My trip to Moscow, Russia

Hey everyone, I hope you have as much fun watching this video, as I had making it.
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tripleshot1243 says:

Я хороший русский, я крутой человек.

Chaitanya Chauhan says:

Nice video 🙂 stay positive and happy All the best

Kelvin Wilson says:

Were you expecting American English to be used in Moscow?

илья андреев says:

I understend you

What happens in Qatar stays in Qatar says:

whats the name of the hotel?

Vlad Petrov says:

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captain kidd says:

Russia is OK but be prepared to encounter incivility and rudeness almost on a daily basis. The Russians are OK with that, they are used to it ,but for the foreigner it might be a shocking experience.

Komunist Play says:

Назад отойдите!!!

Art Rea says:

nice video, u sound American, are u?

IL SHM says:

Кто такая, почему не в армии? )))))))

Tyler Sudden II says:

Too bad they’ve been infiltrated by the U.S. CORPS

Сан Саныч says:

so pretty girl. hello from Saint Petersburg)

chkalovful says:

why is so important mcdonalds, others food points for american in every country? i love fish, but i can live withouit it 5 years and stay alive

Mikhail Terranova says:

I would love to visit Moscow Russia….I think its cool and the people are nice & very welcoming… I Hope to find a Russian friend who can be My tour guide hehe

jiggahippo says:

Everything in Russia is written in russian! WOW……. ???????

Bored Troll says:

I’ve been to Russia too. Sochi and Moscow. Mwahaha

Scott Burnham says:

I have always wanted to visit Russia!

Tyler Sudden II says:

Nicest tubeway station ever

Rara Ra says:

Those soldiers gave me the creeps! Military personnel marching like that looks retarded and robotic!! When I look at that cloudy cold looking day, makes me appreciate Florida all the more!

TheMostFacts says:

You’re from London? You sound totally American

Russia Forever says:

Great vlog much respect and by the way u r really beautiful . Hello from Abu Dhabi .

Maxxk Jimenéz says:


Reuben Swarey says:

I love your videos Russia has always fascinated me something I would love to do is take the Trans-Siberian railroad from one end to the other keep it up it’s very refreshing to see your videos

Shteno says:

I don’t understand what was sop interesting about recording those soldiers, doing their thing?! I’d rather see much more from the underground train stations, for which I’ve heard they’re THE BEST & MOST BEAUTIFUL in the world. And your (short) frame from it only proves it!
P.S. You know, if you wanna show something – like the case with the restaurant, when you wanted to show its beautiful decoration – it’ll be much more effective if you film only the place, without necessarily having to show your face in the frame, every time!

Allan Cerf says:

it’s not fascinating. why would you, besides starbuck’s possibly, seek out those shitty places like burger king? but it looks like, after watching your video that you did discover part of the real moscow.

Руслан Заурбеков says:

At 1:53 – 2:00 — was nearby “Bratislavskaya” metro station, right?

Riam says:

i’m russian

Taip Vat says:

I would say that you are Russian, but your English is very good.

elgavio says:

Hi Nomee, did you see my song about Moscow:

pete chan says:

Ochen Horosho!!!!

Короткие путешествия says:

Hi! I subscribed to your channel! I live in Russia and I shoot video reviews on city of their country and various places of interest. If you want, come on my channel and see these videos. And if you have subscribe to my channel, I could kiss you!

Иван Иванов says:

Hi from Moscow, Russia !)

Юлия says:

У нее с головой не в порядке. Конечно, в России почти все написано по-русски. И ничего crazy в этом нет. Это другая страна со своей культурой. Совсем тупые туристы, они думают, что все вокруг сделано для них, как аттракцион. Вот бред.

Notes on Russia says:

Great video!!!!!!
I am happy to subscribe to your channel!
Greetings from Russia!

ASTIN TV says:

Hello! Thanks for a great video about my city.
Suggest You look at a very beautiful place in Moscow:
Other Suzhety also available in my channel.
Good day and mood!

Russ Kiy says:

It’s not Russian, in Russia backward savages live, do not believe it, it’s Russian propaganda 😀
Special Effects

siberus48 says:

Your english and russian pronunciation is really good. and panic attacks do suck a lot 🙁 glad you had a nice trip

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