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Your trip to Moscow, Russia is bound to be a special one. From the multicolored spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral to the sturdy red walls of the Kremlin, there is much to see and do in this stunning city.

Named after the Moskva River—which flows through the city—Moscow has long been at the forefront of the creative world. Tour Moscow to follow in the footsteps of Tolstoy and Chekhov, among others, and join in the sense of pride Russia feels for its literary tradition. Moscow has named a number of its parks and open spaces after its poets and authors, so take a break at the fountain in Pushkin Square, or rest beneath the leafy trees in Gorky Park. When you’ve gotten your fill of literary splendor, head to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonauts, where you can learn about the Soviet Union’s efforts to reach the stars and the epic space race that lasted from 1955 to 1972.

Moscow is a city of creativity and innovation, but is also very much aware of its own history; as such, a haunting part of any Moscow sightseeing is a visit to the Fallen Monument Park. After the fall of the Soviet Union, countless statues and monuments were removed from their pedestals and moved to this park. Over the years, more modern artwork and sculptures have been added, turning the park into a strange, yet peaceful graveyard of former icons.

What is your favorite part of Moscow?

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othman nero says:

yeh good city

Spiritt Chaser says:

the Moscow metro should be included in the list of UNESCO world heritage!

Masha Malfinova says:


Cairo Murphy says:


Levizar 1441 says:

First song name?

Tao Shen says:

English:Here is the largest country in the world, Russia, the most open country in the world. Moscow is a big city in the world and U.S. citizens do not recommend going to Russia. Moscow has the tallest buildings in Europe, the world-famous Red Square, the world’s most beautiful subway, the best Moscow University and the world in shock 2018 Russia World Cup …
Russian:Вот самая большая страна в мире, Россия, самая открытая страна в мире. Москва – большой город в мире, и граждане США не рекомендуют ездить в Россию. В Москве самые высокие здания в Европе, всемирно известная Красная площадь, самый красивый в мире метрополитен, лучший Московский университет и мир в шоке 2018 года в Кубке России …
Japanese:ここに世界で最も大きい国、ロシア、世界で最も開放された国があります。 モスクワは世界の大都市であり、米国市民はロシアに行くことをおすすめしません。 モスクワはヨーロッパ、世界的に有名なレッドスクエア、世界で最も美しい地下鉄、最高のモスクワ大学、ショック2018ロシアワールドカップで世界で最も高い建物を持っています…
German:Hier ist das größte Land der Welt, Russland, das offenste Land der Welt. Moskau ist eine große Stadt in der Welt und US-Bürger empfehlen nicht, nach Russland zu gehen. Moskau hat die höchsten Gebäude in Europa, den weltberühmten Roten Platz, die weltweit schönste U-Bahn, die beste Moskauer Universität und die Welt im Schock 2018 Russland World Cup …

French:Voici le plus grand pays du monde, la Russie, le pays le plus ouvert au monde. Moscou est une grande ville dans le monde et les citoyens américains ne recommandent pas d’aller en Russie. Moscou a les bâtiments les plus hauts d’Europe, la célèbre Place Rouge, le plus beau métro du monde, la meilleure université de Moscou et le monde en ébullition.

Spanish:Aquí está el país más grande del mundo, Rusia, el país más abierto del mundo. Moscú es una gran ciudad en el mundo y los ciudadanos de Estados Unidos no recomiendan ir a Rusia. Moscú tiene los edificios más altos de Europa, la mundialmente famosa Plaza Roja, el metro más bello del mundo, la mejor Universidad de Moscú y el mundo en estado de shock 2018 Rusia Copa del Mundo …

Kevin Chan says:

What’s the music to this video and also the St Petersburg video?

Gojtraf Russia says:

Go Journey To Russian Abandoned Facilities! We work at weekdays. our telegram channel, our website with promo video

Raj Srivastav says:

wow……….Had no idea how beautiful Moscow was……..the media always portrays as if it is a city stuck in the Soviet times…..this looks better than London ! Must go to Moscow….
Lots of Love from India

Alexander Mashin says:

“It has been the home of the city’s ruling elite for a thousand years”. Moscow is less than 1000 years old.

poop says:

russia looks like 1970’s america but with modern upgrades. it’s like a members only jacket that nobody needs

Burgermations Oficial says:

One of the best cities In Europe and the world

Андрей Рыбалев says:

I live in Russia!!!

Paul Bringas says:

Hello! Can you please tell me the title of the music used in this video? Thank you in advance…

ll ll says:

Какая же Москва огромная

Royal Emery says:

One of Moscow’s favorite claim-to-fame is that it has the highest concentration of billionaires of any city. Well how very capitalistic of you to be proud of that in the country that championed communism that is supposed to be an egalitarian system. Hmmm?

Rosario Miraglia says:

Rimasto incantato dalla bellezza della piazza rossa,E parchi molto curati con fiori di stagioni,E poi la metropolitana che bellezza e pulizia come da noi.


are Russian fan of Mithun chakravarti and ‘ disco dancer’ movie?


Woo!!! I just don’t have words.

Elizabeth Saenz says:

Lo más hermoso y espectacular que haya visto en mi vida, la segunda vez que fui me quede 15 días y todos los días iba a la plaza roja, la catedral de San Basilio es maravillosa, créanme lo he visitado 2 veces y cada vez me encanta, se los recomiendo les encantará.

R.B.R says:

Awesome city, hope soon I would be able to visit.

Coleen West says:

Wow! I am genuinely blown away by how nice this looks. So nice! Where the that beautiful coffee house at 5:58? I must go check out these buildings when I go..

Tatiana Oliveira says:

So beautiful and colorful. Great video.
– I always loved the design and colors of the ‘Saint Basil Cathedral’ (The rest of the buildings and monuments are beautiful too)… Maybe one day, I might go to Russia (Moscow first, and then St. Petersburg)
– Greetings from Portugal 🙂

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