Amazing Moscow – Public Love Places RUSSIA

A hot summer day in Moscow, Russia. Most popular tourists attractions in the city center. The Red Square an Zaryadye Park – Well known hotspot for public love (many couples were caught)…
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Илья А.Г says:


Perry Honeyman says:

Hmm loved the video , great to see some off the different area around the square thxs good job

Gene Kloszewski says:

very nice, moskow, was beautiful!, real big country, made the u.s.a., , look small!,

Frank Bhasker says:

I didn’t think it’s so nice and hot like summer in October in Moscow. Very nice, love to visit it sometime.

Rajak Sumara says:


Igor says:

Only tourist places. I live in Moscow and last time I was at Red Square maybe 10 years ago 🙂

Gene Kloszewski says:

sposebah!,, i was there!, red square ! st. basils, cathedral !,, beautiful!,, the mall, with the glass roof!, walk for miles!,, i loved russia, people were great, good food, good vodka !!

Green Hornet says:

show the rest of the country ………what capital don’t look clean just beyond the President’s home……….and drunks walking down the street in front of the Kremlin if that’s all you got to offer i will stay in the greatest country in the world USA…………At lest i am free you can keep your staged snowflake country I like a little diversity in my country …….and take this Putin loving transparent ass hat of a president we have with you

Mitch Swanson says:

Thank you for the vid. Looks beautiful that time of year. Would like to visit. California looks nice all year along the coast where I live and always so many pretty women.

Wisty Poo says:

Excellent video … thanks so much

Azri Rich 88 says:

Awesome place

Hitesh Chawal says:

Beautiful country Russia

Chauhdry Aslam says:

Russia is hundred time clean and wide then america and other developed countries.
Russia people are neat n clean n beautiful.

whatfreedom7 says:

Where’s all the fat people?

Krip Paikra says:

Russia is beautiful but These places are tree less

Rade Korać says:

Moron…not a fake building,it’s how the building’s facade is gonna look after its been renovated

David Harding says:

A lot of insignificant eaters doing exactly nothing on this planet except consuming and polluting and not caring about tomorrow.


Beautiful place

Dr.vijay Pal Singh says:

Missing Russia…

Kelly Bako says:

Love the video but next time don’t add any comments.

Krip Paikra says:

Jungle of concrete only
Save Earth Save Tree

patrick couch says:

It looks very nice

Series y algo mas says:

las rusas son muy lindas y se visten muy elegantes

Ernest Vaillancourt says:

Nice! I would visit for sure

Muhammad Abdul Hai says:

Don’t include music in the video clips.

Foysal bokaul says:

Video was awesome.
Lovely country

Mandy Price says:

I bet the s t D’s r on the dl where there’s all whites

Krip Paikra says:

Would be any Russian angel in my life….

Manoj Kumar says:

कोई है जो मॉस्को घुमा सके?

Ferdinand Habsburg says:

Have you ever been in St.Petersbourg? As a Moscow citizen i can notice that Moscow became more clean,colorfull and safety for last 10 years, but St.Petersbourg is still my favourite city in Russia.And another advice for tourists in Russia: Don’t miss the orthodox cathedrals.Most of them are much more beautiful inside.

P.S. 7:36 What!?? Zaradye is’nt “Well known hotspot for public sex”. Or did you invent it?))

Saichen Yang says:

Westerners always look for sex around the world.

Jim Johnson says:

Nice no blacks and rude foreigners

C F says:

The new generation is far more evolved than the previous. Less of a rude macho ego that you see in older Russians.

Raoul Tak says:

Public areas are so clean.

Clark Gable says:

So clean & beautiful

Pattaya Random says:

Guys, any of you hanged out on Nikolskaya street during World Cup? I heard there was really hot 🙂
► Camera Used for this video:

Grumpy John TX Redneck RC says:

Nice Travel Video, Now I Won’t Ever Need To Go To See It Again! LOL

Frenil MF says:

Beautifull !!!! L from INDIA

Trini Munoz says:

I wonder if they have tacos of carne guisada in russia

Chandra Kant says:


A Singh says:

Russian people in generally are straight forward and kind hearted, had an opportunity to interact with them in Germany and US. Never got a chance visit Russia.

Patrick Bennett says:

I like seeing those old cathedrals.
Spent hours in a 15 hundres mission in Santo Domingo.
Thought Stalin demolished all the churches. Guess not. Believeable about him though.

Hastati ™ says:

No land whales all of them are well fit

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