Moscow, Red Square 2017. Entertainment and Fun for Ordinary People on #DifferentRussia Channel

The video was filmed on January 2, 2017.

🔴 A few words about me. My name is Valeria. I have lived in Moscow all my life. I was born here. So my native language is Russian and I can speak English rather fluently.

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Monica R says:

So pretty ❤

moonlighter6 says:

Unique and beautiful. Do they sell food?

Walther R. Diemel says:

Приятно видеть, что люди с удовольствием и наслаждаясь праздники. Спасибо!

Damascus Steele says:

Hahaha! That is too funny with Trump on the Nesting doll. I wonder what the progression of Presidents will be?!? I like the Russian humor. It is in line with what is happening in the US!

ldjtje says:

Christmas is over here, but because your beautiful impression i feel i want to do it all over again. Even Alex is in the mood to shoot a video too. 🙂 Russia is a amazig country with lovely people. Thank you for sharing Valeria.

Different Russia says:

The video with real sound you may watch on my Facebook page

maksim5078 says:

Great sight ! By the way, when I saw that Square for the first time, I wore a T-Shirt… It was a warm summer night with Temperature warmer than +20 ! At 11 PM ! (On August 1st 2002). Every Time I see the Red Square, I think about my first time in that Place. As soon as I dropped my luggage at the Hotel, I went out to the Street because I could not wait to see the Red Square. I wanted to see it immediately ! It was  9 PM and I started walking from “Ulitsa Kosmonavtov” (where my Hotel was, near “VDNH”) without any map ! I was sure that If I walked along Prospekt Mira, by going “always straight on”, I would have finally arrived to the Red Square… And that was it ! After walking for about 2 hours, passing by the “Bolshoy Theater”, I finally arrived to the Red Square ! I remember that it was 11 PM because I heard the Kremlin Bell sounding the 11 o’ clock…

BuckeyeBushcraft L. says:

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Very special people..the Russians. -Stephen, Ohio U.S.A.

T Russell says:

Very nice, thank you.

chichi chic says:

Absolutely stunning.! Beautiful scenery. ! I think you captured the spirit of the festivities perfectly. I feel as if I was there in the moment. !

Zombiesniperdud3 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ says:

Beautiful, I should visit Russia sometime, I have plans to visit St. Petersburg, do you have any device

Black Lancer-7 says:

I can proudly say; I was there for all the New year (2017) celebrations. I saw the fireworks, the presidential speech of President Vladimir Putin. I did experience the faith, the friendliness and love of the Russian people. Blessings for Russia in 2017.

oPROXYo says:

Beauty full!!!

Mary Anne * says:

Looks like fun! did you ice skate? how long does the rink stay up just for the holidays or all winter?

Elaine Brand says:

You are so sweet to take your out to show us how pretty it is in Russia tyfs.

Dana Michigan says:

I LOVE the nesting dolls (we have a few sets from Russia!) We have one set of all of the Russian leaders from Czar Nicolas (smallest) to Yeltsin!

Elaine Mitchell says:


Scrat335 says:

Red Square is a great place to be during the holidays. Just watch out for scammers. Tourists are targets for them even though it only happened to me once. They tried the dropped wallet trick. I just told the guy to piss off and walked away.

Mustafa Sabah says:

I love Russia ❤

Joe's Picks says:

Hope that Dyed Moroz will bring you mnoga podarkov.

Kenny R. says:

Spectacular !
Thank you for sharing.

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