Mexico Trip

Fun trip. This is not star wars related.

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Jeremy Bouey says:

Where is footage of Warrior swinging a hammer? Lol I just see him watching everyone else work. Maybe warrior should have bought the tacos? Lol just playing. Nice to see you doing good for your community and refreshing to find your a man of faith. Much respect.

Scotty G says:

Very cool, I’ve been to Mexico several times…last time we built an orphanage….keep it up

Joshua Moore says:

Very cool!

Darth Talyn says:

Espero que allas disfrutado la hospitalidad.

Whatelse73 says:

Good video Brother, again very noble and generous of you to do that kind of work. Thanks for doing what you do. Shazaam!

Keyboard The planet eater says:

Wow what an eye opener to what someone like me takes for grated to have a house over my head. I would have never realised what it would be like to build a house GJ to everyone who took part. I feel sad that I haven’t appreciated the work that when into my house until now

Holynass says:

Great video! Awesome job Warrior!

Nathan White says:

Awesome to see people serving the way God calls us to.

brooks dye says:

I also play SWGOH

CommadoreDuncan says:

Awesome job Homie!!! Good to see a man of faith taking care of others in the real world. AND side by side with your lady is even better. Mad respect for you.

Hermit Monk says:

Did you get anyone trying to steal stuff from you again this time?

num351 says:

Great Trip Video thx for shareing it 🙂 :tumbsup:

A N says:

Good stuff man. Hat tip and applause to the generous work you do outside of your busy daily life.

KJ says:

Respek on it!

misterclownface says:

I just came here for the cute girly music so i can dance around in my new pink dress.

Cullen Anderson says:

Very cool. Went to Mexico over New Years 2016-2017. Teotihuacan, Celeya, Leon, for a wedding at a hacienda. Traveled
through the state of Guanajuato and Queretaro. The university at Gaunajuato made me want to go back to college.

brooks dye says:

God Bless you and your family and family’s that went down there to spread Gods Love.

Jesse McGannon says:

Do you think it’s an issue that I recognized one of the songs as the one from the beating nightsisters video? I might have watched that video too many times.

danwash19 says:

Didn’t have to deal with chicken wire or stucco? Well aren’t you lucky 😛

brooks dye says:

We have, 8 Days of Hope where I live


I truly enjoyed this. Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it!

list meister says:

Very cool

Thank you for sharing

Safe travels


Member_TaunTauns? says:

so i don’t get it did CG move to mexico location? I waited 30 minutes to hear your thoughts on the sith raid……..

im trollin btw

Sarlaac Rolo lover says:

God is great….bless you Warrior for helping make the world a better place.

Robert Arnold says:

That was a wonderfull thing that you and your entire group did! I just want it on record that I was willing to do my part by playing your Star Wars game and doing all your daily/guild activities while you were away!! Welcome home broski!

Curtis Yuzdepski says:

Looked like an awesome trip, but when are the scoundrel reworks coming (STH daily login)

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