Visit Mexico – The DON’Ts of Visiting Mexico

Mexico is AMAZING, but even with all the great things you should DO when you visit Mexico on vacation or spring break, there are some things you DON’T DO when you visit Mexico. Here is our list of what you don’t do in Mexico.
Filmed in Cancun, Mexico
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

The DON’Ts of Visiting Cancun

10 Things That Will SHOCK You about Mexico

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Mexico

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Cancun, Mexico

What to Know Before You Visit Mexico

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N RA says:

will you get free healthcare and wic if you go to mexico illegally??

ateh1 says:

great review! Thanks! going to Tulum in two weeks! 🙂

nebulae10 says:

Ok careful with Fanta and Tequila. .

J says:

And #1 don’t get kidnapped for ransom lol but really dont

Jonathan Reed says:

Is graffiti-ing (in Spanish) buildings, signs, trucks, bathrooms, sinks, etc., acceptable and common in Mexico as it is here? Do they write on their own property, or just American?

Tiana Rose says:

I love Mexico. I haven’t even been. I just love the culture and food and the way people are there. After I graduate school I want to go there and teach English. I think it is important that they have native English teachers. I’ve been learning Spanish now for about six months and knowing it really helps.

ydnar slohcin says:

Ha, like it when he said, what did you have???? DIARRHEA!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

knickandchester says:

If you live in Los Angeles, you already know

lust soldier says:

Um that’s a lie I’ve drinked water from there never gotten anything wrong

Mary Storozuk says:

Totally wrong information on paying speeding ticket on the spot. There is no such thing legally. The paying directly to the policeman is just a bribe. Usually for a bogus driving infraction.

Coolguy Mc'Joe says:

Creo que deberías hacer un video sobre Japón.

Clout says:

i love meican grandmas lmaoo, they find out you havent ate they make you a whole buffet

BambooScar says:

First rule: Don’t go to Mexico.

Wayne Keenan says:

dont go to mexico if you want to live the cartel is every where fuck that

Dive&Fly says:

Great video! Check out my scuba diving video that I filmed in Cozumel

Jose Miguel Romero says:

If I was yall I would go outside of the tourist area and yell BUILD THAT WALL and try to be racist….remember you have to step out of the tourist area…go into 30 minute drive outside of cancun

ydnar slohcin says:

And PS, never rent a jeep in Cozumel. Those fuckers cant drive

Spikez 1023 says:

Dont speak about el chapo

Andrew Slaughter says:

#1 don’t visit Mexico

Chase C says:

here’s a don’t of Mexico and it’s the number 1 don’t.

Don’t go to that rundown poor ass corrupted as fuck country

Nick Sciand says:

Am I the only one wondering why he is standing in a bush?

Christian Rincon says:

#1 tip, dont flash around expensive shit on the street lmao

Catelonia Spain says:

I love mexican food

Mike Richard says:

Do not smuggle guns and drugs into Mexico. Our politicians keep forgetting this.

ZhangtheGreat says:

I spent four days in Mexico City in 2017, and the only thing I hated was that the food was so good that it ruined Mexican food in the US. Since that trip, I’ve only eaten Mexican food twice. It’s just not the same anymore. My favorite was the maciza meat (pure lean pork with no skin or fat): tacos de maciza, torta de maciza….OH GOD, I can’t get those here in the US!

Jahaziel Martinez says:

Don’t negotiate souvenirs and the locals who are selling things on the street. That is their ONLY and MAIN source of income most of the time.

Ginger Marshall says:

I have a question? We are traveling to Cancun going to Playa del Carmen and I’ve been there before but have you ever gone there and not have booked a hotel? We were thinking of just traveling down to Playa del Carmen and checking out a few hotels to see if we could get a room we are looking 4 all inclusive if possible. Is it better to book it online or if you were to go to hotel could you wheel and deal on the price if they have room as there’s so many hotels and resorts.

Gar Nunce says:

@5:34 cleaning up my puke off the carpet. teq

slyonme says:

gringos get out of mexico..
we should build a wall to keep you out of our country..

Briunna Hicks says:

Your In Cancun, that doesn’t count

David Whaley says:

This man was violently murdered in the street shortly after this video.

Hugh-John Fleming says:

Stay away from asshats like this.

Gary Price says:

I love to travel. I come from the UK. Nothing unusual so far, but, I would be so afraid to go and get a hire car and just drive around. It’s a shame because Mexico looks so beautiful and the food is something we don’t really have here.

Sandra Bell says:


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