MEXICO TRAVEL: Is It Safe to Travel in Mexico??

In this video I discuss whether it’s safe to travel as a tourist in Mexico.
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MEXICO TRAVEL: Is It Safe to Travel in Mexico??


John Doe says:

Great video

Jaime navarro says:

I’m from Mexico and I want to congratulate you about how you capture the country! It is exactly how it is in those towns, I loved to see this video, thank you so much!!

Carlos De la cerda III says:

why would you want to visit a shithole in the first place

stefano giovannini says:

Did you say you feel unsafe or safe walking in Mexico city? the audio is low and at times it is hard to hear…. what camera are you using?

respinoza89 says:

What camera were you using

komix gaming says:

3:51 why is that guy stating at the wall XD

N Cortez says:

Nice! Going on a road trip to El salvador on may and all i hear is negative comments about mexico from people who have never gone in an adventure, clearly they feed all this negativity from the media as you say.

wirikuta14 says:

Thank you. You NEVER know a country if you haven´t been there.

Rafael Ayala says:

It’s like saying the U.S. is not safe cause of drugs and murders.

Roger Martin says:

The real question is,is America really SAFE from getting shot from a WHITE terrorist !

Tristan Scott says:

Hey cool video! Looks really good! Just subscribed hope you will keep up the good work and maybe you can subscribe to me!

Kartik Chaudhary says:

bro i go to Mexico next month i can’t speak Spanish its safe ? same people tell me its not safe have mafia gang drugs

Max Herrera says:

do you still travel alot

Chicago Gyrl says:

I’m not going anywhere where the water is not safe to drink!

Dutch Danny says:

CNN BREAKING NEWS ‘today in mexico; good shopping, nice weather, not much going on’ back to you bob

Toke Egelund says:

I like your videos. Travelling gives me this wierd rush its very cool. keep making great content 😀

Raptor YT says:

i like brother perfect video

Criz d says:

Mexico actually ranks 5 spots higher than the USA for overall citizen safety according to the UN website

jack jones says:

some are afraid of going around the  block.

Tucker Caldwell says:

Places in America can be just as dangerous as many of the violent area s in Mexico. Take South Central Los Angeles, Baltimore, parts of New York, DC, gangs, and drugs can be found in almost every city.

Eve Gasse says:

I think Mexico is mostly safe four tourists especially if you’re not obnoxious and disrespectful, I’ve been mostly to the centre, CDMX, Puebla, Guanajuato, etc. But there are definitely areas that are unsafe. Yucatan is one of the safest areas.

gv105468 says:

Syria On The Other Hand Is Also Safe To Travel As Well……………

Matthew Campbell says:

Hi Gabriel, i like your rant on travelling to countries even though they seem dangerous. But have you been to venezuela?, im from Australia, i know it would be so cheap to change US dollars on the black market, have you been, or would you consider going?.

Noelio Emerald-Isle says:

Well, 11,155 people have been murdered so far in 2017 in Mexico (According to The Guardian), today being July 6th…..that’s some number of lives lost in 6 bloody months, considering in Northern Ireland…..3,500 +/- lost their lives, but over a 30 year period

silverdragon0000120 says:

Fuck man, that place is dangerous as hell. How do you walk around there?? I’d be really scared. I don’t think I’d ever go to Mexico. cartels kill everyone they don’t like.

jctai100 says:

I think you’re right for the most part. Most tourists want to see the sights and just relax and explore so from their optics, Mexico should be fairly safe. It really depends what you’re there for. I’m pretty sure living there especially norte mexico might be a different scenario.

j Law says:

NO!!!! The US government refuses to do anything about it…meanwhile, we spend blllions in the ME for nothing…

Ace Mansfield says:


Английские зарисовки says:

Thank you Gabriel. We are in Mexico for the 2nd month, it seems quite safe. People are realyy nice. The only pain can be taxi drivers, haggle with them, they do ask for too much, especially in Playa del Carmen. Good luck!

Tee Carr says:

Good points!! (Lovely looking area!!!)

Gato says:

are there any parts of mexico you specifically avoided for reasons of safety, and did you ever avoid going out at night in certain places?

Randy Cleveland says:


Lenny Velez says:

to your comment about the media….thats why i voted for Trump cause you cant trust or listen to the media!!!!!! annnnnd he won lol btw cool vid enjoyed very much.

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