over me!

Sue Lee says:

The border patrol traffic level can be as heavy as a circus !

Stephanie Lake says:

I’m so sorry you got your things stolen, especially after being there to help people. Such a shame.

Reflections and love says:

We’ve a load of people from church here in the uk are going to Mexico next year to build some houses.

Kya Coppock says:

Wow truly amazing is all I can say!!!

ladonna nice says:

Ugh those nails Bonnie! I love you guys, but lose the nails! I especially didn’t think they fit with a service trip how can you do anything with them?

Rhiannan W says:

Watching this video gave me goosebumps . So sweet and wonderful. What an amazing thing to not only show your kids but to have them involved in. Well done. Love you guys! Love from Australia .

Project ZORGO says:

AWWWWW that looks so fun

JABIE780 says:

What a humbling experience.

Samantha Kesler says:

I pray that one day I can haul my family to volunteer & help families & children that are less fortunate. ♡♡ Way to go Bonnie & Joel. This will be remembered for life by your children.

Linda Jarrell says:

Thank you for going to places and showing Christ’s love- makes me appreciate your family even more!

Grace_ M26 says:

This is awesome!! I recently got back from Riviera Maya and Mexico is a beautiful place!!

K Jones says:

That was awesome that you guys went and helped out in Mexico!

Olivia Mason says:

Omg Olivia is ur eye ok

Allison Aigner says:

Beautiful!! So very glad you guys are safe after being stolen from. God bless your hearts for giving back and showing Olivia and Cody. ❤️

babygrils1000 says:

Thank you for sharing this video with us I thank you for doing stuff for other people in Mexico I appreciate that I’m praying for you and your family and people in Mexico thank you so much four letters join Ride Along which I’ll even though it’s on YouTube I appreciate that and do not stop doing what you doing everyday you make a person face your kids are wonderful and awesome and are funny and I thank you so much for your videos even though you do not make all of them and sometimes you do it doesn’t matter what you put out I’m going to watch them anyway love you guys

Kinzly Gootman says:

Have you guys ever considered adopting? Any kid would be so lucky to have you.

Makayla Leko says:

sorry for all the bad things that happened to you guys but i love how you all stayed positive the whole time!

Lauren Jarvis says:

Your poor kids got so beat up! Oh man. But what an amazing experience.

Aiden Ring says:

Whar is linkin

Grace Mills says:

Wow Bonnie wow! I so glad your teaching your kids for a young age to help others

Tim Hancock says:

is Olivia’s eye feeling better and is Cody k

Kaylah Bordeau says:

I love your sunglasses Bonnie! Where did you get them? 🙂

Camille McAllister says:

Seeing the good you are doing is seriously making me emotional!! I love your sweet family!!

Vanessa Semple says:

I enjoyed this video and hay Bonnie a piece of advise u guys should visit Guyana it has the world’s largest single drop waterfall and the beach is great we have everything the kids will be pleased with in the capital city called Georgetown u should definitely come and visit u will enjoy yourself and most of all you’ll have the best time of your life including your husband and your kids please visit please please please

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