Traveling internationally with 6 kids! | Mexico vacation travel tips

We recently went to Riviera Maya (Cancun), Mexico with all 6 of our kids and our friends April and Davey, and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel; our first time at an all-inclusive resort! Here’s a vlog of our trip + tons of travel tips!
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Thanks to the Hard Rock Hotel who gave us a stay in exchange for highlighting them in this video. This was not a paid sponsorship (yes, there is a difference!). Everything I say, as always, is 100% from my own mouth and opinions!

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♡Scooter luggage: They were a gift (see our packing video: They are impossible to find but here is a comparable one from Amazon!
♡Hutch’s camera (we bought a refurbished version):
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Karen Turner says:

So glad you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.

Aspen Davenport says:

I like the idea of having the moryjune bag to lay the baby in when still but it’d be more convenient if it folded down to smaller dimensions but when walking I’d definitely just go with a good baby carrier so much easier and leaves you hands free

Alicia Una Ryan says:

You guys seriously have the best family vacations. What a blast Page family.
Greetings from South Africa

Jill Cunningham says:

Breastfeeding would not only be beneficial to baby and mama but think of the money you save not buying formula. Not to mention having to drag along all that extra junk. Breast milk is always the perfect temperature and the BEST nutrition for ALL babies!

Hildur Kristjansdottir says:

Please look at the countries laws before bringing American walky talky because in germany they are illegal senses they use the same radio band as first responders

Tiffanie Mayo says:

Do you know when the baby bag will be released? I need that bag! Lol

Apartment Homestead Project says:

Your Moses bag made me think of this. Would you make a video about getting over mom guilt? For taking alone time/letting dad “dad”/going to work/using your creativity/etc?

Kaitlyn Joy says:

We did all inclusive in Puerto Vallarta two years ago and it was amazing!! As a non drinker as well, I love the “virgin” options they had! I could get almost every drink (especially the frozen ones like margaritas and daqueris) and it was amazing to not have to worry about paying for food every day! Made treating yourself to trying something new or that nice steak a little easier!

Greer Poulin says:

Scooter luggage!? That’s amazing

Abby Salwa says:

McEwan is adorable

That Niki Life says:

What an awesome vacation! Ur family is amazing.. U are so very blessed.. I know u dont show every little thing, but overall.. The kids did great, and u guys are fantastic at organizing and planning everything.. And i LOVE that u went to church.. I would’ve done the same.. TYFS!!

Kristin McCoy-Ward says:

WOW!!! I don’t know HOW you do it! 🙂
I can barely travel with just me and my hubby, let alone run an itinerary for so many children and keep track of everyone too to make sure they’re all safe. LOL
Well Done!

I was wondering if you’ve ever considered name wrist bracelets? In case a child ever cut off from the group? Or something similar? I knew a mom who did this for only two kids. Or anything else? Do you do a buddy system when outdoors? Or have them hold hands while going place to place?
At what age do you tell them about adult safety and who to trust, etc?

Any more tips like that? Like logistical type things, so this way you’re not completely stressed out 24/7 like a chicken keeping track of all her chicks.

Thank you for the video!

Life With Mrs B says:

What a fun holiday!! I have no idea how you did this and made it look so easy with so many kids 😀 i struggle and only have three lol the kids were so brave doing all the zip lining!

Amanda Howey says:

Mom priorities on point: no one gets burned, eaten by a shark, and no broken legs!!

shesgotdogs says:

international travel. teehee

Vao Moala says:

Seriously best mom channel ever!

Barbara Fischer says:

Your souvenir money idea is clever! Also, was a that a piano keyboard they rode bikes across?

Maddie Bowerman says:

I love your positivity! Showed hubby your kids lined up at the airport and he was like “oh!” (He hâtes travelling with kids!) You are absolutely amazing parents.

Renovatio Skin and Body Clinic says:

Bubba likes meat like that, you NEED to come visit South Africa.

Y&S FOOD! says:

Great movie! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out this type of content. We make Travel & Food films as well, everywhere around the world, and therefore we are often seeking out inspirations and creative concepts. Thank You.

Rachel McCarter says:

Are you nervous about demonetization ?

Amina Barber says:

Jorden the next vacay you go on you need to do a step by step tutorial. My vacays are usually a huge fail. Write a vacationing for dummies book. Just saying.

Laila Tijani says:

Love love love your vlogs!! You and your fam are awesome people❤️❤️

Jordan King says:

I want that bag. What is the pricing gonna be? How long can a baby use it? I have a 3 month old . But he is about 15 lbs

ivi122 says:

I have a question…how do you get your kids up in the morning with a cheerful attitude. My 9 year old daughter gets up on her own and usually earlier than she has to wake up…my 16 year old son on the contrary goes to bed later than I want him to and then I have to wake him up several times in the morning making me angry and frustrated. I know you don’t have teens yet but how do you do it with your oldest one? My son (than God), does amazing in school, stays out of trouble, always tries making good decisions in general though..

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