Wow just when you need it the road serves up a great adventure! Good people, good times and a fantastic journey in remote Mexico.
We go to the jungle to discover Mayan ruins, have our own private full moon party in a Cenote, pick up a new crew and go on a very special mission….. Please leave us a comment and give us the thumbs up if you enjoyed the vid.

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Bartholomäus Simplersohn says:

12:06 Alex says: “Ich bedanke mich an dieser Stelle.”. Now, you can use Google Translate.

Ali Maqsood Mirza says:

Maannn… take me with you

Janet Northam says:

did she have to pay for half your engine rebuilds?because it seems to work now

ExtonGraphics says:

16:35 lmao says:

Awesome video! keep it up! we’re happy to share this to our readers at – check it out and contact us if you want us to share more of your awesome videos!:) Follow us on instagram and facebook @socialroadtrips

RedandBlue says:

what they did to the chickens at the end was so fucked…

Vinay Pateel says:

Damn you guys are mental! I traveled all over Mexico but not like you!


slopadie slapedie slap

German Martinez says:

maaaaaan you missed Tabasco!! It is green everywhere a l ot of rivers, beachs, swamps, and cool ecoturism places..

rigoberto469 says:

Oaxaca is beautiful ! I Hope you guys enjoy our culture and our Paradise

Ronald Schrevel says:

For a spaniel, Alaska seems so calm. I have an ESP (English Springer) who is 8 1/2 and a crazy dog. He’s outside all the time too. Love to see a really dedicated video of her. Looks like a cocker, but not sure what Chilean dog breads are. Love your channel btw…..and I’m old! But have my plan on a similar vein. Thank you

fergal farrelly says:

But the surf is legendary in Australia so next trip you do….. do Australia and let us fund you.

Pablo De Berti says:

sorry; was that a “mate” what I saw you was giving to Alex?!

NightWolf9 says:

And just wanted to ask you and anyone here reading, what do you know about sleeping in the car in western Europe in cities? is it legal?

KEF Murray says:

Hey planning on driving though Mexico in April and surf more just basically what you are doing. Just wondering if you have any tips from routes to take, places to stop and around how much money i should have with me, like 7,000 or more? Thanks!

guy derrien says:

Loved looking at all your travels

fergal farrelly says:

Do Australia Darwin to Darwin in a circle around Australia?…. or no….

Beaumont 556 says:


Vince says:

This trip is what life is all about,, watching these videos and following your journey,,,, is very humbling ,, also you going to be a master mechanic by the time is over,, also i cant believe your getting rid of that van,, you should know ever inch of it by now,,, also ,,, you and Shawn were meant for each other FIND HER !!!!!!!

Arturo Coronel imperial .;/' says:

You did not go to chichen itza

chris cochrane says:

scored some cheap blow?

RAVE - The Best Place on Youtube says:

What is inflation like in guatemala? I suppose 3000$ could get you a ps4, some games, and a tv in the united states. How far would 3000 USD go in guatemala?

Rd Harwood says:

Loving your videos!!!!

überguy says:

You should have let the fat chick pull the buss, it would be good for her!

Daniel Alan says:

fuck it im doing it… thanks kombi life you once again stirred my wanderlust.

Rachael Will says:

many blessings that the cancer stays in Oscar!!! tears of joy

stezman60 says:

Just catching up, loving it x

simms196 says:

Where did the Naked Cuba pretty girl go ?// really liked

Ramon Stewart says:

Me and my girl are going to hit the road. In march after we went to thailand 4 weeks.. We want a bus/combi life

cabbage says:

ur a dope dude

Dr Revolution says:

do you guys happen to know the name of the song at 13:05

revmpandora says:

“Boys road trip”

Wouldn’t you rather it be a mens road trip?
Raises the tone while not impacting the fun.

Tim Dingus says:

Now to get my 74 westy up and running so I can go across the states.

Marlon Somcio says:

is Sharne have a new boyfriend? Shes really cute and funny. i like her personality

Arnulfo Barajas says:

that was really nice to help that family,if you ever go by tecoman colima i have a house there you can stay there, the beach there is good for surfing.

Delightful Travellers says:

Fantastic channel. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.

Robert Janca says:

I recognize every inch of that campground. Run by this Don who was in this movie:

David A. Kaiser III says:

Awesome adventure!

Calmargarita says:

Hi, Ben. Brian from Canada. So glad to hear about Oscar. Brought a lump in my throat. Now I need a lumpectomy. Say, maybe… a cervesa? Yeah. that’ll do it. Much love to you and all who join you.

NightWolf9 says:

I’m from Romania(28 years old) and just now I started traveling all over Romania in my car and sleeping in it(when in towns) or in a tent(when in nature), it’s awesome, now I understand your journeys, I plan to tour the entire Europe.

Just Romania for now because I have zero costs with transportation(people here usually give money when hitchhiking so that pays for the gas).

Awesome life, you really fell like living when waking up in a forest,near a river or in the mountains, memories are the wealth in life.

Let’s hope tough for electric cars like Tesla Model 3 to become cheap because then we’ll be able to tour the entire world for pennies.

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