Miami Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

Miami Travel Guide: Everything you need to know. Miami is my city! and Im going to show you how to travel in and around this amazing city!

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Tiihonen says:

I’m a european 18 year old. Goin to miami this october. Do bars let people under 21 in?

Rebecca Medina says:

You’re chill af. Great video.

SayHiToMatthew says:

thanks for the help i can’t wait to go!

Beyond the Views says:

Include Bike Riding in Miami. CitiBikes are now accessible and can be used to get from south beach to bayside if you`d like to save a little extra cash

Kirt Tucker says:

gotcha bro!

Steve Purcell says:

Thanks for this I visit Miami in April and this has given me some ideas

AdvenTourAdri says:

Great video! Helpful even for locals like myself!

salvatore bonello says:

cool video man. you know exactly what everybody looking for these videos needed to know

Rina Shubh says:

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Story Spectacular says:

This video is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all of the info:)

daniel safrata says:

i have been learing english for one year. I want Miami visiting but I’m woried about my english : ) we are speak so fast : )

Jennii_oo says:

Love seeing my city 🙂 Subbed!

mixchicc says:

the best so far, thank you

philipr75 says:

Yo can eat cheap in miami!! There are tons of places off the strip that have the same food but not the price of being on ocean, Collins or even Lincoln rds. I have done really well by buying Groupon to eat before I go down, there are tons of places that participate.

naturallybronzed xo says:

Your videos have been so helpful! I’m grateful! I can’t wait to visit!

Inspiration Travels says:

thank you so much!!! This is really helpful I m looking forward to it!

no name says:

Great vid sir. I’ve never been to Florida. Am thinking of taking a couple weeks next spring. Hit Miami and the Keys.

What’s the best month in the spring where it won’t be too humid and miss Spring break?

I want to do some scuba diving too. I would also love to see little Havana and smoke some cigars.

I coming by myself. How many nights in Miami and the how many in the Keys would you suggest. Assume a total of 14 nights.


Mr. Gong先生 says:

Miami ,
Best big city in the America

oooo78 says:

very informative. thanks for the video 🙂 liked the footage too

MatrixYT says:

Im going to Miami during the last week of July. Thank you!!

aurghh says:

Thank you so much ! This was so helpful for my upcoming trip. If you can point me to a video about the nightlife as well and which clubs and stuff to go to, that would also be really helpful. thanks!

Josh Gener says:

Anybody wanna give me a tour around Miami? I’ll be there this weekend

Nathan Lewis says:

Can’t Wait Travel Again Cuba And Havana Florida Miami

Manny says:

As a native Miamian, I grew up in Hialeah (north west Miami). I am glad you mentioned Little Haiti its a really good neighborhood basking in Haitian/Bahamian culture that goes unnoticed. The neighborhood is going through change but I am glad you mentioned that. This video is great

Happy Traveller says:

Thank you! 🙂

Oliver Stutz says:

Loving your videos, good job! I’ll get there!

Billy heath says:

i like disney world in orlando. have you ever been

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