21 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Miami, Florida

Ultimate Miami Travel Guide! These are my carefully selected 21 hidden secrets & best places in Miami which I’ve visited 4x times and includes gems like Scuba diving, Jet-skiing, Eating Alligator, Lock & Load. You won’t believe number #13 which you must try. Can we reach 1,000 LIKE? Please support my show

Complete list: http://www.reformatt.com/21-hidden-secrets-miami

My Miami travel guide includes things to do in Miami and where to visit during your stay in this ultimate Florida experience.

Too many boring travel guides are available these days for Miami and sadly are mostly all the same, that’s why I dug deep into this city to bring you the best hidden spots.

The places featured in my detailed video above are organized from the morning, afternoon towards the evening and nightlife so you can make the best out of your days in Miami.

Miami can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing but luckily there are some FREE things to do as well, like the Lincoln Parking deck view or sneaking into the Mondrian or Spa Standard Hotel to observe their gorgeous pools.

I personally recommend going all out because there are so many amazing things to do you do not want to cheap-out, saving up a few months extra will be worth every penny in the end. A very-rough budget for 1 awesome week per person would be around a $500 flight, $500 AirBnB and $1500 for Uber, shopping, food, events, museums & night time party = around $2500 to start.

Miami very widespread with many districts from Miami South Beach, which is its own peninsula, to the Wynwood Art District. Split up your days by having 2 days in Miami South Beach to visit Ocean Drive, Espanola Way and Lincoln Road. Spend the other days on day trips to downtown Miami, Wynwood, the Florida Keys and the incredible Everglades.

My favorite way to explore a city is by jogging, you’ll be surprised as to what you may find. A few of these photos where taken at places I randomly walked into, places you will never see on a guided tour.

Besides great hidden attractions; Miami also offers amazing restaurants like Sylvanos, great Italian cuisine at affordable prices and NaiYara, voted the best restaurant in Miami South Beach offering Thai-Japanese fusion cuisine with dishes like freshly made beef jerky, salmon tacos and ultra fresh sashimi. Try a piece of Ootoro (Blue fin tuna belly) sashimi before leaving! You won’t regret it.

Miami has many incredible pools but the ones that truly stand out is the infinity pool at the Spa Standard Hotel and the pool at the Mondrian Hotel visit these pools in combination with doing an Art Deco tour of Miami South Beach with places such as the Delano, Colony Theater, the Carlyle and Breakwater.

I would love to know if my article was helpful and if so, please leave a comment below and let me know which place seems most interesting to you? Or let me know if you want more information about a specific place I mentioned.

Do you want more travel tips for Miami, Florida?

– Swim with Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium.
– Take a day trip to the Everglades National Park and jump on an Airboat to see hungry alligators.
– Feast on the best burger in town at Shake Shack.
– Do not miss a Miami Heat basketball game at the American Airlines Arena, one of the most popular sports in the USA.
– Avoid touching the blue looking jelly fish on the beach, these are Portuguese man o’ war and poisonous.
– Sriracha House, for the best after party food in Miami.
or Pizza Rustica, Miami’s #1 pizza in town.

– Weird American Junk Food Review (next week)

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Samantha Dominguez says:

I live in Miami

juve11111ntus says:

What is the sound track when the beach time segment came

Merayo Tv says:

come to Costa Rica!

Elizabeth Crespo says:

I live in Miami and this list makes it sound way better than it is. Hate Miami.

SuperBeast001 says:

all he is eating is key lime pie. I wanna get some hairy pie.

BambooScar says:

Can you just go to other hotels pools for free or a fee or you must stay at them?

Matthew Santiago says:

omg this makes me miss miami

Martin Short says:

anything good near the miami edition hotel will be going there in june for a week! this video was awesome thanks!

sit down and be humble says:

I love this vid

sit down and be humble says:

how bout best place to find a job in miami

anuar sham says:

your places are sick brah! I’ll be going to Miami beach in Aug! how much was your budget for that trip??

Guillaume LGNL says:

Hi, you can check my Miami Trip video here:

Great video btw, will be really usefull for my next time in Miami!

Drawing Creates says:

Google devils den in Florida. Highly recommend

Merayo Tv says:

cool video man!

BeAmbitiousNotContent says:

Thanks for posting this video, went on famiky vacation this past april to maimi beach. had a great time. the weather was a bit chilly on the beach, but overall, we had a great time. will definitely check out some of those places you mentioned on our return next year.. st. Petersburg fl is my next stop

Marco Giobellina says:

Thanks Matt

Merayo Tv says:

man theres beaches, rain forest, nightlife, wild adventures, and much more, just tell me when and I can help you, Im movie director from Costa Rica! bless!

Samantha Goodman says:

we loved having breakfast at vitality bowls every day. that was something we couldn’t do in NY!

Jake Nguyen says:

Thank you. Your tips is good. Now I can check out these Hotspots

Reformatt Show says:

hi friends! go watch my latest Reformatt episode from France:
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Mina Sun says:

hello! I am interest in shooting the weapon hahaha can you give me the name of the store, the address would be better! i appreciate that. 🙂

Eddie Regory says:

I’d like to take my family there. What hotel would recommend that is close to all the action, food and a great pool near a beach. Thanks in advance and great video.

philipr75 says:

I love south beach and have been many times but at times with it being a tourist attraction it can be pricey. I love a good dive bar and love to save a few bucks as well so if you are looking to have a few drinks and maybe save money and meet some locals try a place called the lost weekend on south beach. Pool tables, drink specials, and a juke box loaded with all types of music.

Teodora Corb says:

something was mentioned in the video about attitude improvement, oh they need to hear that too.

Just Kelly says:

I love your V´s 😀 Just amazing Places !!!
my videos may be not as good as yours but maybe you could give me some tips 😀


Mr Dube says:

Is There actually anything Vegetarian to eat? I’m Vegetarian.

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