Florida Travel: The Ultimate Florida Keys Road Trip

Get away with Chad Crawford as he makes his way through the beauty of the Florida Keys. Each key has something unique to offer and Chad shows you the best when he shows you how to Do the Florida Keys. And Chef Justin Timineri brings you a new recipe for an old Keys favorite when he mixes up a Florida Spiny Lobster Stir-Fry.


bchlovr says:

Cats & chickens every where in Key West.

Mark JetGator says:

Too bad yankees want to stay. My home has been trashed and / or ruined by ’em. Come visit please ..then go back north

pal98111 says:

I love the keys but not crazy about Key West – too loud and commercial for my taste.

FLORIDAJournal says:

Deutschsprachige Infos zum Sunshine State, Orte & Regionen >> Florida Keys

Buck Buck says:

That was alot of nothing..please dont do the Smithsonian.

Mom2ThreeAngels says:

Hubs and I plan to take our 2 boys down to the Keys in June…..as I watch this, I wonder how most of this will look when we’re there, and despite the storm damage we are not cancelling our trip! Looking forward to taking them snorkeling, etc. and also wondering how the reefs were affected by Irma? Does anyone know? What’s the best advice for where in the Keys to stay with kids, ages 16 and 11 and any other tips?!

Ken W says:

I thought it was Grissom from CSI giving the tour 🙂

RojoFern says:

Conch Republic my ass

Kidvlogs all the time says:

I’m a proud Floridian

Greg Johnson says:

Islais Spanish for island and is pronounced like eesla and not ayla! Trust me because I speak five languages fluently.

Secret grace says:

As a former Florida Keys resident, absolutely non of this is new to me

Sophie Loves Sunsets says:

Me and hubby are going to the keys for a week tomorrow and we can’t wait as it looks so beautiful. We were in Florida a few weeks ago but never got to visit the keys while we were there. So this time it will be great to see this beauty. America is so gorgeous. I love this country ❤️❤️❤️

Fearless Trek says:

We just uploaded our epic Florida Keys trip video! We will definitely be back for more, just so much to see and explore.

Embarque Nessa says:

Awesome, on the next visit to miami, i wanted to visit florida keys.

Jackie Blue says:

I put in my 28 years of keys living! I loved it! My most favorite way to live was back in the day when very few people lived on a boat, but I did! I have lived every way of living imaginable. Would not mind finding a retired person to be a companion who loves dogs, all animals, the forest, rivers, ocean life, island life, boats, fishing, relic hunting, snorkeling and simply traveling our beautiful world, having fun and absorbing what life has to offer. I enjoy the simple things in life. I believe in God and and know that if it is his will for me to have a companion to share in some of life’s beauty that he will somehow unite us and his will be done. Looking for friendship/companionship only. This video clearly spawned a vast array of emotions and many, MANY memories. Life is far from over and I am always making new memories. Waiting ~ Friendship anyone?



TDBMAN says:

Lived in the Keys in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I was a bartender in Islamorada. Best time of my life. I’ve missed it dearly since the day I left south Florida in 2006. So much, that I’m moving back October 2017 !!!

Ashton Orelien says:

I live in Florida but I live in Fort Lauderdale

scorpioninpink says:

The keys should be a separate state.

Paul C says:

I Went to Islamorada.I Loved It.

Tony de Wijn says:

Too bad 60% of this video was filmed underwater. KW is such a beautiful place.

smily says:

ich hatte das als Hausaufgabe

Tom Spurlock says:

Have the Keys recovered from the 2017 hurricane Maria, enough to be worth visiting again?

M Double U says:

“Snuba” has to probably be the easiest way to kill yourself in the ocean. Im surprised that they even sell those commercially just because of the likelihood that someone will use it that doesn’t know anything.

Carol Baker - REALTOR says:

Florida offers great weather and adventures for all ages!

Dan Hoggard says:

I’m going to Florida in September for 2 weeks cant fricking wait looks amazing never been before

MrRedskins0021 says:

Florida is turning into California. All the best beaches are privately owned.

Patel Vidhu says:

Good place for people who like fish and water.

Dooley Knoted says:

Two rules: Do the speed limit
Don’t piss off the locals
Not everyone in the Keys is on vacation!

Lisa DeCroes says:

The reefs are diseased and dying. This is such propaganda

Pushin' Water Kayak Charters says:

Nice Video!

Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros says:

This brought back fond memories. I love the Florida keys.

G Howard says:

I lived in Key Largo for twenty years. Fished and dove constantly. Loved it!

Jesse St Louis says:

looking forward to coming back to Florida for Xmas…maybe i’ll vlog about it…idk. Great video!

Owen Bryan says:

very beautiful

Crown Commando says:

Spent 4 years (1976-1980) at Homestead Air Force Base then 2 years in North Key Largo living at the Ocean Reef Club. When I hit the lottery, I’m going back.

Michael Weiss says:

Been here 9 years in Key West originally from Chicago, best move I ever made. but bring lots of cash, it’s very expensive.

Livin' the Keys Life says:

Great video. We have a channel pertaining to life in the keys. Check us out and subscribe If you like!

О D says:

Hi! Could you please advise a nice romatic restaurant in Key West with a view to sunset to celebrate anniversary?)))) Thank youuuuu)))

Sarah Meyer says:

I lived on Big Pine Key , I know all of the fun places to visit . I worked at Little Palm Island and for the Key Deer Refuge , I made a nature trail back in the summer of ’97 for them . I wasn’t able to write my name in the concrete was it was completely done though . I hope they wrote my name in for me , but I doubt it .

Honesty Counts says:

That must be a rental jeep because everyone who actually OWNs their own vehicle peels off those yellow Airbag stickers on the sun visors.

CiCi1125 says:

What’s the weather like in Key West in November?

Erika says:

My name is Erika, I am currently a student at Lynn University. My fellow classmates and I are conducting a research study to determine whether or not there is a market for small scale, underwater, luxury resort located in the Florida Keys.

Please help us by participating. If you agree to participate in the survey please click in the link below.

Thank you for your participation!

If you have further questions please email my professor MaPeroni@lynn.edu.

Bats Records says:

Great vid. Thumbs up

Modification Power says:

yes you can live in paradise ,,affordable house in Key Largo ,, Park check it out https://keys.craigslist.org/reo/d/mobil-home-3br-park-model-35/6707623321.html ,,bdw great video i ust subscribed !

Shaun Phillips says:

Done it and loved it

Michele Bellisari - Lifestyle Blogger & Realtor says:

Hey guys…we just did a little update on Islamorada and Florida Keys https://youtu.be/CxUab-vXUOM take a look. Lots open and happening!

Brenda Trump says:

Awwww, “Little Key deer”.

Zach Trapper says:

Did the mayor commission this video or what?

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