Visit Cancun – The DON’Ts of Visiting Cancun, Mexico

Visiting Cancun, Mexico is an amazing place to go, there are so many things to do and see, but here we will go over the things you DON’T do when you are vacationing in Cancun.
Filmed in Cancun, Mexico
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

The Don’ts of Visiting Cancun

What You Should Know About All Inclusive Resorts

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Cancun, Mexico

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Visiting Mexico

5 Things That You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Mexico

Tipping in Mexico Explained

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RHesus Negative says:

I love tipping employees but that’s because I worked about 10 years in Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos of the 47 years I’ve lived here, so i enjoy paying it forward, especially after Wayne Gretzky gave me my first $100 tip when I drove limo for the Sands Hotel and Casinos in the late 80s! Thanks for the tips!

Alexis Cordova says:

Don’t talk to the lay boys at the party strip. I’ve been there 5 times. They look like lady’s hence ladyboys


200 pesos is $20 and if you want to go to war think about 100 pesos you idiot

Darren Green says:

ive been told dont go chicen itza – 20 hours cook to death on bus

Frank & Jackie Orcutt says:

I enjoyed your presentation. Thank you.

LZinelli 93478 says:

thanks for the tip

Rosario Savash says:

Some good advice… Bring SPF 100 sunblock. It helps A LOT.

MrBighitch says:

Do u recommend going out even with all the violence going on right now or do u think we’ll be alright to see the mayan pyramids?

Eye Cyou says:

You can download an app on your phone that will convert pesos to dollars . I used it in the Dominican Republic and it was very helpful .

juan quintana says:

AWESOME; really, great, video thank you;  love cancun

Zachary Riggs says:

Awesome ideas! Thanks, bro 🙂

Faris Guerouate says:

The taxis in Cancun and playa del Carmen are shit

Nicole Golden Thrower says:

Hello Wolter…my father’s name, but spelled Wa…

#1 Question
Thank you for your videos. My name is Golden (from L.A.), I am a new (solo) traveler, but not a smart solo traveler. What I mean by that is, i do not know how to really navigate the system to find good hotel or other places to stay for a cheap price. I have been using Traveladvisor, Expedia with points that I have earned, etc. Can you share how you go about finding cheap ( and nice of course) places to stay?
My second request (if you don’t mind). Again, I am a new traveler and I recently visited Sri Lanka (I am currently working in Saudia Arabia) and the UK – Norwich, Norfolk. While in Sri Lanka, I used a travel company (paid for the trip to different cities and hotels) which was extremely nice. I had a great tour guide.

I noticed a lot of solo backpackers were touring different cities and I was wondering (which I should have asked) how did they manage to get there (because it was quite a distance from city to city) if someone is not driving. I do understand the train which takes a person so far, but how do they reach the other cities?

I noticed from your videos that you drive to different locations…:) but maybe you can share some insights as a backpacker.

Thank you kindly.

jAgUaRkurt says:

Another DON’T that you should add. “DON’T WANDER BY YOURSELF IF YOU’RE TOO DRUNK!” People take advantage and WILL still from you! Happened to my brother-in-law. We were at the COCOBONGO and he went outside for some fresh air. Some girl stole his gold necklace and money too I think.

aldo castellanos says:

Don’t visit Cancun; visit Monterrey, San Miguel, Querétaro…

Vexxed says:

I’m Canadian and my mother was diagnosed with Lyme disease and we need treatment but it seems to be cheapest in Mexico so we are heading there but am curious if we will be treated poorly because we are Canadian please comment if canadans are welcome.Thanks

Gretter Pastrana says:

Thanks for the advises. I got here from your Don’ts in Italy. I love Cancun. Probably the only thing I don’t agreed with is carrying around dollars. You definably want to carry pesos because the exchange rate they give you is not accurate with the rate at the exchange houses. You end up paying lot more if you pay with dollars. They have exchange houses all over town.
If you plan on doing lots of tours, it would be better for you to rent a car. You will visit lot more places, at your own pase.
I highly recommend doing the water parks. Xcaret is amazing. Only comparable with the best of Disney World. Stay until the closing show. (We will visit Xplore and Xochimilco on our next trip.)
Have fun.

Piper says:

I wonder what a holiday in Juarez is like

Eloy Ortega says:


phoebecatgirl says:

Good advice – I went there a LONG time ago (1986) and had a great time – visited the pyramid and ball courts as well as the cenote. it was incredibly HOT there, but also saw the observatory and other buildings. Had a great chicken lunch at a local place, and took the trip back to the timeshare that was out place. What a wonderful outing it was – bought some nice blankets, too!

Jesse Wightman says:

Heres a BIG dont!!! Dont listen to this faggy ass fat fuck! Fuck you walter you fat fuckin faggot

Boat Lover says:

Rather than exchanging money, far better to have a couple of US credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees. You’ll get the best exchange rate on your charges and not have to worry about changing money. Might not help you at a small local merchant but overall, a much better way to go.

Omar Chillstep says:

— $100 Pesos is a lot of money for tip

Ld Shadowlady says:

I just came back for there it was beautiful <3

DRB Soccer says:

You got everything right, especially the water, we were at club Med and then I got sick because I drank the water, the driver is also important, look for the one that has a sign with your name on it

Alix Lattanzio says:

Thank you! I was getting overwhelmed with bad reviews about AI resorts and now i understand why. Such great advice! This is my first time booking a trip to Mexico and I just want to get the best experience i can get.

IStoleJiminsJams says:

I was born in Cancun

Alexander Lehigh says:

I’m not going near that tap water…

Luis Duran says:

Hi I’m Mexican and I live in Cancun, i just wanted to say thanks for the real opinions and suggestions you give because at the end we want tourists to have an amazing time here, thank you for helping them and us!

Michael Colello says:

#1 – don’t go to Cancun.

phoebecatgirl says:

I meant “Our place:”

Kadence13 says:

I’m going to cancoun in January for 10 days so in really exited!!!

José Angel Esparza says:

The water is fine.. The Flouride in US. water is worse

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