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Samantha Gomez says:

lmao i hate that i live here and i dont appreciate shit :////

Roxroy Williams says:

it was fun watching, very entertaining and cool, nice vlog.

Haley Moon says:

What is Kiara’s channel name?

katerina Gal says:

yess another vlog! continue this way i love youuu

Nicole Ramirez says:

You have to wear sunscreen with tanning oil over in order to tan but avoid burning

Clorox Bleach says:

damn does daddy pay the bills and rent lucky i have to work my ass off

Lessly Reyes says:

where are your sandals from?? the ones with bling ✨

Victoria Iglesias says:

Omg you guys should’ve got cuban food if you were in Miami

Daniella Aguilar says:

I love the songs that she puts in her vlogs. i love you adiette ❤❤❤

Alexis Freiberg says:

wow you guys do more things then I do and I’m 19

bri lo vids says:

where is your sweatshirt from???? i need that sweatshirt!

haha haha says:

gooooood video 🙂

Skyla Harding says:

where is your blue bikini from??

Paris Paris says:

Whose the men you guys we’re with he was throughout the whole video?

Sydney Elizabeth says:

i got dizzy with so much camera movement

Elsa H says:

Whats the name of the song at 05:10

Layla C says:

where did you get your gold shirt from?

v says:

Where did you get your hoops? Please respond I’ve been looking for some like those for the longest!

looan tunez says:

YEESSS, keep the vlogs coming girl!!

Kamila Mexicano says:

How can y’all eat like that and still have a flat stomach?
I can’t man, I can’t. Spill the TEA!!

TaelurMadeCollection says:

What was the birthday gift?

E L says:

Can you please share the link that’s in the description of the video I posted . I’m trying to raise money to help pay this puppy’s surgery so he can walk . Thank you

Natalie Luna says:

Where did you guys get your backpacks?

diana trevizo says:

I had a question lol , have you and kiara ever gotten in a big argument ??

Travel To The World says:

My favorite place I ❤️ Miami

Kelsey Sandoval says:

Seriously friendship goals !

Jazzmine Churchill says:

Where can i find the song. love the vlog

Stephanie Miller says:

Man, you’re a terrible video taper

Carly Gottlieb says:

I saw you and your friend in Urban Outfitters at Aventura and I recognized you but I couldn’t remember exactly who you were until I walked out lol

Gemma Calvo says:

Ok I am letting you know to stop playing this song you played it out it’s done

martha says:


thersten says:

OMG u can’t continue to eat like this or you’ll be morbidly obese in 5 years! besides that, it’s just not good for you.

Ryah Jesse says:

Look up a video on youtube called “What Cody Saw Will Change Your Life”. xx

Princess Ramos says:

I’m in love with the thumb nail for this video

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