WE BROKE THE BUS – Mexico road trip day 2

DAY 1351 // 7th March 2017 // Somewhere in Mexico

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dj grumble – tastemaker z2 is a dope tune!

LS_scape says:

That lock on the door is just a joke right? There is a real lock inside the door?

Awakened Starseed says:

Is water in mexico safe to consume? Awesome adventure.

Nick Lopina says:

Do you have to stop for the drone shots, or do you risk it for the biscuit?

Renit Rift says:

That’s Mexico, selling things on the side of the road everywhere. Free country, free market, that’s what a free market is.

All The Hacks says:

the music with the drone footage over the bus was just incredible.

Nunya Business says:

I would really love to live the adventure. And Louis is such a great inspiration for living your life, but I simply couldn’t afford to do it. I work for what seems like nothing and trying to pay a mortgage. We’d be lucky to get one foreign holiday a year in. I will win the Euromillions some day. Then I will join you on you’re adventure. Until then, peace. Champ out…

deadgamer 77 says:

so good to see you on an adventure again! I’ve tuned out for a while but I am totally back!

Lizzy Snyder says:

Obsessed with the editing in this video

Delightful Travellers says:

Fantastic channel. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.


Oh man! That intro was sooooooo sick!!!!

YoYo says:

5:20 LOL!! He caught so much air. lol

I think the materials are heavy, so it probly needs some suspensions on the bottom.

Cabo Wabo says:

the drone shots on the bridge were amazing

Keeping It Kevin says:

The kids are so cute!

despotmurgatroid says:

Louis these camera transitions and drone footage simply blew me away – they were beyond awesome.

Tinana D.I.Y says:

That drone footage was awesome!

Mukund Shivakumar says:

How did you account for all the things that take place after the trip ?

How did you procure money for the trip?

How did you buy the bus?

It looks like it costs a lot of money

Luis Perez says:

all of Louis vlogs are so chill I love them!

Kevin Aguirre says:

oxxo is cool to have a quick snack

Charlie Harris says:

Instant noodles. YAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

Thomas Harlaar says:

Men I love this series

- Zatynastion - says:

what is that song in the beginning with the girl singing ? :O

kyramioso29 says:


sway_sway_sway_02 says:

what drone do you have

Griffynology says:

loved Mogli’s music and amazing editing on this one! beautiful drone footage.

Vagabond Mexico says:

You had Chili’s for Breakfast? I think you can do a lot better than that in Mexico, I know you are not locals and don’t know Spanish, but I think Google Places, Foursquare & Yelp work really well everywhere.

Vince McK says:

nobody gonna mess with a gringo prison bus no

Sprex LP says:

the Bus Made some people from Germany

Deux Vagabonds says:

I love the transitions between drone shots and shots from inside the bus

Karen Tun Aung says:

Fab video Louis.. And what a beautiful song! That will be my Tune of the Summer.. I was convinced it was Agnes Obel though. Love from sunny Esher xx

Charlie Bentley says:

Smiley face at 7:16 (the sun)

John Nelson says:

Hey Louis I have driven from California all the way to Panama in Central America..Its so much fun..I’m a world traveler and adventurer..If you need any help or tips let me know..I know latin America pretty well. Be careful and have fun!!

deadgamer 77 says:

so cool that you added her song!

Cabo Wabo says:

I highly advise you NOT to drive at night in Mexico. You could be robbed or murdered very easily by bandits and gangs

S. - says:

Your video making skills are soooo sick Louis. Haven’t seen a single video from you since like 2015 but you are still nailing it

cobyveron says:

3:30 didn’t get this music! pls help if you know

Tim Ciesielski says:

How du you Guys like the Soundboks?

deadgamer 77 says:

so good to see Sam with you too!

Renit Rift says:

Salima’s (Mogli) music

misslulu141 says:

The editing is getting a lot like Sam’s, I really like it! Must be great to work so closely with eachother and be able to learn from and inspire one another.

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