Hey #QueenTeam, in this vlog I am in South Beach Miami Florida for springbreak. I had a lot of fun and was too lit for my own good. Some tips to keep in mind when going to Miami for break or just traveling anywhere in general is to
1. Make sure you have someone who is atlas 21
2. Make sure you have someone who owns or is a authorized user of a major credit card
3. Plan ahead. Start planning in November/December for your March trip
4. Have all transportations arrangements situated and
5. Have fun but know your limits !

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About Me:
Name: Chioma
Age: 19
Location: Toledo, OH for College. From Pennsylvania
Major: Business
Fun Facts:
1. I’m 5’10
2. I’m on the Modeling Team
3. My favorite color is Pink
4. I have 2 siblings, 1 older brother and 1 younger sister
5. My favorite food is potatoes

1. How old are you? 19
2. What college do you attend? University of Toledo
3. What is your major? Business Administration
4. What do you use to edit your videos? iMovie
5. What camera do you use? Sony Alpha 6000


Kayvonna White says:

yasss that white outfit !!!!! I have not been to Miami since 2012 it was nice I went with all grown up and I was the only young person. You are right when I went down there people naked and wild im like wtf lol but it was cool btw Birthday Twin what are you doing for your birthday this year???

Ms. Allison Nichole says:

That happens with all high volume spring break destinations, and as far as the car rental they will tax you until you are over 25. I’m 24 and they still gave me extra charges to rent. You gotta pay to play at that age and always have plan B and C ready for Murphy’s law.

taneis addenne says:

Where she get her fake id and I loved this vlog

Taylor Adams says:

Helllll yea they was taxing for the uber from the airport. I stayed on south beach and for me to get to the hotel and back to the airport it was about 50 both ways. It probably was a surge

steflova2 says:

hi cutie chioma. It is actually legal to be topless in miami and other places in the us. I think it’s actually legal to be topless in New York city which is where I am from. have fun in scchool.

Esprit Libre says:

Go to Fort Lauderdale beach next time!

Drea S says:

I love your little life. Keep it going! glad that you ladies had a ball.

catrashoo says:

Ocean Ten is the bomb.

Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures says:

Great vlog. Thanks for sharing the do’s and don’ts of what to do. You are right you don’t need a credit card. I honestly think they gave you all a hard time because you were young and thought they could get over on you. I have paid cash for many rooms but I’m also in my 30’s so no one for the most part will give me a hard time.

Styve Millions says:


asia marie says:

those miami dances! yas.

Taisha Dorjean says:

not everybody eat their including me and my family


what hotel did you stay at?

Naee R says:

What hotel did you guys stay at

Scarlet Kitten says:

how ppl dont speak english in florida???? you didnt go to another country… WTF…

Taisha Dorjean says:

ik this is why i am happy i live in Miami Florida but in the rich place

Elan Aydelott says:

Where did you stay in planning a Miami trip for my friends and I please lmk !!

AmasBeautyChannel says:

Ques are sooooo wild

Sherlyn Zavaleta says:

Which hotel did you guys stay at? I’m trying to go with my girls this summer

jaa d says:

what hotel is that it looks so nice I’m planning a trip to Miami and don’t know where to stay


you need to stay away from ques!!!! lmfaoo

Coolkid Laya says:

This vlog was littttt ! So the food places was just giving y’all drinks without carding tho?

Whitney Apeagyei says:

Hey, what is the name of the second club you went on the 2nd day x

wendywu says:

What’s the hotel name?

Dee Byrd says:

What hotel did y’all stay at??

Brianna Marie says:

i had terrible service at a ocean drive restaurant the other day too with 6 of my friends

Savannah Maybe says:

song at 12:00????

Caitlin Janae says:

damnit more famu kids with the copses lol

Teaera Lachell says:

What’s the 2nd club you went to? & how did you guys get in if y’all are underage? I’m 20 and going with some friends next month.

Coco Michelle says:

vlog was sooooo litttt!!!!!

Tequila Jackson says:

somebody neck black as hell

Arthur Lurking says:

The food was horrible oh no baby what is you doing

beingjshanice says:

yall was lit! loved this vlog *new subbie here*

LaCienega Boulevardez says:

17:51 this whole scene right here lmfaooooooooooooo that escalated too fast!

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