Mexico trip with Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian, a poker player with a trust fun who may not be a household name but certainly should be — if only because he’s living a unfathomably awesome life — visited Howard Stern Tuesday to talk about his life. You may not know who Bilzerian but he has been living a charmed life despite having spend three weeks in jail as a teenager when he brought an M16 into his school’s parking lot. dan bilzerian,
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Moesive oone says:

Best Samsung ad I’ve seen in a while.

Jurgen Borg says:

Thumbs up all those who think this is all made up.

jair rincon says:

my question is: are all that girls escorts or just gold diggers?

mikeyb byekim says:

Dan, dude i could bring you way hotter chics than that. And I’m, and my frirnds, way more fun than those toolbag dudes you brought.

jenan savanath says:

money and bitches

Юрий Бонд says:

А на хрена столько баб? А?

Gee G says:

Let’s go to Mexico and play with our phones

Dr. Stephen Stokes DC says:

Boring… My trip to the local food mart is 100x more exciting

Nawaf K. says:

i dont think these people really having fun hahaha

krisztiantth says:


Yemekse Olur says:

Come on for delicious eat

Moesive oone says:

Are the girls per day or per hour? Can I get a buy 2 get the 3rd half off deal?

jpracingph says:

Yaught party?!?!
Not exactly an MIT girl, is she…

Marc You says:

Seemed like a cool “YAUGHT party”

Steve Patterson says:

Boring. I’m 52 and I could have had way more fun. lol

Arnie Wince says:

What an asshole. This is boring.

Shoot MONKEYS says:


sirdynehhmite says:


James Lykins says:

WoW! What an amazing time hanging out in Mexico at the table on your iphones… Ugly Americans!

Max Rookie says:

It would be nice without those prastitudes

nilbog44 says:

doesn’t even look fun

smoken tweaken says:

Hoe summer camp

Dean S says:

There is more to Mexico than selfies and expensive condos. I can guarantee it. Lame!

Chilly Bandino says:

What do these girls do? looking at their phones and just looking around WTF how come they aren’t playing cards with each other or rolling a joint or doing some laps or working on some dance moves or playing air hockey. They all doing nothing.

David B. says:

A GIII built in 1982, with out stage 3 hush kits, 750,000 tops for that relic. FAA noise restrictions ban this aircraft’s operations in 49 states since the end of 2015. the stage 3 hush kits cost 1.2 million, far exceeding the current value of the aircraft. next stop, the bone yard! The new G650 would leave Dan penniless at 65 million a pop. I just think a person with that expensive, all-out life style would have at least chosen a GIV.

Ian Mellor says:

your life in reality is boring…as witness by all your posse always on their smartphones.

lou crecc says:

Why did I just watch people watching people while watching some people..

Kevin br says:

Who’re af

aloevera74 says:

At minute 6:28… Everyone on their phone!? … Ridiculous. Clearly shows people with no life.

Ave Trax says:

Sluts on their phone in front of a baby Jaguar.

De Gup says:

looks like an empty life kind off

Nicky MGO says:

nonsense video, there are alot of them on youtube.

Ethanbat says:

Dan Bilzerian; the guy famous for having the video of his vacation ruined by a spot on his camera lens.

Igor D says:

Дом 2 по американски-)

Comment says:

Gold digging bitches, did nothing with their lifes but fuck men they don’t actually wanna spend their life with, once they look ugly they are all fucked, & so is that filthy wolfman, he’s gonna go bankrupt, he’s gonna be paying so much tax, & he depends on a casino.

Psychedelic Goa Trance trip- spiritual mind says:

awesome life? enslaves a poor monkey, buy tigers that should be protected because they are in danger of extinction… how stupid people are? at least you can buy better hookers, you fucking retard, those ones i can catch at any street for free. goes to mexico and does nothing, just stays at home using drugs and fucking average women

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