Mexico Surf Trip – Oaxaca (part 2) – Hasta Alaska – S03E14

Our Surf trip through Oaxaca Mexico continues in style.

See what it’s like to wake up with strangers in a VW Bus whilst searching Oaxaca Mexico for waves and adventure.

We get invited to a very strange and entertaining local party and head into the mountains where we eat a lot of bugs and strange mushrooms. Ah Mexico, we love you!

Disclaimer:: Our 2 part Surf Adventure in Oaxaca is about ‘The Search’ for waves. I hope you appreciate a different insight to a surf trip and what it is like to be on the ground visiting these locations. Fins up!

CORRECTION: The mountain town with the mushrooms is called San Jose Del Pacifico (and is well worth a visit) sorry about the mix up.

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Duncan Felix says:

Hi Ben, just found out about your travels through Tangentially Speaking.
Your adventure looks incredible so far, and the videos are so well put together! Keep it up and good luck!

Mr.Pat says:

great adventure guys 🙂

smodgens says:

I wonder why you don’t have at least a million subscribers. You give us such precious feel-good content.

EconoChallenge says:

Love this series. Watched this episode in the morning before work. Then I had to go to work. 🙁

John schnetzler says:


cycling kiwi says:

i love your dog

Juan Perez says:

anyone know the name of the song at 20:30 ?

Shawn Jenkin says:

ahah! Ben what a legend!

Jack Ovens says:

Where do you leave the car keys when you go surfing?

Alexia MOT says:

what happened to Huatulco?:(

Joensson says:

Looks like Chacahua. Very nice.

Miguel Guzman says:

Exelente video amigo y en tus videos me doy cuenta que las personas te quieren , cuando miro estos paraizos quiciera vivir en esos lugares virgenes y pasar mi vida en ese lugar , la gente de oaxaca es honesta respetuosa y sensilla , no se como sea la policia , pero la misma gente se apoya y se defiende un fuerte habrazo y esperando el next video ..

Mau Romero says:

First you put sauce in your “quesadilla” and then you asked if it was spicy hahaha

Alan Bird says:

holyshit I’d be more worried about..


I digress. after watching the full video

Cindy Goodwin says:

Love your videos the vibrant colours in the region ust add to the story content… Thanks for sharing

Rafael Garcia says:

is beautiful there

ilan magen says:

S03EWhenItWillFireUp ?

Jersey Johnnie says:

I miss my 1971 Kombi we had fun and we had to fix her and fix her and fix her…great vids

ZAX says:

Completely amazing.

The search, the pitfalls, the unknown, thats why surfing is such a fantastic sport.

I just loaded a clip showing a lot of the breaks we recently surfed and explored around South Africa, take a look and let me know what you think: HERE >>>

Alen Sacirovic says:

I want to buy a kombi now! Thx for show. 🙂
Regards from the Prague

chamade166 says:

Damn hippies, go back to the office.

Andres Natalino says:

becks seems cool!

noe rodriguez says:

SINCE 89 i been going to the coast of oaxaca, epecialmente puerto escondido is my favorito.

Joe Daubert says:

So what happens when you get to Alaska? Will you fly back home?

Wheres-my Angels says:


Louis Hibbs says:

i switched from VW to Ford E-150…

Valdir Vicente says:

The best

ObsessionPC says:

I am quite jealous of all the people that travel like this. But there has to be the boring kind also (the rooted ppl) to make it possible for you to travel like this. It is kind of sad actually. In a perfect world with no money, who knows, it might work for everybody.

Yo Soy Vicente says:

I wanna do backpacking in Oaxaca! 🙂

Alan Bird says:

You think they would agree with a pot noodle? versus dem ants? I’d eat the ants anyday!

Jack Mac says:

this is reality TV. thxs for the great time you give us all.the best travel videos and adventures & people. dog also.

ilan magen says:

Can’t wait for S03E15

pattersonthomasj says:

Fun and awesome travel adventures! Oaxaca is a special place and I have surfed many of the spots you have shown in your video,we have a 78′ poptop camper but not the serious adventure spirit you have! keep on rollin on, love the show you offer us.

Adam Felibrico says:

Wish I was there with you guys. Keep the dream alive.

Jayne Hathaway says:

great filming too, on top of the adventure.

r1freak1 says:

I am glad you are uploading videos more frequently, keep em coming mate!

Alan Bird says:

Who was the guy with the selfie stick?!” That footage is gonna make on a mofoing surf DVD!! NICE!

noeltheshemale says:

that skinny chick can surf. shreddah…

Gene Kelly says:

WEre the mushrooms magic mushrooms?

ilan magen says:

When S03EXXX is coming up ?

phi wolf says:

hey man, awesome content! but i was wondering where you put your keys when you’re surfing?

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