Moscow is AMAZING! Must GO places. Russians are so extra! | Travel VLOG

Moscow VLOG. Taking you to a few of my favorite places in Moskva AND finding NEW favorite places,) Forever got love for the city!

Also, I realize that most vloggers won’t be going to galleries to shoot,) But that’s where I like to go, so it gotta be a part of it!

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Klaus Mühlbach says:

Moscow is a cold war relic. Some people survive there today, namely the rich. But others don’t.
This city basically sucks. All the students i’ve met there were actually planning to go west. It’s the most depressing city i’ve ever been.

Jamie Banks says:

So cool! I would love to go to Russia someday!

Роман Комолов says:

Александра очень приятное видио. Но позвольте Вас поправить. Название “Китай город” к China отношения не имеет. В старо Славянском языке Стена называлась Кит(скит-закрытый). Поэтому Китай только в русском языке Китай,а не Чайна. А про Ивана Грозного это миф. Эти Архитекторы позже построили ещё насколько Храмов.Прошу Вас не надо распрастронять Мифы как факты.С уважением!

adailycloud says:

Wow, amazing travel vlog!! Just subscribed <3

Haroune Moussa says:

Wich month plz?

Ar T says:

In Russia, about 12 climatic zones

NassguI says:

Russia, ended WW2.

Russia, soon to end U.S. hegemony……….

Long live RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Ar T says:

love Moscow because of its size. While in Russia, everything is infinitely large :))

Sasha Hart says:

Moscow has become so charming and so much more “made for the people”! I was literally amazed by the change! Any good places I missed? Let me know in comments! Gotta be back very soon!,)

Justine Hailee says:

Great video Moscow looks amazing!!! 🙂 I’m here to support your channel I just subbed and will stay connected, also gave this video a big thumbs up! 🙂 hope you have the time to check out mine and sub too! Can’t wait to see more of your videos! All the best! 🙂

михаил михалков says:

Come to Great Novgorod!


Nice) Welcome to Russia!

I hope you liked our city and country

fc sm says:


Good Morning says:

Лайк, если из России)

GetLostwithJohnny says:

That was a nice vlog 😀

sousou sou says:

Share in the channel Please

QuiteDecent says:

Thank you for sharing

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