✈Miami, Florida ►Vacation Travel Guide

✈Miami, Florida ►Vacation Travel Guide

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thareal mc says:

I can’t wait until I move here next summer 🙂

veganvvarrior says:

Anybody know’s the song at 18.55?

Florida Van Rentals says:

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Sun Life Rico says:

I love the video!!

Biiggles says:

Like if you wish you lived in Miami.

TechnologyMafia says:


lan curry says:

Great traveling tips! There are a shuttle service http://www.floridashuttleexpress.com provides bus transportation at these Miami spots

AG3 says:

My future destination to reside…

LlamasAreBest says:

I like the video. But it’s barely a Travel guide to Miami.

ياسر العمري says:

Very beautiful Miami I have a friend teaches at Miami
I did not go to it, but I hope to go to Miami and New York, Canada, and Los Angeles:)

The Expert says:

I do live here and it was the best move I ever made ! I live on South Beach so its like being on vacation everyday. Don’t forget Miami is expensive so if you want to live in a decent part of the city expect to pay $1000 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. I am a successful business owner who pays $4k month for a 2 bedroom apartment that has crazy views of the ocean and South Beach but is not much in size for 4k a month which is why I plan on moving to a house away from Miami soon.

EduarFilms says:

Loved Miami! If anyone is interested on a nice artistic video from Miami Beach can check my video out! I promise you won’t be dissapointed! http://youtu.be/jPnBGaRVckI

videoclipsmiami says:

Great video!

Mon Mi says:

Im moving? to Miami, oh God please let me stay!!! 😀

dfsimonjr94 says:

How can you dislike this?

Chris Martin says:

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Renovator says:

This made me realize how much a lot better L.A is than Miami

Kevin Dionisio Lopez says:


mshaw087 says:

There’s a pretty bad mistake around 4:15 in which the host says all four major sports team have won championships. The Florida Panthers have never won the Stanley Cup. In 2004, the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

KoolChick20 says:

Lived there all my life and all I can say is, it’s only really fun if you have lots of money!

lawdmason says:

I live in Broward but i love going to Miami all the time beautiful place to live

Ruben Alberto Torres says:


Rohan B says:

5:46 did not know that Publix made sunglasses.

Aerialle Perkins says:

I’m thinking about going to a university there. Does anyone know of any good universities out there besides Miami University?

Rebecca Mawson says:

when are u going there?

lbredikhin5 says:

beaches??? suggestions???

NURugby11 says:

Panthers didn’t win in ’04….Lightning

T O says:

florida panther did not win the stanley cup yet.that would be tampa bay lightning

Summer Goodlow says:

I started to book the Eden Roc…. Maybe I will next go around

Josie Cateri says:


imran khan tanoli says:

very nyc

ThisOneComment says:

I <3 living in Miami, its just when I go to South Beach, I'm like damn! Where do I park?


Miami miami

Xander Duarte says:

dude this all the family friendly stuff, come see it for yourself

Luke McCartney says:

like if u live in miami

Billy Law says:

Be thankful to Michael Mann, Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas and its entire cast and crew. Miami Vice brought this hidden gem in front of the world.

Lesly Juárez says:

Very nice place!! 🙂

xoxxobob says:

There are very few cities in the US that can compare to Miami in culture. It really is a one of a kind!

SabrinaisHappy says:

I live in Tampa but I like Miami alot!:) can’t wait to go this summer

rafy tan says:


Vickie Lynne says:

Love to visit Miami  :))))

foripples says:

Lucky you dude,i would like that i could go there to live 🙂

Blackie Fitzpatrick says:

Hello Miami.
Venice, FL

monr says:

how the hell does a kangaroo smell water. never mind 200km away.  i want to know what water smells like

danielwild794 says:


RAGOTA57 says:

I’m watching this because scareface.

Mario Bregieira says:

Vídeo top!! Se puder da uma olhada no meu canal pra conferir os episódios semanais!! valeu!!

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