Weekend in Miami – How To Guide

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6 steps to the perfect Miami weekend from Travelocity’s Senior Editor, Courtney Scott. What’s your favorite weekend getaway? Comment below!

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debora kellins says:

CALL OR TEXT +1346251428
just got mine from them

Travelocity says:

6 steps to the perfect #Miami weekend from Travelocity’s Senior Editor, +Courtney Scott!

Cha-ve-ly Estevez says:

can you make one that’s cheaper cuz girl haven’t you seen the price range

Capo Capo says:

Travelocity employs people who don’t know where Miami is. How can you call this a weekend in Miami, and spend the whole time on SOBE?

Timeless Truth says:

All that wonderful Cuban cuisine in Miami and she recommends French food?
Quite neo-colonialist.

BLVD says:

Is it me or she looks like Kate Middleton?

Peter Bragiel says:

Great video, Courtney! 

zhppilot says:

Would love to hit that!!

Kossip News says:

So swanky & fun!! Suddenly convinced a Miami vacation is definitely in order 😉

nyn 99 says:

thank you for the vid it helped me a lot

socalseth says:

Total creep at 27 sec in!

Luxury Miami Vacation Rentals says:

Love this video! Far more engaging than most  Miami guides on Youtube!

BE LS says:

shes so beatiful

Michelle Ducharme says:

Only a few more weeks til I’m there…can’t wait !

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