8 Things NOT to Do in Russia!

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A lot of people have been asking about things not to do in Russia, so here it is!
1. Don’t Smile Without a Reason
The Russians have a saying: “To smile with no reason, is a sign of a fool.” So don’t randomly smile at strangers while you’re riding on public transportation or shopping in Moscow.

2. Don’t Shake Hands With Your Gloves On
It is considered extremely impolite to leave your gloves on while greeting someone with a handshake. So make sure you remove your gloves before any interaction occurs.

3. Don’t Show Up Empty Handed
If you’re invited over to someone’s house for a dinner or a visit, it is considered very rude to show up empty handed. Bring a small gift!

4. Don’t Ever Give a Gift of an Empty Wallet
Russians believe that giving a gift of an empty wallet or purse is bad luck. They see it as wishing financial hardship or poverty on the receiver of the gift. Put some cash in it, for goodness sake.

5. Don’t Leave Your Shoes On
Whenever entering a Russian home it is proper custom to remove your shoes. Many homes are decorated with expensive Persian rugs that are difficult to clean.

6. Don’t Whistle Indoors
Like many Asian cultures, whistling indoors in Russia is considered bad luck. Russians are very superstitious and believe that whistling inside may cause financial ruin, poverty, or another invasion of cockroaches.

7. Don’t Refuse a Shot
Sharing a drink is considered a sign of hospitality. Russians don’t see one shot as a big deal either, so to them a refusal comes off as untrusting or turning down friendship.

8. Don’t Sit at the Corner of the Table
This is another Russian superstition. It is said that “the one who chooses a seat at the corner of a table is destined to never be married or find their lover.”


Russian People says:

Do not believe them, there are a lot of lies in this video

Lalit Gautam says:

Simply have some brains, don’t believe these idiots

Medanel GPlus says:

7. It’s okay if you don’t drink

Alex Libman says:

There are lots of superstitions, but few people take them seriously. Teetotaling (abstinence from alcohol) is finally gaining popularity, and is encouraged by the Russian Orthodox Church.

lucas o'sullivan says:

what if you can;t drink due to medical reasons?

Оргазм Димы says:

Че вы там на Россию пиздите??? Русские привет)))

Niloofar Yaftian says:

Ouch people were rude to me ,that’s because I’ve smiled to everyone?

7Ahilles says:

Most of this things not a just right that like they said, but remove shoes coz it dirty on the streets

Mikhail Zuev says:

The saying says “laughter without a reason is a sign of a fool”, not a smile! Feel free to smile:)

yuong lee says:

Кто русский?


Vodka is always good gift

Medanel GPlus says:

3. Naah not really you wont be hated if you come by empty handed

Sasha Thomas says:


giutarmastersergey says:

No, i didn’t like this video. You have to be russian or live in Russia to understand our tradition. No offence

Жизнерад Всероссийский says:

9. Не крути шапкой.
10. Не здоровайся за руку через порог.

Soul Destroyer says:

How do you flirt in Russia?

Jojo the Stargazer says:

Does… Does the rest of the world not do these things??

Saguntum-Iberian-Greek Konstantinopoli says:

So i can’t remember a joke then smile in public? Wow

Joseph Stalin says:

Don’t disrespect my country, comrades. I will come out of my grave and put you in the gulag myself.

Justin Quaid says:

I have a question, so I have a Russian friend here in California. She text to tell me that she was pregnant awhile back ago and then I said I noticed that she is pregnant from a picture that her sister in law posted on Facebook. Was I being rude?

Semion Plays says:

Впринципе всё правильно пояснил.

cmlmonstar 007 says:

What not to do in Taiwan or Malaysia

zineb elharech says:


Yegor Manuylov says:

refusing a shot is quite ok

Random girl says:

I’m Russian and my parent have given me:
1. A watch
2. An empty wallet
3. An even number of flowers
for my birthday.

I guess I’m a shitty kid

Ирина Валигура says:

It is not true! In Russia you can smile whenever you want. You can come to the guests without a present.
You can give an empty wallet! We gave it to a colleague.
Yes, superstitious people think that you can not whistle at home. They think this will affect their finances (nonsense).
I do not drink alcohol. And always I refuse.
Do not sit at the corner of the table – false (only for superstitious people).
I hope you understand.


sounds like going to someones home is complicated, can i just stay home?

Антон Кузнецов says:

Russians don’t smile because we consider a smile as an emotion, while in US it is considered as a part of etiquette. So it is normal to smile to a person you know, but it’s awkward when you smile to a stranger.
Empty wallets and whistling are kind of outdated superstitions. Young people dont mind about it.

Fierce Drift says:

Any Russians who can confirm this?

Medanel GPlus says:

Almost only americans leave their shoes on indoors

Russian kitty’s talking! says:

Вы гаравыты по-русски.

Rutren moving says:

It is not real. A lot of people in Russia is smile in the street. And gift without money is not real too

Fun Kai says:

Too many superstitions are a sign of bakward bumpkiness, Russia seems to be the cold European equivalent of a sub-saharan African country.

Alina The Hummingbird says:

You need to take shoes off not because of expensive rugs but because of excessive dust and mud (often because of rainy weather) outside. Most likely your shoes will end up leaving muddy or dusty traces on somebodies hardwood, tile or carpet floor otherwise. Plus, most probably you will be offered a comfortable home slippers to walk inside.

Reynardus says:

Most of the things listed are just good manners. The authors are annoying morons.

Nika Cat says:

Здрасте! Я из России!

Beachcomber1993 says:

I live here all my life and never ever heard this wallet nonsense.

Lev Apanovskiy says:

Stfu Russian winters are no colder then Canadian

MonsterHunterRoon says:

#1 and #7, if you are a true friend to me you will accept that I will smile like a fool because Americans smile whenever they’re happy and I will always refuse alcohol 100% for health reasons because I don’t want to die painfully because alcohol does not mix with my medications. Been through enough pain and agony unwillingly as it is. If you are Russian, know that I am American, you will understand and accept that we do things a bit differently and it is not in stupidity or meaning malice.

Максим Cameo says:

If it is cold outside you could shake hands with gloves on, winter style.

FortnitePanda Playz says:

Что за хуйня

Tashie Indi says:


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