YouTube Boys Mexico Trip 2012 | My Memories

In 2012 “The YouTube Boys” Road tripped to Mexico for the Day. I’ve collected footage from the whole group and combined it to show the great day we had together! Mexico Is an amazing beautiful place with the most welcoming warm people, don’t believe the rumours 🙂

The rest of the Gang…

Jack & Finn –
Sam –
Alfie –
Marcus –

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Karen says:

So, i’ve been living my entire life in Mexico, in fact in Cd Juarez(one of the “most dangerous” cities) but i have never been shot, non of my family members have, why? because its a thing between drug dealers, they don’t kill innocent people so i really didn’t like this video because all the shit they said about Tijuana, Mexico is a pretty country, you don’t get killed the moment you arrive, 2012  was a hard moment for all the ppl in here but actually the drug things started because of USA im not trying to blame you but how come you talk shit bout us when your country is the one that buys them?(for the starbucks ppl who were saying it wasn’t safe)  it is safe believe me it is, in my entire life i have never heard of someone getting shot just because, there is a story behind each person so if anyone you knew got killed probs he had something to do with them, even buying alcohol if you are underage, so ppl grow the fuck up and stop telling that the moment you arrive to Mexico you get shot because you wont, stop being so sissy. i really like all the ppl on this vlog bc i actually watch em but i really hate Alfie’s comment so bye xx

Gerardo Aguirre says:

When you go to mexico you won’t get shot only if your involved in a drug cartel,buy drugs,steal. All you got to do when you see those big ass bulletproof trucks/cars don’t stare at them also don’t get in there way! Your safe as long as you don’t mess with them.

Scott Thompson says:

In the end of time there will be very few who have documented their entire lives. Bravo to all you who keep at it day and night.

Camila Aguilar says:

i am from tijuana and i think its bad to get a bad idea of a place when you never had been there and a lot of people come to mexico because its a multicultural country and a very beautiful place and yes, there is corruption and people that sell drugs, but theres very kind people too. And i love you guys but is very ofensive for mexicans.

CrazyBooks77 says:

Well I’m from Mexico and this video started a little bit racist because in America they just hear the bad things about my country and that’s not fair because that creates a bad idea of here. They came here and they are still alive. Here we don’t have like hundred of deads per day like everybody thinks. I live in a safe place, I don’t consume drugs, I had never hear of anyone close to me to got shot or anything like that. America has a wrong idea of Mexico

CherrysThoughts says:

Till this day am still shocked she said no to sitting on Finn’s lap

Rayza Perez says:

all of you should come back to mexico.

Eylex & Tmeos says:


juan lopez says:

How are you going to ask some ignorant white people in a starbucks of all places if mexico is safe? They probly have never been to mexico. There just like everyone else only listen to what they hear on the tv

chris bis says:

Anyone know the song at the start?

Sammy Gordon says:

original youtube boys

Natmr says:

you all sound so ignorant “you’ll die” omg what #lol

Sofia Armida says:

you really haven’t seen nothing of Mexico, you should come back soon and get to know the rest

imani rafil says:

omg i would do anything to sit on Finn’s lap

Karen LM says:

I was literally getting mad about what the girls were saying and all of the Americans were telling them but I’m glad they actually got to discover by themselves that it’s not such a bad place

Anasofia Coutiño says:

2:25 That girl has totally and completely Clueless about how beautiful is Mexico.

Eleanor Moody says:

Looking back at this, Sam Pepper just looks so bored all the time, tbh he doesn’t deserve friends like these guys, I know I’m a bit behind with saying this but it’s just my opinion..

Ben Alder says:

Like if your watching in 2015

Camila Blancarte says:

Seriously it annoys me when people in the USA talk such things about Mexico, If you go to Tijuana is obviously a bit more insecure than Mexico City or Guadalajara, but tourist have nothing ti worry about, If you´re not involved in drugs nothing bad will happen says:

chłopaki szacun

Crystal M. says:

Let’s grab a ride with random people. Seems legit.

Daniel Foster says:

No burgers, hot tubs, or massages, just adventure.

freya kent-woolsey says:

I really hope he knows what Sam has done

Bazán says:

Drug cartels are more interested in smuggling drugs through the border, fighting each other, and keeping control of their territory than robbing or shooting turists for no reason
Just saying

Anasofia Coutiño says:

2:25 That girl has totally and completely Clueless about how beautiful is Mexico.

Nuria Cruz says:

Ugh I wish I’d known all of you in 2012, I live in San Diego! Come back! Btw TJ is alright, you just gotta know the right people and the right places and you’ll be good, it’s pretty fun. Next time go to Ensenada though :p

Jessica Tan says:

those girls r so lucky !

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