In this video I’ll tell you what to do and see in Moscow. Moscow is one of the coolest cities in Russian and the capital and it’s worth visiting. In fact, you can learn Russian in Moscow – https://goo.gl/21LSIg

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jorge pearl says:

unlike europe I don’t see blacks, indians, etc not an inmigration country

Adaynbe Crassersomshi says:

But all russian people angry MOTHERFUCKERS . But I love Country Russland 🙂 Don’t hate me russians ! I love you and I will fight for u and god bless you . Love from Germany Bayern München !

irafd says:

No signs in English in Moscow? Then come to StPetersburg, there are all important sings in English.)

seniorarubia says:

I LOVE RUSSIA, amazing people, and the best food!!!!!

Tucknrollgrampa says:

Moscow looks aesthetically awful. Obviously, there’s the tourist spots and churches with great architecture, but as a whole it looks very bland for such a significant city.

Max Johnson says:

Yeah, and while you are learning Russian you might as well learn Quantum Mechanics. About the same degree of difficulty.

ALL CAPS says:

at 0:22 can somebody explain why that car’s rims aren’t fucking MOVING!??!?!?!

Repne says:

Да обычные девчонки. Есть и крокодительницы и весьма приятной внешности. Как и везде, наверное. Живу 36 лет в Москве и не часто вижу каких то прям красавиц.

Vinod Vaishnav says:

I love Moscow

Daniel Felipe says:

hello from Brazil

Michael says:

Я люблю Москву, когда не холодно, и Я ЛЮБЛЮ русских женщин.

Aequitas says:

*We had sushi and fish* hmm ok so you had fish and fish then !! 😛 😉

Mukeshlal Mewada says:

mam my name is mukesh i from India but i am working in Oman in twoos catering company as kichen Steward but i want to go in asterliya but i did nt gone an i don’t have any education setifict but i have knowlag hotel Industry how m i can go in asterliya


Can u marry me and teach me russian? lol

Nice Blonde Girl says:

You showed like 5 russian girls lol , including a 6 year old.

Hicham kzozi says:


ari3lz3pp3lin says:

THank you for this. This answers a lot of questions I asked in your other video comments…about what is safe transportation for an american visiting. :p The metro would probably be a no-go for me. I think our trolleys are too crowded usually as it is. lol

Kris KeepinItReal says:

She is balls hot

Atlasta says:

Its quite odd watching a female vlogger secretly filming other girls in public. I don’t stumble upon this quite often.

Eduardo Achondo says:

What am I doing here..been watching the savage of war in Iraq and Syria. lol Love Kremlin now, bye Hollywood..haha! – frm Philippines

Markos Louiz Kambauvas says:

Мне понравилось смотреть ! Красивая Москва, я предпочитаю Владивостока, поэтому я живал там около 12 лет. Я обожаю Москву. Большое спасибо девушка, успехов и удачи ! Палец вверх !

Shafira dinda says:

Girls are so feminine there

Scömíche _Ptx says:

I am actually learning Russian!:)

Fillup 40 says:

Cute girl

echosun says:

You were only in the center of the capital and you have a false idea of ​​Russia. If you visited other cities you would see how bad it is here.

Test Test says:

First time I’m on this channel, wow I never knew Moscow looked so beautiful. I thought I was still in my home country, but apparently not. Wow!

thank you linguamarina, it is a shame we live on different side of the world but I am happy to see the other side is just as beautiful. I always thought it was cold, snowy, dark, etc.

jonny mnemonic says:

i been 5 times in moskau and St. Petersburg ! I love this citys i swear by GOD !!

Чёрное существо says:

Привет! Я смотрю тебя I live Russia!!!

John Smith says:

Just came back from my exchange semester at HSE,
Gipsy, ICON and Soho Rooms were pretty f**** awsome 😉 !
Novy Arbat on your last shot, I miss black star burger so much 🙁

Katkoshenka N-G says:

All buildings are different because After the war (1941-1945), many lost their homes and ruling in 1953, Khrushchev decided to build a simple houses, but fast and a lot. Khrushchev then removed and came to power, Brezhnev, and with it the era of “permissiveness” that was the first rich people and they started to build houses with huge apartments and garages for their cars. Then Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko died and Gorbachev came. He decided that it is necessary to remove a communal apartment and started to build the ugly houses, but in large quantity. And now we are trying to build in a modern style, but the whole 20th century it is impossible to clean his house too.

John Percove says:

Right i am going to Russia to find a good house wife

harsimrat singh says:

I’m jealous

Hassan Ibrahim says:


Walter Ferres says:

Cool video. thanks for the advice. I would love to move to Russia. Not because Donald Trump is President, hell I love the job he is doing and can’t wait for him and Putin to clear things up. I just need a change of view and love being around White people more than Blacks. Every time I meet a girl here in America she is either Gay, not my type or with a black guy. I am an older man and this is getting to be a ridiculous trend. It seems that since O.J. Simpson the football player killed his white wife Nichole Brown Simpson and her friend, more and more white woman are involved with black men and it’ makes me so uncomfortable. I noticed you said you had learned English but you spelled it LEARNT That’s incorrect English The correct spelling is LEARNED. It’s just said fast and lazy that it sounds like we are saying LEARNT. Anyway your beautiful stay safe and have a great life.

micky bang-bang says:

Russia looks depressing

Чёрное существо says:

Хаххахахахаххахаххах))))) Лооол, Хаххаха я рду нимагуxD


Hi mari i see you more pretty then russian girlz <3

Brian Ross says:

The is clearly travel advertising geared towards western men. Not saying I didn’t like it though lol.

Malone the Physicist says:

I’ve been to Russia many times. And I have many videos on my channel.

Many signs are in Russian and English. From the very beginning, when you arrive at Sheremetyevo, English signs will help guide you to where you need to go.

Take the Aeroexpress to Belorusskiy station form the airport. On that train, which takes about 40 minutes, there are announcements in Russian and English.

From the train station you can walk to Belorusskaya metro station. The signs there, and many other metro stations, are in Russian and English. And evern the announcements on the metro are in Russian and English.

The metro is still the cheapest way to get around in Moscow (and St. Petersburg). And if you take Uber, there is a good chance you’ll be stuck in traffic.

Long Lucas Saengjan says:

you are so beautiful if I have a woman like you I will so much happy man the world do you like Asia Guy who living in Norway

george washington says:

if yore tall your hot girl i only like tall skinny white girls with a tan

Ali22 Sudan 22 says:

not that City I’m looking for

winki green says:

what is the weather at that time

Peace All says:

Russian ladies are sexy…says this Canadian admirer

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