⚡ World Cup Moscow! Red Square – No Censor!! Fan Interviews, Atmosphere, More!!!

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fuggerfees2 says:

Islands located near the tip of South America shouldn’t be Brittish territory.
Still got that colonial spirit?

Kalash Operator says:

I have a feeling those Mexicans live in the USA

Ольга Волгуцкова says:

Гриша Филлипов, как всегда, на высоте.

np dm says:

That aussie was a dick… Perhaps he came to Moscow to produce some fake news )))

Geert van Schaik says:

I love that they don’t have advertments on every building. English foorball-fans also made video’s on how they were mindblown away, that they weren’t attacked or otherwise being treated badly, but instead were welcomed really warm and friendly. And they mention the beauty of Russian cities again and again. This surely has to do with the fact, that the Russians apparently don’t give free acces to public space to all these corporate big bussinesses for putting up their advertsments everywhere. Well done, Russia!
We in the West should reconcider about how we want our cities to look. And we should take Russia as an example…

bonanza homer says:

еи пидер когда Донбасс поедиш

Bokicazver says:

“THIS IS NOT A BBC”…I like this!!!

Дмитрий Outpost says:

Had a great evening with thr english guy this saturday while watching Germany-Sweden match in the bar(actually he is a man under 50 yo). Was charmed by his intellegent, deep, esthetical and subtle way of thinking that is actually not the very extended thing I`ve met among British and generally foreighners through my life in Russia, and there were hundreds of them.
p.s. Tnak you Gram for you reports.

Наталия Милованова says:

люди общаются. наслаждаются спортивным праздником и никакой политики

peter grahame says:

Not been since 1970 whats the rest of it like now, can you still see lenin rotting away?

Sundis Islefo says:

I can’t stop saying wowww for everything, the cheerful fans and nice people from everywhere … love the interaction with each other, the location, the atmosphere… I really appreciate your hard working, yet entertaining…. Thank You Russia …

Dim Miheev says:

Грэм на что ты звук пишешь ? Очень чисто получается даже ветра не слышно.

Evgeny Dolgoarshinnykh says:

Заяды вытер бы, противно.

aldimonac says:

17:47 this isn’t the BBC this is the anti-BBC

ikhti sharipov says:

thank you Russ..for 2018

Rost Burov says:

bye bye Africa United ))

Vorian Atreides says:

мексиканцы красавчики)

[#Новые@Люди] says:

We glad to see you in Russia! thank you for atmosphere!! it is amazing!! thank you for all!!!!

ufo 13 says:


Andrew Bicyclist says:

Ужасная организация , курение и распитие в общественных местах! Некурящие и не пьющие люди приходят отдохнуть, посмотреть футбол, а на деле должны терпеть запах алкоголя и перегара, которые ещё и вреден для здоровья! Вот по-этому иностранцам всё и нравиться, всё дозволено. А на своих собственных граждан снова забили ! Сам столкнулся с этим на фан-зоне! Позор!

JellyCat JellyCat says:

Finally a great quality 4k (or super high quality 1080p ) video and without any stupid music being edited over it!
Beautiful Russia and beautiful people from all over the world!

Migo Miga says:

If u don’t get Russian possyyy u not welcome yet


Congratulations to Russia. Amazing world cup. Well hosted with no problems. Great to see the host team at the later stages of the competition with maybe one of the best goals of the tournament! Love from England.

Иван Кожарский says:

петух кремлевский

Vorian Atreides says:

первое слово которое все иностранцы должны выучить в россии – извините))) шутка)

Mathew Peter says:

love it! ‘AFRICA UNITED’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Michael Dunham says:

The day Russia became a police state

naji hammami says:

Good jobbbbbbbbb love Tunisian

Arthur Don't says:

17:48, love it, “this isn’t BBC, this is anti-BBC”

Ручной зверёк xyйла says:

Красава Грэм!

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