Moscow Christmas Decoration 2018. Car Trip. My Videoclip 3

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Music by Epidemic Sound (
ES_All Is Good Again 3 – Magnus Ringblom


Dojocho says:

The Original christ the Savior church was destroyed by the Bolsheviks…Stalin was going to build the world’s largest monument to communism on the spot…but the ground would not hold the foundation for the new structure…. it kept sinking… so then they wanted to build a giant swimming pool on the site instead. God will not be Mocked! Stalin is gone but Christ the Savior Church has been rebuilt..and for some interesting reason it’s NOT sinking…hhmmmm…

mahmoud abdalmoniem says:

my heart in Moscow

delphine says:

Love riding with you and watching the city.Thanks

Chris Ursiny says:

excellent video, thank you for night time tour.

Bradley Sullivan says:

Such a peaceful and beautiful ride with you guys. Such a lovely display of lights! Thank you dear friend.

Angie Rodriguez says:

Thank you for this beautiful video. Moscow is so gorgeous.

Андрей Забелин says:

да, ляпота-а-а, при такой красоте даже напиться не хочется…

maksim5078 says:

That’s a good Advertising to visit Moscow. Maybe most people will visit Moscow on occasion of 2018 FIFA World Cup… 🙂

Damascus Steele says:

Your culture seems to take the people into a life of quality and not settle for less. It enriches your people with life.

Peter Sheridan says:

Would have been nice to have Sub-titles for the Monuments. Such good quality! Thank you.

Fred Thorne says:

A stunningly beautiful marriage of sound and light that defies human ability to describe. This is a celebration of joy beyond comprehension. Well done indeed! Peace be upon all nations of Earth.

Bacon says:

Nice video

cory hayes says:

Everywhere looks so beautiful thank you so much for this amazing video.

Railfan 439 says:

Thank you for the nice drive around the center of Moscow. The roadway between the Moscow River on the left and the Kremlin on the right brings back many memories. Vanya

jim foster says:

you so perfectly evoke your world with a very distinct style all yours….that is a privilege to be a part of thanks for sharing…..and you too Sheffield 😉

Matt Anderson says:

Makes you wish they could leave decorations up year around. Beautiful!

ROBBIN Matley says:

The kremlin looks so beautiful have you been inside

rick howard says:

how much does an average family pay for gas and/or power per month/we get our power from the dam but the propane gas for heat costs a lot


Wow! So beautiful!

Acquibajo Wrinkle says:

Valeria, you always choose such beautiful music! I loved the beautiful lights especially the street light decorations. Beautiful!

Erik Thomas says:

Magic. I was away there for a few moments…

Nate says:

I am stunned. What a beautiful city. Excellent choice for music.

Ploppy Ploppy says:

Thanks you I appreciate your videos .

rick howard says:

I often watch vidios of very bad drivers in Russia but alex seems to drive with out worry-good luck to him and you

Marc Daigle says:

Very festive road trip…Very nicely decorated streets !

kat kin says:

What a gorgeous and elegant city, and everything so clean! You have a lot to be proud of, including your videography. Thank you for another lovely night time tour.

niccole hoody says:

nice love it

Kieran Walsh says:

It’s so beautiful and dignified,I feel it’s very much in keeping with the birth of the Saviour.thanks 🙂 !!

orac229 says:

Nice drive, and not a single car crash!

Chas Fischer says:

Nice evening drive, thank you.

Craig Corson says:

Very pretty.

oviasif ovihasan says:

why don’t you make some university tour videos. Many students want to explore the russian universities !!

Roland Lowhorn says:

Beautiful drive thank you taking me along. I must go visit Russia it would be a waste of my life if I didn’t go. Maybe hard for old man walk around with cane but I have seen many old people there too

rick howard says:

you citys lights are very pretty compared to my little town

below me says:

so every year that goes by you get more and more decorations?
welcome to consumerism.

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