Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in Mexico

Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in Mexico
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There are many must-visit destinations in Mexico. So, if you’re planning a vacation in Mexico, you’ll want to be sure you don’t miss any. Whether it’s the beaches of the Riviera Maya, the party atmosphere of Baja California Sur, Jalisco’s Puerto Vallarta, there are many tourist attractions in Mexico we can’t wait to visit. WatchMojo counts down ten Mexico points of interest you should not miss on your next Mexican holiday.

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00:22 #10: Nuevo León
00:52 #9: Veracruz
01:23 #8: Oaxaca
01:55 #7: Guerrero
02:24 #6: Guanajuato
02:54 #5: Jalisco
03:28 #4: Baja California Sur
04:02 #3, #2 & #1???

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Jorge Linares says:

Had you visit México? Did you like it? Would you visit? why?

Stewie Griffin says:

How is Chiapas not here it’s so much prettier than Quintana Roo, and CD.MX.

DarahTheMemeExplorer Samas says:

yeah, mexico is a great place visit and all but the corruption and crimes makes it suck to live in

Steve Grandjambe says:


Oliver Diaz says:

yesssss monterrey

Daniel Hernandez says:

Viva Monterrey y los Tigres!

yoshdawg says:

disappointed that this is narrated by a non spanish speaker. Aren’t you (watch mojo) successful enough to get someone without a terrible accent in spanish to narrate this?

Ramon Gonzalez says:

She forgot to mention the giant cave that you can jump into.

Kevin Erives says:

ahora sí es válido hacer comentaruos en español? :v

Jose Acosta says:

Majority of the places named are some dangerous places

Justin Carawan says:

2:50 Unless Mexico has it’s own “Christ the Redeemer” statue, Mexico and Brazil are two different countries.

Gusi Gus says:

Minute 5:15, Tuxtla Gutiérrez is not a state. It’s the capital of a state called Chiapas (I’m mexican)

Sofia Primero says:

Mexico city ♡♡♡

Kaffee Gamer says:

I give a like to the narrator, seems it’s hard for her said too many words in spanish, but almost all she said correctly.

KoolKrankyKong says:

Why wasn’t chihuahua here.

vebtran says:

I had to stop watching before a monute. I would of prefered it if she pronounced it with an American accent, instead of trying to pronounce it with a horrible Mexican accent.

Alberto Flores says:

i like Michoacán

A Human says:

We love Mexico. Love from other side of the world – India

Ernesto Estrada says:

“Credit: Visit Mexico!”

Archie Richard says:

Nice !

Daniela Ascencio says:

Como cuando la pronunciación de los lugares en español de la chica que habla es horrible :v

Alberto Flores says:

my abuelita lives and almost my whole family i went and visited there

Felix Raudel Mayorquin Lopez says:

y mi Mazatlan? xq chingados nos lo mencionaron >:|

fleshlight that cries says:


Savage_Turtle 1 says:

What about tijuana ?

miketitlan says:


Julien Mackensen says:

Man you’re really running out of ideas aren’t you?

Nina Dominique says:

I would love to see more this kind of Top 10 videos

Jose Huerta says:

If you ever go to Mexico just remember.. Mexican Beer (which we all know is party beer) is DOMESTIC.. no having to pay high prices.. Who the hell goes to Mexico and orders a MIller Lite or a Bud Light.

Kevin Erives says:

what about Chihuahua? :v

Gumgirl says:

the cringe of hearing their pronunciation on the names, kudos for trying though :’)

Saul Guerrero says:

Mazatlan Sinaloa Mex

Random Commentator says:

i totally want to visit Mexico but im afraid i’d get shot, robbed, or kidnapped to get my head chopped off

justsomeawesome dude says:

Too bad living in Mexico isn’t as fun at it sounds — is only good for tourists.

J Dog says:

what about puerto aventuras

Eric Loera says:

But what about San Miguel or Real de Catorce

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