Cheap Things to Do in Miami w/ Sonia Gil – Let’s Roam Miami

Travelocity’s Courtney Scott teams up with travel expert, Sonia Gil to hunt for the best cheap and free things to do in Miami, Florida. Escape to Miami now:

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Erin henderson says:

Thank you!!

Land D says:

The cost of parking is Not mentioned! That would definitely add to the $13…

Nessa Marie says:

Coming to Miami in October.

Travelocity says:

Cheap Things to Do in #Miami with +Sonia Gil and +Courtney Scott!

alexsandranovaes1 says:

30 minutes for 4 dollars is super expensive here in Italy 30 minutes is for free..are u guys crazy …..

Richard Salinas says:

a trip to miami without visiting bars and nightlife is incomplete; if you want to party for free, around summer and spring break hit up 7th street on South Beach; that is where all the college kids and fraternities gather, you can probably get some free drinks from there; nearly all cuban restaurants run for similar prices as that, for the best ones you should probably look around 8th street, La Palma is my favorite, open 24 hours, it’s packed with locals late in to the early mornings; parking is hard even for the locals on south beach, so expect to pay some money there, other than that the best free/cheap things to do would be hanging at the beach or strolling around Wynwood and eating from the food trucks (a trip to miami is incomplete without a visit to winnowed) happy traveling

This Is Thia says:

I’m not impressed, this is free things in Miami Beach not Miami.
You can get yoga at Bayfront Park at 6PM for free. You can also go bike riding there and just look around for a cheap Cuban restaurant anywhere. Nothing impressive or new.
Instead of biking you can just walk, there’s so much to see at Miami Beach

T Gardner says:

I live in texas

Flight Simulator says:


zabuku hoang says:

ahhhhh, what about lunch and dinner? or do you guys go on a one meal a day diet? lol

Will K says:

I guess your $13 are missing lunch and dinner. lol , I’m already starving. good video girls

KirkKiyosadaTome says:

Yay, Sonia!

Datude D Exantus says:


Neohabitat Music says:

Thanks great tips…I would personally skip the yoga and spend it on my lunch .

Anastasia Samokhvalova says:

Que malos los consejos…video de 6 minutos solo con tres datos lamentables. No sigo a ellas, pero tampoco lo haré ahora. No vi lo de yoga, si fuimos al café que recomiendan y es un lata, lugar sucio y malo. En cuanto a las bicicletas – dato obvio, que existe en varios ciudades. NADA bueno el video

Bare Feet® with Mickela Mallozzi says:

A fab video with two of my favorite travel gals – thanks +Courtney Scott & +Sonia Gil!

Julian Quinton says:

I hate being technical but the $13 for the day only covered breakfast and a few hours. Factor in lunch, dinner and night entertainment and it goes way more $

Ernesto Soto says:

I live here and there’s no way only spent that in one day.

You forgot the Parking in south beach, lunch, dinner, drinks??

Kossip News says:

Two of my favorite Travel Hosts in one episode – love it!! 

Rosa Bernier says:


Ikram Haider says:

sonia gill thanx for video Miami im coming ♥

Saii Pee says:

see you Miami next week

enanita2100 says:

Sonia brought me here.. hurrah!

Vanina Bowers says:

Totally fun and lots of great suggestions. I’ve only been to the early morning beach yoga once, but it was super fun.

Martin Morales Films. says:

$13 a day thats a big LOL..!!
so you just eat 1 time a day…u girls are funny….

Z Holliday says:

6.99 looked pretty Yum…

rrrjjj88 says:

Love it.. Sonia is the best!

Vinicius Santiago Moreira says:

hmmmmm….that breakfast looks scrumptious…. i’m hungry now lol

DRGranger says:


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