Starting off my trip in Miami with an exotic!! Part 1

Had a great time out there! Editing the footage since I’m back in cali!
Just hit 52k subs! You guys are the best, more content coming
Sneak peak on what to expect on the next upload at the end of the video! Drop a thumbs up 🙂


daniel proudfoot says:

our airport looks dead as fuck lol

Luke DeCarlo says:

I didn’t know you chilled with Jon Skywalker

Anonymous Pharaoh says:

Perfect view right by the water (;

E92 DrEw says:

Solo vacation??? Never understood that

Digio_Plays says:

Being Extra LMAFO


954 broward, plantation squad reppinnn

Jonathan Valencia says:

Naw can’t compare the huracan to a R8, night and day difference haha

Crusty David says:


Lui YT says:

What Number is the 350z nismo out of all nismo 350z’s?

Kick it w Gus says:

“My movie 5”


Ese mi Cepi

K20ivan says:

Did you get in the bang bus while u were in Miami lol

Prelude says:

“I love Views.” I knew you were Drake 😀

shoegame1415 says:

wait, so who’s room was tht…

Alex Fondeur says:

Your in miami!? Bruh come to brickell

Evo-Driver X says:


StevieBoy says:

Snack pack

BUBBA KILLZ666 says:

Did you go check out the apartment in south beach where they filmed Scarface

K Dot 3.7 stand_Life says:

kiicks u said some real this shit goals

drowe160 says:

Ie where it at tho

Joey Prado says:

Black challenger really thought he had a chance until kicks floored it

Jav Lin says:

Enjoy ur vacation brotha…

LSX376VET says:

“Thaytsss uhh three ninedyy too hemiii rightt therrrrr” lmaoo

Leo Ramirez says:

It’s a scat pak daggg

Wake and Bake says:

that nigga be smoking hella blunts

Buudosa Sama says:

Got dang 392 needs a tune up! BILLY WHERES MY KEYS AT????

TheVectorhd says:


bigandbad9 says:

My dude is single and got a good job ? Wonder what he does for living

Smoke Yt says:

I bet ur z would gap that plane u where on

Bryan Conner says:

Song ? @ 8:50

Kumayl says:


Mario Saldana says:

You real as fuck for that tech deck part haha only real ones fucked around with tech decks in the restroom sink lmaoooo

Future Boosted says:

how long are you here? purge meet tomorrow night!

bigrich Z34 says:

Hope u had fun bro

Junior C says:

You already know he gapped some guts lol

Tajai Brown says:

Yo bro what do you do besides YouTube

redlinejae says:

* pinches @kiicks * “yo wake up man”

James Lapine says:

Where are the hoes tho?

jordan valencia says:

“ 392 hemi right there “ hahahaha

LoKey Fee says:

Fresh kicks living his freshest life

MY L1F2 says:

my boy had the big fit on

redlinejae says:

“that’s the 392 hemi right there”

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