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Let’s be honest, sand and toddlers do not mix well. It gets EVERYWHERE but we went to South Beach Miami and made the best of the mess! We Loved every minute but what do you think we loved the most?!?

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Kbee says:

You guys looked like you had a great time. Great vlog. So is the beach actually called South Beach or is that the name of the area? Thx!!!

Guy Siegel says:

Versailles is a very popular restaurant on 8 Street (Calle Ocho). Every Presidents for more than the last 20 years has eaten there.

Faith Fifield says:

Come to Michigan on Lake Michigan sand is soft and fine it squeaks when you walk on it.

This Wilde Life says:

Can’t wait to try that coffee, yum!

Mama With A Fro says:


Heavenly Homestead says:

You need a Cuban coffee maker!

gidget1095 says:

You guys have quickly become my favorite YouTubers! And your singing is beautiful!

G's Edit says:

La ventanita

Cindy Lou says:

Great video!

James Kelly says:

What RV park were you staying at in Miami?

The Gray Adventures says:

Not sure if we’re going to make it to Miami, but we’re definitely looking forward to spending some time on the beachs in FL. We hit the road in less than two weeks!

Kat _Angel Soul Healing_ says:

Looks like so much fun! 😀

Tiff Mercer says:

We lived near Miami one year when I was a kid. 5 days a week, we would all wake up super early, pack lunches, eat breakfast and drop my dad off at work, drive an hour to south beach and spend the entire day there. The best summer of my life!

Valerie Brown says:

Just found your videos and love them! Your family is beautiful! We’d love to live in an RV and travel. I’m born and raised in Miami, but definitely don’t take full advantage of it’s beauty as often as I should. Glad you enjoyed yourselves here. =)

The Flory Story says:

Tell me how you get your music to not get copyright blocked? I can’t figure that out?!?

Lauren McCracken says:

Hey, do you home school your kids? How do they get an education??

Elementary Explorers says:

Hahahaha!!! My daughter used to always tell me to stop when I started to sing!! Looks like you had fun. Great editing and music btw!

Chelsea Berendsen says:

Love this fun family lifestyle video that is also informative! Beautiful views!! Travel on!

Eat Sleep RV Repeat says:

Versailles is awesome. Good choice!

brandon clayton says:

Just found your videos a few days ago and have almost watched them all.. we watch a lot of rv life videos and we love to travel.

Marie Martinez says:

Nothing better than a homemade cup of café con leche or espresso! So very easy to make. All you need is an aluminum stovetop espresso maker (good ones range from $10 – $50 and are available everywhere from Bed, Bath & Beyond to Target, etc. You can definitely pick one up at any corner store in Miami), a can or vacuum sealed brick of Bustelo or Pilon ground espresso (sold at every Walmart/Target/Grocery store I’ve ever been to), whole milk boiled (old school way is to make it with evaporated or sweetened condensed milk – delicious but whoa!). Regular home coffee pots do not brew the finely ground espresso well, ends up very weak and watery (yuk). The stovetop espresso maker is really the way to go (or one of those very old school “coffee socks” on the wooden handles that you fill with the ground espresso and then slowly pour boiling water over it while in the pot/mug. Let the sock kind of steep in the hot water. The longer it steeps, the stronger). Those coffee socks are only a couple of dollars and can also be found at any Miami corner store. We always keep a few of those around should we lose power (all the hurricanes in Puerto Rico & Florida). Both the aluminum espresso maker and sock would work great when boondocking as well! Add boiled milk and sugar to your taste to the brewed espresso and that’s it! Another great video, thank you for sharing! Continued blessings and great adventures to you and your beautiful family!

Jim Davis says:

I can remember when south Beach was a slum area. Things have really changed. Lived in Miami from 1951till 1973. So glad to be in North Florida. Slower pace. Great Vid though.

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