Top 5 Things To Do In Cabo // Don’t Miss These Spots! // Mexico Travel Tips

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to visit in Mexico’s peninsula, Baja California Sur. There are so many things to do in Los Cabos, so here are my top 5 things to do while visiting Cabo!!
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richard robinson says:

Being at the beach is nice. Lately first thing I think of is all those sand dollars that I found. They were purple. I remember looking at bottom. Before that all I saw were dried out ones. Didn’t realize they were living creatures. I put it back in the water. That and the small fish hiding in the sand that flipped me when I stepped on it. I only saw its tail as it swam away. A bell? And I thought it was s little hat to wear when working. Enjoy your day.

Alabama Peru says:

Cabos es mi próximo destino !!!!

Andres Araiza says:

Im in cabos right now lol. And im planning to do all 5 things on this list.

Jacob Carlson says:

Did you get a drone!?
Great video by the way!

Notes Punch says:

Much needed info, going next month and yr video came in handy , subbed

Billy P says:

LOVE Romina!!!!!!!!!!

mike rizzuto says:

where do we go to swim with the whale sharks?

Old Farm Show says:

Again thank you for your videos

Emilio Habacon says:

Romina, I just bought flight tickets to go here with my gf on late August! Do you know if we would be needing to rent a car or is it possible to get by with taxis?

Michelle Heinrich says:

Thanks for video. Where did you go to see turtles? What time frame? We are going to Cabo in two weeks and want to see the turtles.

Chris Hill says:

Wow! I could never afford such an awesome trip…but it looks amazing! Are the whale sharks friendly? lol They don’t attack? I would love to witness the baby turtle release! Great video Romina!

Jen Anna says:

So cool! Thank you!

Al feedonatreefrog says:

I want to go snorkelling. I want to be the best snorkeller. People would think I had gills. Captain Snorkel I shall be. Nice video 🙂

Ron C says:

It is NOT the original Hotel California, as you heard. The Eagles are sueing the hotel.

Victor Green's says:

I have 14 years living in cabo san lucas and I did not know that about the bikes haha

Desha Woods says:

The hotel California the song refers to is a mental institution in Ventura calif. not any actual hotel

Roberto Hoyos says:

The camel riding is the new thing on my list! Thanks Romina!!

mary velez says:


Al feedonatreefrog says:

Got to say it’s nice how you make an effort to talk with viewers/subscribers. Some youtubers get so bigheaded and treat subs like little people. You rock! x

rthughes619 says:

I would love to go would you like to go with me?

lucy russell says:

I just retired from a Disney cruise, we went to cabo on wed and it was just beautiful, we did the bottomless boat adventure, got dropped of on a beach for 29 min to swim, then went on a dolphin adventure, we just loved it and hope to return someday..

Kenny Harper says:

This is an amazing video thank you for sharing this great information, I’m headed to Cabo in April 2018 with my three daughters and to get my Financial Independence Ring with the Alliance GROUP. We will take your recommendations and strongly consider many of these options. Keep up the good work!

Mark Witherspoon says:

love your video thanks for the tips

MyVeganExperiment says:

This looks absolutely spectacular! I cannot wait to go travel there. 🙂 Loving your channel

Jason Oliver says:

Had fun at todos santos last week. cerritos beach near todos santos was a great surfing beach with very good prices on beach massages. Definitely a good “off the beaten path” beach in comparison to Cabo San Lucas spots. I’ll have to do the whale shark thing next time. Check out my cabo VIDEO for some great views!

Miguel Cruz says:

Thanks for the Tips.. i am going next month Mid Sept 2017 🙂

Tec Unique says:

We are going at the end of the month and are so excited thank you for the video

Alexei Robles says:

the whale shark is in la paz, two hours away from cabo san lucas, very good recomendations thank you for choosing cabo and thank you for such a wonderful smile

Theminecrafter boss says:

This video came out at the perfect time!!! Great video for my final exams!!

Jose Gomez says:

Going to Cabo next week. Do you have to reserve activities before arriving or can you do them that same day?

cristianonyc says:

these suggestions are nothing special

paul moreno says:

Cabo seem nice. But for me I would like to visit the real Mexico. Great when you travel to Cabo you get all the high tourist prices. But, it is nice the ocean the women shopping.

Andrew Nguyen says:

do they offer life jackets when you swam with the whale sharks?

Jen Anna says:

How did you make traveling your job?

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