hi everyone sorry if y’all were confused i was tryna enjoy my flippin vacation ok. also my friends both got their identification and stuff stolen so y’all should take care of ur things no matter where u are idk. i suck at descriptions but i love u guys and ima be more consistent i promise.


i didn’t upload bc i was suuuper depressed and lost all motivation. like i couldn’t even get outta bed and EAT bruh. idk i just wanted to let y’all know i hope u understand. LMFAO im venting on a video description. but ya im in a way better state of mind rn and im excited to upload every week so pls just stay rocking w me 💘💘💘💘💘💘 i won’t disappoint. my brain just loves fucking me over and making me sad but FUCK that. ok love u bye 🤪♥️🤔🙅🏻‍♀️🌪💏🧞‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🎈


Kendra's ASMR says:

In the background of some of these clips is the condo that I live in

summer spence says:

yooo your friends are some hatin ass hoes fr, whether they’re from childhood or not straight up disrespectful “you look ugly as shit right now take your hair down” what the fuckkkkkkk

Adleigh Hall says:

I’m high ash jus watching yo video man I luvvvv ur content .♥️

Kenedi Johnson says:

Big movessssss

Yose Estrada says:

Ooo she coming back stronger than ever

Jocelyn Urquiza says:

You guys should go Cancun but go to Xcaret

Leslie Chavez says:

I’m seeing “u need new friends” they just don’t like being recorded that much bc of their families n shit and also cmon man i wanted to go to miami and they planned it
they’re mean but we grew up together so in my eyes everything they say is like wtv to me idk I’m not sensitive
but if y’all see anything wrong with me that i haven’t fixed let me know so i can fix it!

MrPantoFTW says:

You was naked?

Azaria Flores says:


Chronically Bex says:

Ooooh girlie August-September there is the hottest. Next time go in October-November it’s the best time

armağan özdemir says:

After that belly, its not the right thing to eat a pizza:) by the way, it looks delicious.

allicyn says:

I feel like your friends secretly hate you

Bethany Taylor says:

I freaking luv her

Mikayla S says:

Your friends suck and kill the vibe let’s be friends lmao

Carolina Araujo says:

awww im so happy ur better

armağan özdemir says:

What is wrong with your tongue?

Tiara MessyLife says:

lol love your personality

Marie Mangos says:


Krystal Nicole says:

she looked like a mom with 3 cats at 1:39

Viggo Labbé says:

Whoa what a vid! A tour de Force in the your life.

Tanvir Sahota says:

Looking so hot

it me says:

Don’t do accutane!! It messes your skin up bad. There’s like a month or longer period where it “purges” your skin REALLY bad before it clears.

Maggie- Greene- says:

You and tana mongeau would be the best colab ever

Camila Ramos says:

Please make a how to edit video a bihhhh is trynna learn bc YouTube seems to be the way

andrea espinoza says:

Lesli love Miami and I live here and hate you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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