WELCOME TO MIAMI! Vacation Vlogs 2017 !

Helloooo peeps! ✌

I hope you all enjoyed this vacation vlog! Today was a lot of fun and I’m really happy I got to share it with all of you!❥

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Da Potater says:

Next summer im going for a week

• TKTV • says:

You have no idea how excited I got when this popped up in my notifications

Tro Vis says:

OMG are you serious…..look back on this in 10 yrs time you WILL cringe.

Ashley Mcguinness says:

You and Bridgett are just STUNNING!!!!!

Reihan Jan says:

your vacation vlogs are goals!!

Van Dogs says:

That is the worst hotel room I’ve seen

Clare Rudolph says:

yay so excited

OliviaHope says:

subscribe to me please!!!

KiraCbeauty says:

new favorite youtube channel. love the vacations vlogs !!!!

Simoesxoxfit says:

Love your vlog soo cute!!! I Was just in Miami a couple weeks ago with my boyfriend for miami music week and i actually have a video of it up on my channel too.. haha so cute to see how different both of our trips were,
LETS BE YOUTUBE FRIENDS? support for support? ive liked, viewed and subbed!

Thanks girlie xox!! KEEP HAVING FUNN!!!!

Addy Belcamino says:

Yayyyyy!! I love your vacation vlogs so much and I’ve been waiting for a new one haha.. have funn!

Kaila Bianca says:

I’m so excited!! Your vlogs make my day s much better agh I love them so much! Hope you enjoy Miami

Tori Bracco says:

I live like 40 minutes away from South Beach!

ᑎᗩTᗩᒪIE ᗪᑌᗷE says:

This is so perfect, I’m going on vacation in a month!

Gianna D says:

love your vacation vlogs!!!☺️

Nicole Bitchimer says:

I love your vlogs but quality…

Gianna D says:

I love your sunglasses where are they from??

Taylor says:

what camera do you use??

HeyItsMeAshleyC says:

Dani, let me just say you and Brigette are the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen. You have always made me have a smile on my face even when I’m down. Your Vlogs are always there to cheer me up ❤️ Love you Dani!!

Desirae Seager says:

Is it just me or does she look like the babysitter from monster house

Rea Hernandez says:

are you from maryland by any chance?

Jada B says:

Anyone know what hotel she stayed at?

Soraya Alami says:

ohhh so cute what hotel was that? Im going to miami soon


“when you have nothing to do during the summer so you just look up people vlogging about it”

Melissa Moyo says:

What I’ve been waiting for ❤❤❤❤❤

MariaRose says:

When I saw your post on Instagram I got so excited to see your new vlog. Your vacation vlogs are my favorite

Angelina Nicole says:

First ❤

Nicole A says:

March 7th is my birthday

Emily King says:

Vacation vlogs give me life!

Sierrachicksy01 says:

Yaya I love your travel vlogs!!

Elina Bahar says:

i love you

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