10 Best Places to Visit in Florida – Travel Video

When most people think of Florida, they think of sunshine, theme parks, orange juice and alligators. But this former Spanish colony, which became the 27th state to enter the Union, is much more than that. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, it has mile upon mile of white sand beaches. Its moderate climate makes it a popular tourist destination all year round. An overview of the best places to visit in Florida.


BijouLover8 says:

People packed in like sardines…..20 minutes to drive a block…..miles of concrete hotels. These pictures are years old. Concrete jungle now.

Noob says:

Aye where you at Floridians

Alexeis Sanchez says:

I live in Florida and weather is beautiful And has awesome stuff

Jax Blueman says:

Best place to visit in Florida? That’s easy. I-95 North, just South of the Georgia border, next to the “You are now leaving Florida” sign. I’m not kidding. This entire State is a shithole.

Everything North of the I-4 corridor is dominated by uneducated, unskilled, ‘paycheck to paycheck’ rednecks, who are still butthurt about the Civil War, and will never vote to give any money to frivolous liberal conspiracies like schools, roads, public transportation, etc.

Everything South of the I-4 corridor is controlled by 90 year old, fixed income old farts, who aren’t originally from Florida, have no allegiance to the State, and don’t give a damn about the future. They dont even buy green bananas. They have zero interest in contributing anything to the States growth or development. They just want a warm cheap place to die, and will never vote to give money to frivolous things such as schools and teachers, (what do they need schools for? Their kids are already all grown up) or roads. (if they put 500 miles a year on their Lincoln Town Car, it’s a lot)

And all of this surrounded by a constant 95° temperature, 90% humidity, with accompanying Jurassic Park bugs, and reptiles.

If Florida didn’t have all the money generated by tourism taxes, the State would be a third World Country.

Simão Bessa says:

what about the Kennedy Space Center? 😛

Fairy Fart fish says:

I live in destin Florida (luckily just a decent sized place cause I dont want a big city full of tourist we get enough already)

kahina says:

The best place to visit in south Florida is Sistrunk

if your reading this ur a huge thottie says:

Should i move to Florida at age 20 any thoughts y’all?

David Nguyen says:

I love florida

Christopher Wells says:

Stay east of Federal Hwy if you’re visiting Ft. Lauderdale. The beaches are beautiful, but its some rough hoods west of Federal highway. I was born and raised here.

dakotah haley 0609 says:

places they forgot
-Daytona (Beach)
-Weeki Wachi

alexiis x says:

I live like 30 minutes away from Panama city beach

J and Z productions says:

St. Augustine should be on her e

Paulo Roberto says:

Bela Florida, onde eu deveria está morando desde 1979. Estados Unidos o país dos grandes homens. A terra das oportunidades.

Robby Jones says:

They need to clean up areas that don’t appeal to tourists. It’s costing the state money. Put flyers at bus stations about tourist attractions. Have phone numbers and info about motels at bus stations. Make sure payphones work! Sell tourist souvenirs advertising the areas. Sell postcards at stores and at motels.

Derek Smith says:

Do not move here we don’t want you here!! We hate you northerners who move here then call the police when our fla born kids are riding there 4 wheelers in vacant lots or playing to loud in there own back yard! Stay in your home states you will miss it!!

Isabella Rosado says:

I’m going in 2019 lol

Patrick Dennis says:


Leah Bates says:

Make sure your information is correct. I was born and raised in Orlando. It’s not called gator park. It’s gatorland. You said Orlando really doesn’t see hurricanes….ummmm hello we’ve been hit hard with them. Where the heck are you getting your information from

Bruce Maddox says:

Orlando was hit by a hurricane in 2016 and 2017…get your facts straight

Nicky L says:

Cedar Key …what Florida used to look like
Playa Linda Beach Cape Canaveral National seashore …the best ocean beach in Florida
Myakka River State Park..wall to wall allligators

Michael Sanders says:

Florida may be beautiful. But the people there are really screwed up. They care for nothing and no one and they’re your best friend if they think they. Can get something from you. I lived there 15 years I had to move before I lost my humanity.

Janiece Carter says:

Hi I live in Panama City. It’s boring

dennis.srq says:

Florida used to be cool but now it’s overrun by foreigners and yankees.

Jazzytroub 717 says:

I don’t want to have a negative view of Florida but Orlando should not be at #3. Yes it has a lot of acitivities, I mean they have Disney world. But one major problem is that there are Sinkholes. Orlando is near the middle of Florida. So it receives at least 1sinkhole per year.

Joseph Finn says:

What about crystal river and hommassa

Tiffany Pereyra says:

I don’t want to be rude in Florida is REALY HOT! And it has A LOT OF TRAFFIC! Though good thing I don’t live on any of the places though I do live in Florida.But don’t try to keep people coming it’s too crowded. Sorry but true it’s fun

Paul Colson says:

I was born and raised in Florida since 1962 and half of the things in this video are misleading…
Not to mention there are just as beautiful places to visit that literally cost you nothing to enjoy they don’t mention.

I have lived all over the State of Florida from the west coast to the east coast, And I feel like this video was made to cater to “money” or “rich” people… If you have never been to Florida and plan on vacationing here and are on a budget , Ask me I can tell you how to get the most out of it.

Susi Susisalala says:

I want to visit

srinivasa m r says:

Jackson villa

Ricardo Paez says:

I liked

H Pn says:

Long ago Destin was a great family vacation. Very affordable.
Everything is expensive today.

GabbyC.123 says:


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