Traveling solo has it’s challenges, especially when you try to document your journey or location. Having the right tools is essential to make the difficult part of solo travel a bit easier.

Join me on Day of the Dead in Chihuahua Mexico, as I show you some of the cultural sites of this city as well my basic, expert and absolutely ridiculous techniques and ideas for using your tripod in the most fun fashion on your next journey.

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[Camera and Gear used in this video] :
Tripod Manfrotto BeFree(This is an older Model Model I used was the MVKBFR-LIVE) – http://amzn.to/2f5Ryuz
GoPro Hero 5 Black – http://amzn.to/2d5WnX3
Microphone for GoPro – http://amzn.to/2ba6tFN
Canon 80D DLSR – http://amzn.to/2aVPgNu
10-22mm Canon Lens – http://amzn.to/2esyhca
Rode Video Microphone for Canon – http://amzn.to/2b6jTD6
Bendy Tripod – http://amzn.to/2bahAPd
Ball Head you’ll need for Bendy Tripod – http://amzn.to/2aZaLiJ

[Editing Software]
Adobe Premier Pro – http://amzn.to/2aYoQKH


Juan Chacon says:

Lol my last name is also Chacon and I am from Chihuahua

Gabriel Traveler says:

I use one of those little gorilla pod tripods. Not as versatile in terms of using as a steady cam or getting the camera much off the ground, etc. but better than nothing and super small and lightweight. Good for simple stable shots. By the way I’m also at Plaza Mayor….my hotel is just a half block from the plaza of the same name in Valladolid, Spain. Happy travels!

Grab Shell says:

thanks for this video. I was wondering if I should use a tripod or now. I guess I am. by the way, great shots. wonderful location!

Arturo Wagner says:

I lived in Chihuahua for almost a year. Brought back some memories.

igor jerez says:

Why did you visit Chihuahua? that nasty, naughty, awful state from mexico, there where people is proudful and starving. There where people do not worth a fucking dime. There where people is so stupid ignorant rancheros and stubborns. There where young people promiscuously match together at their 12 years old and are not able to use a fucking computer in this 21 century. There where music is like a clown like music and really very low cultured. Go better at least to Jalisco. You fall down right there my friend.

Gonzaushi says:


Angel Cruz says:

I Live In Chihuahua Mexico

Ruby Robles says:

habla espanol



Akshay Babykutty says:

nice video ☺

Ronald Tejada says:

Dude, I wanna ask something. How many SD storage do you usually carry in your camera?

Patrick Nguyener says:

I loved this vlog! love for you to check out my new vlog and tell me what your think!

Ana Bustos Sagredo says:

I’m from. Chihuahua

BetoLaCebra says:

Heeey…!! Good video, México its a beautiful country… You must to visit more places… Like Mexican city, Zacatecas, Guanajuato etc… Magic Towns… Like Comala, Tapalpa, Mazamitla etc.

syco98 says:

Wow you speak Spanish too !!!

Sam Ale says:

Mexican are more humans than American. Salut from Syria

Ediyie says:

these are great tips!! thanks

Edgar Heredia says:

Surprised someone didnt walk by and jack the camera in the intro.

Romulo Fosca de Freitas says:

1:36 tip: don’t do that in Brazil, specially big cities =(

John Smith says:

good dude. good video. don’t give away all your secrets Alex

Rehan Vlogs says:

nice vlog 🙂

Karim Elloumi says:

Fuck your tripod man, show us Chihuahua, you spoke about it for half the video.

Eduardo de viaje says:

I hate carrying tripods. But they are helpful, you are right!! 🙂

Jay says:

This guy is hot af. whoever he is.


What backpack are you using?

Marian Paola Cardona Vega says:

I am from Chihuhua

Arthur Paul says:

if you can make it through mexico without havin your tripod stolen during one of those sequences you walk with your back to the camera i will be happy for you hahahahahahah

Raymundo Campos says:

Arriba chihuahua ajuaaaaa

OneikaTraveller says:

I miss Mexico! I lived in Monterrey for a year! Loved hearing you speak Spanish, what’s your background?

OdysseuS says:

i am from chihuahua

BACK40ADV says:

Man those time lapse shots were awesome.

Prashant Pawar says:

no matter what your videos are always fun and informative, thanks for sharing, You were using default mic of GoPro Hero 5 ? as I got one and found mic to be really good… please let me know. thanks

Aylin says:

Cool video! My family is from Chihuahua! Hope you can go to Copper Canyon it’s beautiful there!

Ricardo del toro says:

Your Spanish is really good! 🙂

Theo T says:

I love Mexico. I cant wait to retire there in a couple of years. I want to leave canada this third world country. People walk with their heads down and no one knows how to say goodmorning here. Cold people. Cold culture. Just like the weather. I go to Mexico every month. Yes every month for weekends and i met the nost polite, warm people ever in my life. Im of European nationality born in Toronto Canada. I been almost to every country in EU. Mexico is the best. The people the culture the weather etc. Thanks for the video. Thumbs up.

Tom Beadie says:

That camera will be stolen at some point.

Luke's HomeTube says:

Really cool to see how much a tripod helps with solo travel! Great tips!

alex Reeperbahn says:

hey man‚come to guanajuato and give me a ride….

i need an adventure jaja fuck

lonestarrider says:

Very Cool! Good stuff!

Jaciel Berzoza says:

Great, do you have more of chihuahua?

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