Discovering Moscow and the Russian Food during the World Cup 2018, after this amazing world cup time to enjoy Russia with the culture, food and architecture. You noticed that I love trying new food and the Russian food. Red Square, the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral and more… A taste of Russia 2018 and Moscow to check out!

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Rocco Siffredi says:


A K says:

You are truly living in a posh area of Moscow, Novy Arbat used to be the street with casinos but after the laws were changed 10 to 15 years ago the casinos closed.
If you have time go and see the Komsomolskaya metro station with all the beautiful mosaics (red line- opposite direction of the Fan Fest). This metro station is dedicated to the victory over Nazi Germany. Romanows did build churches and Communist great metro stations.
A tip if you need souvenirs the best place to get them downtown Moscow is “Arbat St, 27, Moskva” in other shops on the Arbat Street they rip the tourists and Russians off.
Have you already tried the Russian cheese/quark bars cowered in chocalade? They are called Tvorosheniy Syrok/ Творожный сырок. It is a Russian treat I have never seen them outside of former Communist states. They are sold in grocery store and the price depend on the brand, but the do cost 20 to 60 cent each.

PS: you made me laugh so hard : )))), I was imagining the person next to you on the toiled and he must have thought “What is going on … Why is he speaking on a toilet”

Arthur Herring says:

haha.. yeah, they call most fruity carbonated drinks there “Lemonade”.. I was confused for a long time with that, but my wife (Russian) helped me understand. 🙂

Alexxxxx04061979 says:


Elena&Alexey Smirnov says:

There are a few churches only in Moscow to commemorate wins. Nearly all churches were built by Christians just for themselves. Indeed lots of churches and monasteries were completely destroyed by Bolsheviks, including oldest ones at the Kremlin’s territory.

Ingvar Z says:

it is GOOM not Gum.

evangelion says:

Great vlog, keep going. Being in Moscow visit The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the largest of the Russian Orthodox Church.

High Voltage says:

Moscow is huge and beautiful! There are soooooo many places to see! It’s unbelievable!

High Voltage says:

Yeah, buddy, it’s not allowed to film in churches because it’s not for tourists, it’s for prayers, who come to talk to God, which is a very serious thing for people and shouldn’t be desturbed. Anyway, churches are incredibly beautiful inside, everything is made of gold and some famous people made all the icons on the walls and ceilings. When you’re inside, it feels like you’re already in heaven, cause they were making it for God and everything looks gorgeous. It’s really worth seeing.

Юлия says:

О, а я так и не была в туалете ГУМа, все никак не доберусь. Там просто рядом у кремлевской стены есть совсем бесплатный туалет, если реально надо)) а гумовский – это как музей, историю посмотреть))

Ingvar Z says:

at 5:00 that is a French Julienne.

Volpe Where Are You says:

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Alexander Bill says:

Good news bro, your fan id will be the visa for russia for the whole year, not only for the world cup 🙂 You can come back this year if you want to 😀 I’ve watched all of your world cup videos, thanks for sharing your experience. Best world cup vlogger.

Серж и Кет С.Кипр says:

(6:06 minutes) Julienne is a French dish.
In Russia they also love him.

Кувшинников Яков says:

Деточка, ты не лопнешь?

Ingvar Z says:

you didn’t show anything bro.

VadikGG says:

Мужик с теткой на 4.35 сделали эту серию)

Михал Иваныч says:

Что он говорит?Ни черта не понятно…бухой что ли

Lili says:

Stalin ruined a couple THOUSAND churches in Moscow, so it is not so many churches compare earlie times…

Андрей Серёгин says:

В “Титаник” заходишь. 8:37 😀

Antishlak Antishlak says:

OMG Russia so great

DuderinoDeux says:

Don’t forget the Museum of Cosmonautics. Space Time! It looks Awesome.

Fram says:

There are 2 free toilets on the Red Square. One is near the Kremlin wall to the left from the Spasskaya tower (the one with the clock) and another is also at the wall but from the opposite side of the Square.

Серж и Кет С.Кипр says:

(7:12 minute) The most delicious ice cream in Russia. It is called “Plombir in a glass”.
This is a manual work, it has been made since 1954. Made from natural products.
It is sold only in the famous department stores: “Gum,” Zum “and” Children’s World.”

Валентин Боголюк says:

Какой пидр поставил дизлайк? (What a dumbass push dislike?)

Андрей Смирнов says:

Okhotny row in Moscow))) there everything is expensive))) prices are too high)))

Sergey Truthman says:

The ice cream which eaten, as saying is famous, because making as in Soviet Union. But how is now and really so – who knows 🙂

Theo Tran says:

when you are blogging about food, you need to get the camera into the food , NOT YOUR FACE 🙂

Maria Andreeva says:

I am Russian, but I live in France, your blogs make me miss home so much!))Especially the food)Hope you are enjoying the trip!

Serge Karam says:

Your English is very understandable, so it’s easier to watch for Russian

Erdem Tabdanov says:

Looks like you had some great time in Russia. What do you think on France’s Victory? Also, how expensive is it in Moscow?

Василий Бычков says:

Nice vlogs! Thanks!

Victor999 says:

Cream cake! You really are getting everything out of life! 😀

Mari Mari says:

Please tell us about the hotel you stay, prices and services. Thanks

NM says:

The ice cream called Eskimo that you ate at Gum was super popular during USSR (don’t know if it has the same taste), it could be found only in Moscow. As for the long glass containers with different juices – they remind us of the Soviet days, the used to be at every Soviet grociery store. That’s why there are lines – it’s about nostalgy.

Саша Левин says:

Good job guy, thank you for your video. Best wishes from the Russia!

Рабы Вальцмана на клубничных плантациях Сигизмунда says:

Come to Russia again, you’re very cool. Also take with you your wife. )

Alex Bursitanet says:

Nice video !!!

Lienka Lienka says:

Thanks for the nice video!!! Except of Orthodox churches, we’ve got 4 Mosques and 4 Catholic churches in Moscow.

NM says:

That thing you ate at café in GUM with cheese and mushrooms in it is called “julienne”, it’s a French name.

Mari Mari says:

Thank you! Great job))

Lau Chiant says:

Thanks for your all videos about World cup in Russia and congratulation.

Ivan B says:

Eso es, la bebida verde es Tarjun, hecha a base de estragón y el plato rico sin nombre era Julienne

Olekcandor SSS says:

“so many churches” – that’s maybe because those were built in 1600s-1700s-1800s and used as a part of castle or “fort”. A part of defensive infrastructure among wastelands and forests. At least in 1812 it was the case during Napoleon invasion campagine.

plur says:

Спасибо хорошее видео

Beltrax says:


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