The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!

Our Hasta Alaska journey continues north through Mexico over some pretty interesting terrain. In this episode you’ll see the road serve up more typically (non-typical) travel surprises, like sleeping on a luxury yacht in Acapulco’s fancy marina, waking up to crocodiles at camp and perfect surf community that makes us want to change the name of this trip to Hasta Mexico!

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Sam Levin says:

I like how flo is always getting high

MD FAEIZ says:

dang. . .i realy wana join u guys. . .but i stay at malaysia. . .: (

john a. gorman says:

a glimpse of Heaven

ilan magen says:

Felize navidad, hope to see S03E17 some time soon

yaniv Weinberg says:

hello! nice show! … what the name of the last place in the video?? I’m going in two weeks down to Mexico.

Matt Allen says:

Wow… enough said…

Jacob McFarland says:

These only get better and better! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

Kombi Life says:

Our guide to Van Life to help you have your own adventures:

Tino Garrido says:

love your videos…… it…saludos amigos..

Isaac Fry says:


Shaun Murphy says:

this is completely amazing, should be prime time!! Inspirational!!

Tattered Passport says:

That surf camp just looked like heaven. So much love and happiness there.
One Life, One Search,
Peace Out,

ThisCatEatsBrains says:

Thanks for making all of these Ben. You are such an inspiration to me!

Chris Meany says:

Wow you guys are bravos/valientes to drive off-roading down those lil dirt “roads” in that VW

TheSearaider says:

love watching your travels

Christopher Bazuzi says:

Flo seems like such a dope dude!!!

Sw eet says:

Mexico has Beetles everywhere because there is a factory in the country that still produces the original bug.

Christian Mestre says:

And after 3 hours of binge watching its officially 4:20 AM. What you are doing inspires me to take the steps needed into living my dreams of a nomad lifestyle. I work at a travel agency in Mexico City. All day I plan adventures for others, its time I welcome the adventure into my own path. I wish you the best of luck heading up north. Thanks Ben, if anything along the way slows you down while in MX Id love to help in any way I can. Our agencies resources are at your disposal. ORALE WEY HASTA ALASKA Y EL INFINTO!!

Equalizer says:

I’ve spent a lot of time in Jalisco & nearly drowned while swimming off Islas Marietas … Rips & currents should Always respected … Thanks for the Amazing footage

J C says:

You misspelled bus.

Pollux says:

Plot Twist: Ben stole the yacht.

Jack George says:

Making a road out of dirt. Nice! At least they had a piece of equipment.

r3f3w3 says:

Great video Merry Christmas


Love the Series. Keep it up!

Efecenk Balkar says:

Hi, i hope you read this. i have been following your channel for over a 1 year. you really inspired me about going a trip like this. i am a 19 years old law student from Turkey. All i can think is selling my old nissan micra and getting a minivan and tranform it into a camper. But i am afraid because everyone thinks i am young for a journey like this(even in a journey in my own country.). Do you think age is important in a journey like this ? Most important, i wont have any company probably. Because i dont have any friends who will travel like this.

B. Sam says:

Bring Flo back!! Flo is the MAN!! Tinder boy…

Cristina Hernandez says:

That place in the end, is my favorite beach and camp ever. I live in the state capital of Michoacan and been there a few times over the years, the perfect place to desconect.

Marc W Bass says:

“Tinder boy” hahaha

harasimow says:

2hrs to Alaska! maybe he thought you were heading to the airport!

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