Top 10 Things to DO in FLORIDA!

Florida aka the”Sunshine State” is one of our most favourite states in all of America. You’ve got miles of beautiful beaches, tons of adventurous activities, an extremely diverse wildlife, and of course theme parks!! We ended up spending close to 2 weeks in Florida, and to be honest we could have stayed longer… Here are our Top 10 things you have to do when you’re in Florida!!


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Trent Peterson says:

Which beach should I go to for stealing in Lehigh Acres

allison f says:

Woohoo where is my gainesville fam??? GO GATORZ!!! 🙂 satchels and nap’s have the BEST pizza fyi

Yoseli Sarmiento says:

Imfrom orlando but my mom and dad braught my sister and me to a hotel

Tegan Yelton says:

God Damnit. we wanted to move to Florida last year. decided to hold off for now due to cost of living and what not. well Ive come to realize Colordo springs is MORE expensive than Tampa! Getting out of here ASAP

LordBloks says:

i watched this video beacause im going to it in jan 2018 instread of staying another cold winter in canada

Eileen Lang says:

This is cool. I just recently moved here and I just decided to look at others experiences. Awesome sauce!

dtreeguy says:

#1 – Get the fuck out of that asylum

William Leonard Vlogs says:

Wow bro, thanks for this video. I live down in miami but always wanted to go to the springs

Raymo Copo says:

Good job guys. I’ve traveled to 48 countries and 47 US Sates. You captured the energy and basics. Yes, you could have tweaked a bit…The Panhandle Beaches are sooo powdery sand and big and dunes…yeah, nice. Yes, Kennedy Space Center is definitely exciting and different. The Southwest Coast of Florida, meaning Marco Island to Sarasota, has it’s own, more laid back feel and natural environment. Us Southeast Coast of Florida people call the Southwest Coast of Florida, Florida’s Florida. It’s really pretty, well maintained, has interesting sites, beaucoup water sports, great food, no hassles, natural parks, but it ain’t cheap…for the most part. Itsnice.

Jon Foster says:

Never, ever……EVER vacation in Daytona Beach. Not for any reason!! Redneck douchebag central, shit restaurants, insane traffic, and ugly beaches.

that one lion from the Lion King says:

Here in Florida, we are in relation ships with our air conditioners

Queensurfer says:

Hehe I’m from Miami

Isaac McDaniel says:

Morrison springs is insane, but also flooded half the year, which sucks for me as I live here and have been only once this year when it was clear!! 🙁 great video though

Amber Myers says:

Just moved to Florida I know what I am doing now !

Lisa Ihnken says:

Siesta Key – white quartz sand – Manatee Springs – see the sea cows! – St. Augustine – history preserved

Jj Sacco says:

Bobs river place is a must see place in Florida

Maria Serrano says:

I Line Florida

Whizzer1 says:

Siesta Key!

Jaycbee024 says:

What you can go second or third best and NOT THE BEST?
Ginnie Springs, The clearest water on the face of the earth.
Jacque Cousteau “visibility forever.”
And you can feed wild fish with a can of “easy cheese” they will swim right up to you.

lee pagnini says:

I loved your list, and plan to do several things you mentioned, but I can’t believe you left off Disney World. Kissimee being mentioned as having Disney is not the same.

Deathly Hallows Em says:

Why am I watching this I live in Florida

aime fernandez says:

In my opinion there isn’t much to do in the keys unless you have a boat, and to be fair Daytona isn’t that good, just go to cocoa beach, or you can go to oleta a natural park near Miami Beach where there are water sports hiking and events that are cool, and in Orlando there is rainbow springs that have beautiful tube trips throughout the turtle filled cold water, or you can also go to a park near a aquarium I forgot the name but this park has bunnies, alligators, abandoned zoo’s and also they have a peacock running around you can rent bikes and all that stuff and they have a beach there too

Kani Da Turd says:

i live in florida

how did i get here

Luvy Zamarron says:

I’m going to Florida in 14 more days!

Shane perry says:

I lived in Florida my whole life and I thought it was boring I got to get up and adventure

Kiara Demoner says:

The beaches on the gulf are BY FAR the best in the whole state. Daytona is very ugly. You want beautiful beaches go to the west side of the state my favorite beaches, honeymoon island and caladesi island!

Charles L. Shafer says:

I’ve been living in Clearwater since ’86 and have yet to see everything about Clearwater Beach …Yeah, there’s more to Clearwater than the beach. Check out the many venues that the Chamber of Commerce has to offer. The weather is nice and the food is great …I recommend that you park downtown and take a bus to the beach. It drops ya right at the Pier 60 area, and everything else is within walking distance. Y’ALL COME SEE US !!!ENJOY YOUR STAY, then GO HOME.


Artur Kwasniewski says:

Guys great movies! I watched a lot! now I am going on my own to Miami hire car and direct to texas! I hope i will survive 😀

Elliot Parker says:

I’m going to Florida Kissimmee Orlando tomorrow

Samantha Mathis says:

The white beaches of Pensacola Florida is amazing and friday night’s in downtown they have art shows and car shows and if that’s not enough you can go to Seville and party which is the classiest club/bar I’ve ever been too

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