8 Things NOT To Do in Miami

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Miami’s Cuban influence is reflected in the cafes and cigar shops all over Little Havana. But despite its colorful art deco buildings, white sand, surfside hotels and trendsetting nightclubs, there are certainly a few things NOT to do in Miami.

1) Do NOT carry a cocktail in the street
Carrying any alcoholic beverage on Washington Avenue or Collins on South Beach will get you arrested.
This ain’t New Orleans people.

2) Drive at you own risk
Miamians will be the first to tell you that they are horrible, crazy drivers and that a lot of their roads don’t make much sense. If you’re not prepared for the stress, just stick to cabs.

3) Don’t pay upfront.
In Miami you pay when they bring it. Apply this to everything as they aren’t going to “Come right back” with whatever you were trying to buy here. You will never see your money again.

4) Don’t Underdress
Miami is not the capital of appropriate dressing and most places don’t care what you wear. But after dark unless you’re dining at McDonald’s, leave the bathing suits and flip-flops at your hotel. This isn’t Key West.

5) Respect Miami’s Unique Timezone
Just like the road signs, the clock is only a suggestion here. If a Miamian arrives 2-4 hours late, he’s still on time!

6) Do NOT assume honesty from anyone.
We hate to say this, but unless you’re being pampered by hotel staff you should know everyone here is up to something. Nobody does anything here without ‘motivation’. Be aware.

7) Don’t wear that “South Beach” shirt
That t-shirt will look cool when you are back home to Wisconsin, but in South Beach it just screams ‘tourist’!

8 ) Don’t get arrested over the weekend
If you get locked up on Friday night you won’t be seeing the judge until Tuesday! Also, if there’s a shooting and you’re filming it with your phone, you just might get locked up too!

Just remember, before you get wild and crazy that Miami is still part of the United States so know the rules before you go!


aprtuned75 says:

Well that’s easy I wouldn’t go to that dumpster of a city anyway it one big ghetto and armpit of this country. All of Florida could sink and it wouldn’t be missed

renato muu says:

Ugh… miami…

P2Feener 305 says:

This guy is a fucking idiot..1- the whole world has horrible fucking drivers, have you driven through New York???? 2- capture a shooting on your phone and go to jail, how fucking stupid is this guy. How about you British wankers stay away from my city.

Sebastian Hueck says:

i live by south pointe and some of these dont apply

damndisplace07 says:

Also ……….stay away from North Miami, unless you wanna be a crime victim…..especially Opa Locka.

Valerie Padilla says:

Guess am staying in my state :/

Jean Lalanne says:

If your from south Florida like I am then you’d know there’s two Miami’s, South Beach where most visiting go to and then there’s the Real Miami where have to “get it how you live”.

LifeAsAndrea says:

Just go to club eleven or Las Olas in ft laudy. Cheap drinks and the best time you’ll have in ur life. Love my hometown

fred d says:

#9 speak english

Aceofdiamonds444 says:

Born & raised in Miami;I left after 40 years…one of Americas biggest shitholes.

Soraya bashiri says:

bruhh! you are from fucking England who the hell are you to say all these things about Miami.
i am from Miami and was born here.
its not like people go to London and say don’t do this or don’t do that.
so why should you. your just getting views off of these things and its not even content

dio gutz says:

If Miami is so great why do people only visit the place but not live there? It rains a lot there, its humid and not many good paying jobs. I will pass

Konanan says:

lol a true representation, finally

Kermit says:

Nah…If I can’t walk and drink…not worth the trip.


#1 Being there on Memorial Day Weekend.

siralanlordsugar says:

You should replace that salsa Muzak with that by Jan Hammer

Cefims Soas says:

in other words Miami is a shit hole, just like the rest of the US

ChromeLeatherGel says:

No.9 Do not get in your car and create more traffic!! Too many people in this city and too many cars!!

Louis Claw says:

Don’t come to Miami unless you speak Spanish or Ebonics. Miami local for 35 yrs.

tay sanders says:

Why do people always think that Miami and South Beach are the same city?

Starr Destiny Equality says:

Having lived in Miami there is so much truth to this video. The reason Miamians can’t drive is because most are from other countries or New York Transplants plus anyone can easily get a car without a drivers license or car insurance. The Police are only concerned if your tags are up to date. And there are a lot of drunk drivers.

RMS Vlogs says:

This is all derogatory towards Miami, some of these things may be true, but I’ve lived here my whole life and like any city, you will have your confusing traffic, dishonest people, and rules. Not everybody is a criminal and is out to get you. Like any other city you’re visiting; do your own research, don’t base it off these youtube videos that whos creators have probably only visited the city once and have had a bad experience. Miami is beautiful in its own way and like any other city has hidden gems for you to find .

Dashoost says:

Sunny place, shady people

Kenny Martin says:

Dade county

BadgerCheese94 says:

Number 1 dont…. dont LIVE in Miami lol. Lived there for 18 years. Horrible weather, rude people, no espeaky English even after twenty years, ugly houses, no southern hospitality despite being further south than anywhere else in America and ghetto as fuck.

Alexander Santana says:

You said it Miami is part of The United States! This is true even though a lot of the people here refuse to learn English and Assimilate. I am writing this because it is absolutely true.

baba duke says:

8 things not to do in Miami:
1. Live

Matias Guzman says:

Sounds like a shit hole

Sandip Patel says:

Thankx for the head up : )

ol305stunna says:

Tourists stay y’all ass on the beach

Liya vaanunu says:

I love how they say don’t get arrested on Friday night
*two things A: I wasn’t planning on getting arrested B: don’t get arrested any day of the week not just Friday and even worse is on like a Tuesday or Wednesday!!!!*

Neo Bailey says:

Don’t get drunk and pull over in little Havana to sleep it off….. they’ll send the helicopters and dogs…..

Bella Drama says:

I love my city, but you do have to be careful like you should in every place.

Ocean Trucker says:


Enjoy the clear water, ’cause that’s about it.


-Oversensitive snowflake exiles with an inferior/superior complex anywhere you go.

-The worst traffic with the rudest drivers in the world (and I’ve been to L.A., N.Y. etc) anywhere you go.

-Customer service mixed with ego on steroids.

-If you don fashion the latest you’re a nobody, anywhere you go.

-Humidity in the mid-90’s all the time, anywhere you go.

-Walk Around accompanied/unaccompanied late at night and get shot, anywhere you go.

-everything is expensive, anywhere you go.

-There is a feeling of fake fun anywhere you go.

-Cross the line to any neighboring county and you will notice a HUGE difference in people’s attitude and the environment.

-Astronomically overrated South Beach is a getto fabulous heaven anywhere you go.

-Wynwood is just a couple of streets full of graffiti “art” right next to one of the worse neighborhoods, with tourists bring robbed at gunpoint all the time.

Need I say more? Go to West Palm Beach, Naples, Cocoa Beach o even Hollywood right North of Miami and TRUST ME, YOU WILL ENJOY YOURSELF AND BE SAFE.

Marie Olivas says:

I live in Miami and I’m offended


be careful in MIAMI goons like me round every corner… one wrong turn you can be in a world of trouble…

achillesfury says:

Somebody please explain how filming a shooting is a crime? i don’t understand this

Jehebardar says:

The best thing to do in Miami, is leave Miami on a cruise ship. Florida is a flat hot shit hole.

Ivanka2024 for POTUS says:

Still are so false

¤T'CHALLA¤ says:

Miami is such a SHITTY town. Been there once….. it’s ok….but never went back. Very boring…. rude drivers… they don’t know how to drive. Orlando is more fun, I go there every year!!!!!

Sarie Danielle says:

I live in Miami and omfg all there things are so true

welcome159ify says:

#4 Honestly, I feel like you have to be properly dressed to go almost anywhere in Miami. Like if I were to go to Publix in my pajamas, I’d probably get a few dirty looks. A lot of Miamians tend to be very uptight, materialistic, and judgmental……. and I say this as someone who was born and raised in Miami.

covertyankee says:

If you’re traveling to Miami just skip South Beach it’s nothing but a tourist trap.

Kamari West says:

when he said Miamians i died

justin says:

still part of the U.S.A hahahahahahahah

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