Oh boy, FINALLY finished this vlog after 3 months. Mexico was a blast and I hope you guys enjoy this one, I would’ve given up on it but I really loved this trip and wanted to share it with y’all.
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed, and remember to smash that like button and subscribe if you laughed! XD

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FaZe Eren Jaeger says:

Hey shredder why don’t you do pack openings anymore?

Michael Sinieris says:

1:07 LOL

Arlyn Villeda says:

No manches

Flin says:

Yes you bloody ripper

seve jimenez says:

Nice job shredder, keep up the good content

ShredderFTW says:

It’s been three months OOF but finally found some time to finish this vlog from the summer. Hope y’all enjoy, as usual any feedback is appreciated!

Sean Kim says:

Wow…. brings back so many memories. Hey Shredder, u r an amazing inspiration so keep posting videos! You have always made me smile, and whatever negativity u get, just ignore. Thanks for the vlog!

Obito Uchiha says:

The best YouTuber is back online and his name is shredder 🙂

SkitzStuff says:


Fatboy 890 says:

Damn shredder your voice is hella deep

Is yo Boy says:

And also xcaret and the other place that starts with a a

Bobbystorm 12300 says:

ryujin no ken wo kurae

Abdullah Ahmed says:

Where’s clash Royale man

G R E C O Z _ says:

Dude I watched you back in clash royale

can we get 50k subs with no content? says:

I have been subed when u did clash royale can u go back to it

Anti Ceptor says:

Mr. Richard plz keep up the good work

picklepeen yt says:

Shreader i watched wen u played clash of clans

Matthew Rega says:

I went to cancun and it was amazing.

BEEF Cock tal Cookie run says:

Wow! I love for this vlog
It’s good vlog vdo

MsPotatopeeps says:

3k views after 4 days UHHH

Marvel Boy says:

I miss those old MCOC videos 🙁
BTW you’ve grown a lot and ur voice sounds wayyy different

Eazy_100s says:

Anyone else here has been here since contest of champions

Eti re says:

Who remebers og shredder with overwatch and clash

Arlyn Villeda says:

Lots of love god

COOL BOY says:

1:32 I know I am not the only looking at that

Angel Garcia says:

hey remember me I made a list of names for you in the name changing video from 2016

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